“Refresh Man” ep 14 ~ Zhi Yu:”The stronger the opponent, the better we will feel after winning over him.”

Wen Kai has a great ability to predict all the problems that can appear in business. He knew from a long time that Zhi Yu’s company is trying to acquire MUSE so he is preparing from a long time. But Zhi Yu got some people from MUSE to help him and betray Ji Wen Kai.

Episode 14

Wen Kai and Yu Tang met and went to visit Yu Tang’s mother’s grave. After that they talk about the past and clear their misunderstandings. During their high school years Yu Tang and Wen Kai had a time they were close. At the dace, Wen Kai protected Yu Tang from some boys that were bothering her and in return Yu Tang invited Wen Kai to an amusement park. But she had a condition. For them to go together to the amusement park Wen Kai had to study hard and get into college. Wen Kai accepted. He also had something to tell Yu Tang, he wanted to confess that he liked her. Unfortunately something happened and their plans were ruined.

While waiting for Yu Tang, Wen Kai meets the boys that were bothering Yu Tang at the dance. He fights them and is scolded by the teacher. In order to defend Wen Kai, Yu Tang told the teacher that a bad student like Wen Kai isn’t suited to be her friend. Hearing that, Wen Kai got angry and left. After Wen Kai left, Yu Tang revealed to the teacher that Wen Kai fought the boys that were bothering her in order to help her. But Wen Kai never knew that and started avoiding Yu Tang. Soon after that he disappeared and appeared years later as MUSE CEO.

The whole sales team 3 gathered to send off Jia Yin, who will be going to Singapore for a while to find new buyers for the new Mei Mei soup. But Wen Kai has a surprise for Jia Yin and everyone else. Wen Kai and Johnny, Jia Yin’s ex husband, know each other. Jia Yin’s effort in Singapore paid off and sales team 3 exceeded their sales.

Yu Tang invited Wen Kai to her house to cook for him. She cooks omurice and insists Wen Kai to eat it. He doesn’t want to eat the omurice, but he can’t refuse Yu Tang’s request. Forced to eat eggs, Wen Kai realizes that something is different at that omurice. Yu Tang remembered that Wen Kai is allergic to egg withes and removed the egg withes to make a special omurice just for Wen Kai.

The next day trouble appeared for sales team 3 again. There is a strike at the factory that manufactures Mei Mei soups. To continue with their production and not lose the contracts they have, the sales team 3 went to see one of the manufacturers. They wait for him to arrive at the factory and beg him to help them. While they were begging, Wen Kai and Ai Sha came out of the car. Wen Kai already arranged that the manufacturer will help produce Mei Mei soup.

At dinner, Yu Tang is upset that Wen Kai didn’t tell her that he already arranged with the manufacturer to keep producing Mei Mei. But she understands soon that from his position, Wen Kai has to keep looking at things from different angles. Wen Kai has a great ability to predict what will happen in business and because of that he knew beforehand what was going to happen with the strike. His ability made him realize who the enemy that is trying to ruin sales team 3 is so he is doing his best to counterattack.

Meantime one of Wen Kai’s secretaries and the manager from sales team 1 went to Zhi Yu to report about what is happening at MUSE. Zhi Yu is the one that creates troubles for MUSE so his company could take over MUSE.

Zhi Yu:”Never thought that Ji Wen Kai’s crisis management ability is way better that I imagined. The stronger the opponent, the better we will feel after winning over him.”

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