“Refresh Man” ep 13 ~ Yu Tang:”I have you now so I’ll be braver and braver in the future.”

The day Wen Kai and Yu Tang went on a date, during the weekend, they’ve met Yu Tang’s coworkers. Since they were discovered, Wen Kai and Yu Tang had no other choice but to reveal their relationship. Meantime Zhi Yu returned to Taiwan and finishes his confession to Yu Tang.

Episode 13

Wen Kai and Yu Tang went on a date, but Yu Tang feels like eating ice cream. While Yu Tang waits for him, Wen Kai went to buy some ice cream. When Wen Kai returns with the ice cream, he met sales team 3. He lied to them that he couldn’t decided which flavor of ice cream to buy and that is why he has to. Leaving Wen Kai, sales team 3, met Yu Tang. She managed to get rid of them soon too, with Meng He’s help.

Unfortunately for Yu Tang, sales team 3 didn’t leave. They just hit and when Wen Kai came with the ice cream, they came out. Since they were discovered, Yu Tang and Wen Kai had to reveal their relationship to Yu Tang’s coworkers. In front of everyone, Wen Kai revealed that Yu Tang and him knew each other from high school and from that time he liked her.

The next day, Zhi Yu came at MUSE for a meeting. After the meeting, he asked Yu Tang out. That day, Zhi Yu finished his confession. But, unfortunately for him, it was too late. Disappointed that Yu Tang is now dating Wen Kai, Zhi Yu decided to accept the reality. Still he wants to continue to have Yu Tang as his friend. But if one day Wen Kai will make Yu Tang suffer, then Zhi Yu will get the chance he just lost with Yu Tang.

Yu Tang has to return to the company because Wen Kai called for a meeting. Both sales team 1 and sales team 3 are called at that meeting. During the meeting Wen Kai revealed that one of the members from sales team 1 stole information from sales team 3 and sold them to a rival company.

On the day that Yu Tang should’ve celebrated her mother’s birthday, Yu Tang and Wen Kai visited Yu Tang’s mother’s grave. Then Yu Tang took Wen Kai to the place she found her mother lying on the ground the day her mother died. Seeing Yu Tang suffering, Wen Kai wanted to reveal Yu Tang the reason her mother insisted to leave the house alone, even if she wasn’t feeling well, the day she died. But Yu Tang doesn’t want to talk about this think. No matter what reason her mother had, it’s already in the past.

Yu Tang:”I have you now so I’ll be braver and braver in the future.”

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