“Vampire Detective” ep 10 ~ Yo Na:”It’s too late to go back now.”

In this episode San finds out that Yoo Jin is still alive. While San remembers the time he spend together with Yoo Jin and Tae Woo and tries to find Yoo Jin, we discover what really happened to Yoo Jin and Tae Woo and why they disappeared. Also we realize that there is a connection between Tae Woo and Yoo Jin’s disappearance and Yo Na.

Episode 10

Yoo Jin called San and told him to be careful. Shocked to hear Yoo Jin’s voice, San can’t believe that it was her. To be sure, San finds the public phone from which Yoo Jin called him, than San checked the surveillance camera from the store near the public phone. Looking at the video, San can’t believe his eyes. The one that called him is Yoo Jin. She is alive.

San takes the video with him and goes to doctor Hwang and Goo Hyung, who was also shocked to see Yoo Jin alive.

The last mission San, Yoo Jin and Tae Woo had together as police officers was on a case with Goo Hyung. At that moment Goo Hyung was also a policeman. On that mission, San, Yoo Jin and Tae Woo were supposed to infiltrate into a man’s gang. That man, Cho Myung Geun, committed fraud and then framed his own death. Goo Hyung suspected that Cho Myung Geun was actually alive and his evidence appeared when Gyeo Wool was arrested for stealing. At that moment Gyeo Wool had stolen Cho Myung Geun’s walled and was arrested.

The first one to infiltrate was Tae Woo. When he gained the gang’s trust, Tae Woo brought Yoo Jin in and introduced her as his girlfriend. To not get exposed, Tae Woo and Yoo Jin had to pretend that they are dating and even go on dates. At first San seemed alright with that since it was for a mission, but slowly he began to be bothered that his girlfriend was going on dates with Tae Woo. But San was right to be bothered because Tae Woo also liked Yoo Jin.

Yoo Jin and Tae Woo infiltrated well, but one day Yoo Jin went for training and didn’t return. Tae Woo turned off his microphone and camera hidden in his glasses and went to look for Yoo Jin. Inside the room where Yoo Jin was supposed to be, Tae Woo found blood, boxes filled with blood and boxes that seemed to have red wine in them. Suddenly someone hit Tae Woo and when he woke up, Tae Woo saw Yo Na.

Yo Na:”You have underestimates us.”

Yo Na threatened Tae Woo with killing Yoo Jin if Tae Woo won’t bring Cho Myung Geun to her in two hours. Tae Woo accepted the deal in order to save Yoo Jin. He went to the place where Yo Na told him and there Tae Woo found Cho Myung Geun. That day, Cho Myung Geun told Tae Woo what Yo Na’s identity is and what she and her company do. Then Cho Myung Geun begged Tae Woo to kill him.

Cho Myung Geun:”I guess you’re a human.”

Back at Yo Na’s place, Tae Woo shot Yo Na and saw her healing. Tae Woo sees in Yo Na the opportunity to defeat San. Because he hit Cho Myung Geun, who knows all of Yo Na’s secrets, Tae Woo asked Yo Na to transform him into a vampire.

Tae Woo:”What he said was true! Bite me and make me into one of you. I need the power you have.”

Yo Na refused to transform him so Tae Woo shot himself. He is the only one that knows where Cho Myung Geun is so Yo Na can’t let him die. Yo Na cuts her hand and lets Tae Woo drink her blood and transforms him into a vampire.

Yo Na:”It’s too late to go back now.”

Personal thought: Yo Na is a vampire, right? So why is Yo Na wearing a necklace with a cross? Vampires and crosses aren’t compatible! Also Tae Woo was death when Yo Na let him drink her blood, but the actor was moving to drink better….

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