“Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi” ep 16 ~ Final episode!

Da Jung hears Jung Gi confessing that he liked her so she also confessed. Ji Sang tries one more time to get Da Jung back, but he realized that Da Jung won’t return to his side so he gave up. With no one to create trouble for Lovely, the company raised and they were able to hire new people. The new hired is Yoon Si Yoon, who appeared as cameo in this episode.

Personal thought: I finally managed to finish this drama. I, myself, don’t know how I did it, but it’s a victory! I have to admit that this drama has some funny parts, but it was incredibly boring for me…..

Episode 16

Ji Sang asked Jung Gi is he likes Da Jung and Jung Gi admitted that he does. Jung Gi likes Da Jung because she is the person that brought some dignity into his pathetical life. But Da Jung heard Jung Gi saying that he likes her and now Jung Gi is too embarrassed to face her. Jung Gi avoids Da Jung as much as he can.

Jung Gi:” She made me realize that my heart is beating?”

Da Jung found a way to meet Jung Gi and talk to him. She asked him about Jung Gi admitting that he likes her. Da Jung expects Jung Gi to tell her that he likes her in the face too. But Jung Gi denies it. He looks at Da Jung and says that he only likes her as her superior, but he doesn’t like her as a woman.

The next day, at work, Jung Gi and his coworkers handed their resignation letters to Da Jung. If Ji Sang will fire her or president Jo, then Da Jung can use their resignation letters to threaten Ji Sang.

Worried about president Jo, who isn’t answering his phone, Da Jung and Jung Gi went to find him. When they found him, they took president Jo to a decent hotel where manager Shin was waiting for them. With help from his wife’s family and Da Jung, president Jo has part of the money he owns Ji Sang. Now president Jo has a week to get the rest of the money he owns Ji Sang.

Jung Gi visits everyone he thinks that may borrow them some money and begs for help. Meantime Bong Gi appears in front of Mi Ri and apologize for lying to her and pretending to be someone else. He asks her to get back with him, for real this time. But Mi Ri doesn’t feel like she can trust Bong Gi. She doesn’t know if she likes Bong Gi or not or if Bong Gi can help her have the family she dreams of having.

Bong Gi:”Do you like me or not?”

Woo Joo saw some strangers coming out of Da Jung’s house saying that she is selling her house and tells his family. Later, when he sees Da Jung, Woo Joo asks Da Jung to move in with him and his family.

Jung Gi insisted on begging money to everyone who he could think of. While he was doing so, Jang Shi Hwan, Da Jung’s second ex husband saw him. Shi Hwan recognized Jung Gi and asked his assistant to see what happened to him. Meantime the presidents of the other small companies that Jung Gi begged for money joined and brought some money to president Jo.

Da Jung goes home and in front of the building she finds director Kim. He blames Da Jung for losing his position. Luckily for Da Jung, Ji Sang showed up and defended her from director Kim. Ji Sang is willing to give up on the money that president Jo still owns him if Da Jung will return to his side. But Da Jung isn’t the woman who fell in love with him anymore and rejects the offer. But Ji Sang also changed. After Ji Sang left, Da Jung received a phone call from president Jo. Earlier that day, Ji Sang called president Jo and gave him an year to repay the remaining debt.

A new investor showed up. It’s Shi Hwan. At first Da Jung was against doing business with Shi Hwan, but in the end she agreed. Mi Ri also decided to give Bong Gi another chance.

With no one to create trouble for Lovely Cosmetics, things are going well. They can even afford to hire new people, like Yoon Si Yoon.  Bong Gi resigned his job and made his own firm that does everything others need. Jung Gi was promoted and Da Jung confessed that she likes him too.

Da Jung:”I like you too, chief Nam!”

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