“Back to 1989” ep 19 ~ Chen Che:”He is my father! Despite how evil he is, he’s still my father.”

After finding out who his real father is, Chen Che is in shock. He can’t believe that he is the product of an abuse and that the father he searched for all his live is a criminal. While he was going through all shorts of feelings, Zhen Zhen has an idea. But Chen Che can’t agree with that stupid idea.

Episode 19

Guo Sheng Tai stole Chen Che’s phone to find future information about the stock market and get rich. Chen Che and Zhen Zhen ran after him until they’ve caught Guo Sheng Tai. Chen Che fights him and has an asthma attack. That moment Guo Sheng Tai gives Chen Che his inhaler and Chen Che realizes that his asthma is inherited from Guo Sheng Tai. Still Chen Che can’t let Guo Sheng Tai know the information from his phone and jumps into the lake taking Guo Sheng Tai after him.

Chen Che is still in shock after discovering the truth about his father. He feels that his presence into the past brings more misfortune to the people he wants to protect and believes that it’s best if he returns to year 2016 as soon as possible. But Zhen Zhen can’t understand the thoughts that go around Chen Che’s mind and the responsibility he has to not say anything that can influence or change the future he knows. All that Zhen Zhen can thing about is that she doesn’t have more time to spend with Chen Che because it can be two of Chen Che living in the same time and space. The moment Ya Juan gives birth to her child, Chen Che will disappear for good.

Chen Che:”My biggest mistake is falling in love without considering the consequences.”

Later Zhen Zhen looks around Chen Che’s belongings and after seeing Chen Che’s date of birth she realizes that they only have 150 days to love each other. Meantime Ya Juan has a nightmare regarding the night she was raped and Jin Qin comes in to calm her down. But Ya Juan doesn’t let him touch her.

The other day, while Chen Che and Zhen Zhen were following him, Guo Sheng Tai lost a notebook. Zhen Zhen picked it up and from that notebook Chen Che realized that Guo Sheng Tai was giving information about a ghost company to fool people into buying stocks for that company and then lose all their money. Chen Che sent to the police the proves he has that the ghost company is using false information to manipulate the stock market.

Chen Che and Zhen Zhen went to have dinner with Ya Juan and Jin Qin. But when Jin Qin comes home, they realize that there are troubles between Ya Juan and Jin Qin. Recently Ya Juan started to have nightmares about the night she was raped. She wakes up scared in the middle of the night and doesn’t let Jin Qin get close to her. Zhen Zhen talks to Ya Juan while Chen Che talks to Jin Qin. Both Ya Juan and Jin Qin understand the other’s feelings, but they still can’t do anything to change the situation.

Chen Che:”You guys living blissfully is the most important thing for me.”

On their way back home, Chen Che and Zhen Zhen encountered Guo Sheng Tai. He can’t seem to open Chen Che’s phone and he is angry. Sheng Tai wants Chen Che to open the phone for him and he even threatens Chen Che. But Chen Che doesn’t do as Guo Sheng Tai says. Even when Guo Sheng Tai mentioned that he gave Chen Che’s his life, without knowing how right he is, Chen Che told Sheng Tai how much he hates the fact of being the son of a criminal. Of course Sheng Tai meant the he gave life to Chen Che when he gave Chen Che his own inhaler. But Chen Che was referring to the fact that Sheng Tai is his biological father.

Guo Sheng Tai:”I’m the one who gave you this life.”

Chen Che:”I can’t chose who my father is, but I can use this method to pay him back for giving me life.”

Chen Che provoked Sheng Tai and got beaten without responding. That moment Zhen Zhen arrived with the police. She asks Chen Che why he didn’t fight back and Chen Che answered that he couldn’t hit his own father.

Chen Che:”He is my father! Despite how evil he is, he’s still my father.”

Arrived at the house, Zhen Zhen has a really stupid idea. She wants to get pregnant and have Chen Che’s child the same time Ya Juan has her baby. That way Zhen Zhe won’t miss Chen Chen when he will be gone and at the same time she can keep Ya Juan company. But how can Chen Che and his own child be born at the same time and grew up together?

Ya Juan feels guilty that Jin Qin has to sacrifice his own life for her and her child. She can’t let Jin Qin bear this burden and give up his own dreams so she decided to break up with him. While they were talking, Jin Qin’s father heard them and found out that the baby is not Jin Qin’s.

Ya Juan:”Jin Qin, let’s break up!”

Jin Qin:”Your child is my child!”

Later Ya Juan’s parents are called for a family discussion. Jin Qin’s father is sorry for what happened to Ya Juan, but he can’t accept the deal Jin Qin and Ya Juan’s mother made. Jin Qin is the only son in his family so his father can’t accept that his bloodline will end because Jin Qin and Ya Juan won’t have other children except the baby she is carrying at the moment.

Ya Juan packed her belongings and moved back home with her parents while Jin Qin left with his father.

Professor Chen called Chen Che to his office to tell him that Ya Juan and Jin Qin broke up because Ya Juan prefers to be alone than to burden Jin Qin. That moment Chen Che remembered his grandfather’s words from year 2016 and realizes the reason his mother and Jin Qin broke up.

Since she decided to have and raise her child alone, Ya Juan doesn’t want to depend or trouble others, including her parents. Because of that Ya Juan decided to move for a while in the countryside with Xiao Long.

The day for Ya Juan and Xiao Long to leave has arrived. Ya Juan packed her belongings and plans to leave without saying anything to her parents. But her mother already knew that Ya Juan planned to leave. Chen Che met Ya Juan’s mother and told her everything. So the moment Ya Juan was about to leave her house, her mother stopped her. Ya Juan’s mother is excited to be a grandmother and wants to help Ya Juan raise the baby.

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