“Back to 1989” ep 17 ~ Ya Juan:”I’m going to give birth to the baby!”

Chen Che accompanied Ya Juan to the hospital to abort the child. During the procedure, Ya Juan realized that she is about to lose the innocent baby that she is carrying and decided to keep the baby. The same day, Ya Juan announced her mother that she is pregnant and left her house. To bring his mother some happiness, Chen Che told Jin Qin what happened to Ya Juan. Hearing the real reason why Ya Juan broke up with him, Jin Qin decided to accept the baby as his own.

Episode 17

Chen Che:”Goodbye, my 1989!”

Chen Che accompanies Ya Juan to abort the baby, to abort him. Before signing the consent form, Chen Che looks at Ya Juan’s sad face and remembers how happy she was before the rape. Then he signed the papers.

Chen Che:”Mom, even if you never accepted me, I only now realize that actually I really love you.”

Ya Juan sat down, waiting for her turn to come. She starts crying because she feels selfish and cowardly. She doesn’t know if she is doing the right thing by aborting her baby, but she is afraid that if she will give birth to that baby she won’t be able to love him. Being so close to aborting her baby, Ya Juan is afraid that the baby will hate her. Chen Che sits next to her and comforts her. He can’t tell her that he is the baby she can’t give birth to, but still he tells Ya Juan that the baby understands what she feels and why she can’t let him live.

Chen Che:”Forget this scary incident and this child.”

When Ya Juan went inside the operation room, Zhen Zhen came to comfort Chen Che. Meantime in the operation room, Ya Juan feels her stomach hurting. She calls the nurse. After checking Ya Juan, the nurse said that Ya Juan has contractions who can lead to a miscarriage The same time, Chen Che feels a strong pain in the chest and fells down. Seeing Chen Che in pain, Zhen Zhen rushes over to stop the operation, to stop Ya Juan from aborting her child. But it was too late. Ya Juan already had stopped the surgery. Ya Juan decided to keep her baby.

The moment she heard the word miscarriage, Ya Juan realized that she is the only one in the whole world who can protect her innocent baby and decided to keep him. Later she proposes Chen Che and Zhen Zhen to be her baby’s godparents. But Zhen Zhen is fine with the baby calling her older sister, while Chen Che can’t be his own godparent.

Chen Che and Zhen Zhen accompanied Ya Juan home. As soon as she entered, Ya Juan kneeled before her mother and told her mother that she is pregnant. Hearing the story, Ya Juan’s mother decided that Ya Juan will abort the baby and continue with her plans to study aboard. But Ya Juan riposted for the first time in her life.

Ya Juan:”I’m going to give birth to the baby!”

While Ya Juan’s mother was pushing her way to Ya Juan, forcing her to give up the baby, Ya Juan’s father came home. He encourages Ya Juan to keep the baby and together they make a plan for Ya Juan to not be forced to abort the baby.

Ya Juan packed her bags and moved in with Zhen Zhen and Chen Che. In the middle of the night, Ya Juan has a nightmare about the night she was raped. Chen Che hears his mother screaming and wakes up. Then he hears Zhen Zhen telling Ya Juan how the baby will grow up to be.

Early in the morning, Chen Che met Ya Juan, who told him that her mother won’t ever accept her child. Because her mother won’t accept her child, Ya Juan has to choose between her mother and her child and she already choose her own child.

Ya Juan:”I can only choose between my mother and my child.”

Hearing that Ya Juan separated herself from her parents because of him, Chen Che tries to find a way to give Ya Juan a small happiness. He goes to Jin Qin and tells Jin Qin the reason Ya Juan broke up with him. Furious, Jin Qin goes to find Zhong En and hits him. Chen Che followed Jin Qin and he also hit Zhong En.  When Zhong En found out that Ya Juan is pregnant, he finally revealed that it wasn’t him the one that raped Ya Juan. Zhong En insists that Jin Qin and Chen Che convince Ya Juan to abort the baby. But for Jin Qin it doesn’t matter who the baby’s biological father is. As long as Ya Juan decided to keep the baby than Jin Qin will stay by her side.

Jin Qin:”I will stay by her side and raise the child with her.”

Later, Jin Qin goes to Ya Juan and assures her that he will be by her side forever. Jin Qin will accept the baby as his own and help Ya Juan heal her scars.

Since Ya Juan accepted Jin Qin and Jin Qin decided to raise the child as his own, Chen Che helped Jin Qin and Ya Juan get a house where they could start their new life together. Later, everyone, except Ya Juan, met at Zhong En’s restaurant for Zhong En’s farewell party. Zhong En sold his restaurant and is moving to another country.

To help Zhong En see one more time Ya Juan, Jin Qin and Zhen Zhen took Ya Juan out. While they were eating together, Chen Che and Zhong En were looking at Ya Juan from outside. Before leaving Zhong En gave Chen Che the lighter that he found at the place Ya Juan was raped.

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