“Back to 1989” ep 18 ~ Chen Che:”I’m actually the son of a criminal!”

Jin Qin accepted Ya Juan and her baby. They will get married and raise the baby as their own. The day Jin Qin  and Ya Juan told his father about their marriage, Chen Che finds out who his father is. He has suspicions and keeps investigating until he is sure. And what he find’s out, shocks Chen Che.

Episode 18

Zhen Zhen brings Ya Juan at the house Chen Che helped Jin Qin rent. Inside the house, Ya Juan meets Chen Che, who gives her a note with instructions. She follows those instructions and arrives into a room that Jin Qin arranged for the baby. Jin Qin comes in after her. He bought clothes for the baby and books to learn how to be a parent.

Jin Qin:”I want to be the child’s father. I want to give you a home. Ya Juan will you marry me?”

Ya Juan wants to accept Jin Qin’s proposal, but she can’t. She feels that she already disappointed her mother with keeping the baby so Ya Juan doesn’t want to get married without her mother’s blessing. And she received that blessing. Professor Chen let Jin Qin and his wife meet and Jin Qin convinced Ya Juan’s mother to forgive Ya Juan and let Ya Juan and him get married and raise together the baby that it going to get born soon. At first Ya Juan’s mother didn’t believe that Jin Qin was sincere, but she was convinced when Jin Qin promised her that Ya Juan and himself won’t have another child. By not having a child of his own, Jin Qin convinced Ya Juan’s mother that he will love Ya Juan’s child as his own.

On their way out, professor Chen invited Chen Che to spend New Year’s Eve with his family. For the first time in his live Chen Che had dinner with all his family, his mother and his grandparents. After dinner Chen Che and Ya Juan meet Jin Qin and Zhen Zhen to celebrate together too.

To have a witness of her love with Chen Che, Zhen Zhen brought a turtle. She studied and found out that turtles live long so in 2016 the turtle she bought has high possibilities to be alive. Later Zhen Zhen takes Chen Che and the turtle out to see the second witness, a tree. Arrived at the tree, Chen Che noticed that the scar that appeared recently on his hand changed.

After the Chinese New Year, Chen Che and Zhen Zhen returned to work. But Chen Che is worried. Xiao Long insists that he has inside information that the stock market will increase. Xiao Long even encourages everyone he knows to add more stocks. Coming from the future, Chen Che knows that the stock market will soon drop immensely. Chen Che shows Zhen Zhen a graph with what it’s going to happened with the stock market. Unfortunately Guo Sheng Tai heard Chen Che and Zhen Zhen talking.

That day Chen Che and Zhen Zhen accompanied Xiao Long and Guo Sheng Tai to dinner. At the restaurant Chen Che noticed that Guo Sheng Tai has a lighter similar to the one that the man that raped Ya Juan lost.

Chen Che:”This lighter…is very beautiful.”

The next day, Chen Che made a bet with Xiao Long to stop Xiao Long from recommending the stocks Guo Sheng Tai tells him too. Coming from the future, Chen Che using the information he has to force Xiao Long from investing.

It’s time for Jin Qin to announce his father that he and Ya Juan will get married soon because Ya Juan is pregnant. Chen Che and Zhen Zhen were invited to be there at the day Jin Qin announced his father. Hearing that he will have a grandchild soon, Jin Qin’s father changed his attitude regarding Ya Juan. He now gives Ya Juan and Jin Qin advices of how to take care of themselves and the baby.

While Jin Qin accompanies his father out, Chen Che plays with the lighter that belonged to the man that raped Ya Juan. Hearing the sound that the lighter makes, Ya Juan has a panic attack. She remembered having heard that sound right before she was attacked.

Chen Che suspects that the lighter belongs to Guo Sheng Tai. To be sure of it, Chen Che meets Xiao Long, who confirms Chen Che’s suspicions. Shocked, Chen Che runs to the toilet.

Chen Che:”I’m actually the son of a criminal!”

While Chen Che was at the restroom and Zhen Zhen was trying to calm him, Guo Sheng Tai came and took Chen Che’s phone. In Chen Che’s phone there are information regarding the stock market. Chen Che and Zhen Zhen run after Guo Sheng Tai. When they’ve caught him, Chen Che and Guo Sheng Tai fight. During the fight, Chen Che fells and has an asthma attack. That moment Guo Sheng Tai, who also has asthma, brings out his inhaler and gives it to Chen Che. Being able to breathe again, Chen Che can’t let Guo Sheng Tai make mistakes now that he knows that Guo Sheng Tai is his biological father. Chen Che pushes Guo Sheng Tai into the lake. They both fall into the water. Guo Sheng Tai doesn’t realize that Chen Che pushed him into the water because Guo Sheng Tai was holding Chen Che’s phone.

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