“Vampire Detective” ep 11 ~ Yo Na:”I’ve raised a tiger!”

In the beginning of this episode we find out what happened with Yoo Jin and Tae Woo before Yoo Jin shot San and why she shot San.  During the years that passed, Tae Woo changed a lot more that anyone could’ve imagined it. All this years Tae Woo kept Yoo Jin hostage. But with Yo Na’s help, San was able to find Yoo Jin and he took her with him.

Episode 11

San, Tae Woo and Yoo Jin were selected to participate in a mission before they graduate from police school. They move in with Goo Hyung, who is a policeman. Goo Hyung trained San, Tae Woo and Yoo Jin before the mission stared. When the time came Tae Woo was the first to infiltrate into an organization. Then he brought in Yoo Jin. Before San could be brought into the organization, Yoo Jin was taken by the organization members. Tae Woo goes to look for her and meets Yo Na. When he found out that Yo Na is a vampire, Tae Woo made Yo Na transform him into a vampire too. He needed the power that Yo Na had and did everything he could to get it. After he was transformed, Tae Woo went to Yoo Jin and told her that he won’t leave the organization and he won’t let her leave either.

Tae Woo shows Yoo Jin what he became and then he calls San. He tells San that the organization captured Yoo Jin and gave San to options. Either San will go to catch Cho Myung Geun, the man they were trying to find when they decided to infiltrate into the organization, or San will come save Yoo Jin. But if San will come to save Yoo Jin, then Tae Woo will kill San.

Tae Woo:“I won’t let you go either. It’s too late to go back now. You’re mine now!”

Yoo Jin:”Please let me kill San.”

San fell into Tae Woo’s trap and came to save Yoo Jin. After fighting with the organization’s guards and getting away from there, San, Tae Woo and Yoo Jin left. On their way, Yoo Jin pretends that she isn’t feeling well and asks Tae Woo to stop the car. Yoo Jin and San get out of the car and Yoo Jin shot San.

For a while San was unconscious and Goo Hyung watched over him. Meantime Tae Woo made sure that Yoo Jin won’t leave his side and transformed her into a vampire too. When San recovered, Goo Hyung opened his privet detective agency.

Five years after he was shot, San met Tae Woo. He was happy to see his friend alive, but Tae Wii threatened San. Tae Woo doesn’t want San to show up before Tae Woo or Yoo Jin ever again.

Yo Na got threatened by Tae Woo so she went to see San. Yo Na wants San to give her the helper list San has from the time he and Goo Hyung where looking for Gyeo Wool’s brother.  When Yo Na left, Gyeo Wool saw her from far away, but Goo Hyung lied saying that Yo Na was a new client.

Yo Na:”I’ve raised a tiger!”

San found the list and met Yo Na. He gave Yo Na the list and in return Yo Na gave San the address where San can find Yoo Jin.  After San left, Yo Na called Tae Woo to give him the list. Tae Woo has in his power Joo Young Gwang, the man Yo Na loved all her life. When they’ve met, Tae Woo took the list to check it out, but realized that the list wasn’t there. He tries to kill Yo Na, but at that moment his men told Tae Woo that the men that were guarding Jung Yoo Jin were attacked.

San get into the room Yoo Jin is being kept. She is happy to see San, but afraid that Tae Woo will kill him, Yoo Jin pushes San away. While she was pushing San away, San got cut and his eyes turned yellow until his healed. Seeing that San changed, Yoo Jin accepted to leave with San. When Tae Woo arrived, San and Yoo Jin were long gone.

Meantime Goo Hyung goes to look for San. Gyeo Wool put a tracking device on the USB with the helper list that San took and gave Yo Na. Since the list is now with Tae Woo, Goo Hyung arrived at the hotel and met Tae Woo.

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