“Refresh Man” ep 12 ~ Wen Kai:”To me, business is temporary, but friendship last forever.”

Wen Kai and Yu Tang are happy. They enjoy their dates without letting their coworkers know about their relationship. The only one that know about their love relationship from work is Ai Sha. One day while Wen Kai and Yu Tang were on a date, sales team 3 appeared.

Episode 12

Wen Kai and Yu Tang spend their day off together. Yu Tang is scared. Everything goes smoothly for her. She is successful on her job, her love life goes well, but still Yu Tang is scared. The last time everything went so well in her life, her mother died. So now, Yu Tang is afraid that everything is too good to be true. But after talking with her best friend, Hai Di, Yu Tang feels better.

The next day, Yu Tang and her coworkers split into teams and sold their stock of Mei Mei soup. But their happiness didn’t last long. The competitor targeted the new Mei Mei soup and everyone that bought the new Mei Mei soup called to return it. Sales team 3 knows that someone stolen their information about the new Mei Mei soup and gave it to the competitor, but they won’t give up. The whole sales team 3 sits down and starts making their battle plan. Meantime Wen Kai sees the surveillance camera in sales team 3 office.

Wen Kai called Yu Tang to his office to ask her if she wants to drink coffee together that night. Drinking coffee together it’s actually their signal for going home together. But Yu Tang forgot the meaning of their secret signal and rejected the offer. On her way home, Yu Tang remembered the secret signal. She texted Wen Kai, but he already had made other plans, business plans.

Wen Kai:” I warmly invited you earlier. Who knew that I would get coldly rejected?”

While Wen Kai was at his business meeting with Ai Sha, Yu Tang met Hai Di. Hearing that Wen Kai is with Ai Sha, the same one that took Yu Tang’s position as secretary, Hai Di tried to turn Yu Tang against Ai Sha. Hai Di kept insisting that Ai Sha likes Wen Kai and is trying to steal him from Yu Tang. But Yu Tang trusts both Wen Kai and Ai Sha too much.

Wen Kai:”To me, business is temporary, but friendship last forever.”

To increase their sales, Yu Tang’s team went to different supermarkets pretending to be buyers who fight for the new Mei Mei soup. The videos with them doing so went viral on the internet and their orders for the Mei Mei soup increased.

On the weeked Wen Kai and Yu Tang went on a date. Suddenly Yu Tang wants ice cream and Wen Kai goes to buy it. While going to Yu Tang with the ice cream, Wen Kai met sales team 3.

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