“Vampire Detective” ep 12 ~ Final episode!

San found Yoo Jin and run away with her. Unfortunately Tae Woo found them and brought them back. He gives San a gun and tells him to shot one of the hidden person in front of him. On of the hidden persons was Goo Hyung. But at the last minute Tae Woo’s men changed sides and turned to Yo Na. Yoo Jin knew that everything started because of her so it’s up to her to stop San and Tae Woo. So in the end all vampires died.

Episode 12

San found Yoo Jin and took her with him. They are hiding until San will get fake papers for the both of them. Then they will both disappear. But what San doesn’t know is that Tae Woo took Goo Hyung and is torturing him

Yu Jin:”It’s been long time since I saw the sunlight.”

Without knowing that Goo Hyung is being held captive, San called Sun Young to get him and Yoo Jin same fake identification cards. After she talked to San, Sun Young send Goo Hyung a text telling him about her conversation with San. Unfortunately Goo Hyung’s phone is with Tae Woo.

Slowly, Yoo Jin starts feeling sick so San gave her his medicine.

Tae Woo’s men found San and Yoo Jin. Part of them fight San while the others break the covers San used to don’t let the sun get to Yoo Jin. San managed to defeat his attackers and took Yoo Jin away. Meantime Yo Na and her men attacked Gyeo Wool. They want the helper list. But when Gyeo Wool insists knowing what happened to her brother, Yo Na tells her that she should be more worried about San .

Yo Na:”You should be more worried about San right now.”

Afraid that something would happen to San, Gyeo Wool begins searching for the helper list. While she was searching for the list, Yo Na noticed that Gyeo Wool put a tracking device on the USB that Tae Woo took.

Gyeo Wool:”You have to take me with you. I don’t want to lose anyone anymore.”

San and Yoo Jin went to a different location, but there were found there too. They were walking around the street when few cars stopped in front of them. Tae Woo’s men came out and when their leader made a sign the door from another car opened. In that car it was Goo Hyun all full of blood. After San saw Goo Hyung, the door closed and the car with Goo Hyung drove away. Then San and Yoo Jin are told to go with them or Goo Hyung will die.

Yo Na took Gyeo Wool with her. The car stopped in front of a police station and Yo Na told Gyeo Wool to go inside and ask for help. They can fight this battle alone so they need backup.

Gyeo Wool:”If something goes wrong, I will kill you.”

Tae Woo comes to San, who is tied up. He shows San two people covered. One is Joo Young Gwang, Yo Na’s first love, and the other is Goo Hyung. Tae Woo will give San a gun with only one bullet. San has to shot one of those covered people. Then Tae Woo showed San, in the same room, Yoo Jin, who was tied up under a lamp that hurts vampires.

Tae Woo:”I give the order and you listen.”

San takes the gun and points it against Tae Woo. But that shot won’t kill Tae Woo.

Tae Woo:”I would die if I were a human. But you and I aren’t humans anymore.”

San closes his eye and thinks about all his time spend with Goo Hyung. Then he turns and shots one of the people covered. Tae Woo is surprised that San really shot and he is curious who the one that died is. One of Tae Woo’s men takes the cover off and everyone is surprised to see that the one that San shot was Yo Na. Since she is a vampire, Yo Na can’t die. She gets up and shots Tae Woo.

Earlier, after she left Gyeo Wool at the police station, Yo Na attacked Tae Woo’s men. To save themselves, they changed sides and follow Yo Na’s orders. So when Tae Woo’s man gave San the gun, he also gave San a hint of which side to shot.  After she shot Tae Woo, Yo Na freed Goo Hyung and left to save Young Gwang.

When Yo Na left, Tae Woo’s powers showed up. Tae Woo healed himself and attacked the once that betrayed him.  Then Tae Woo turns his attention to San. They start fighting, but San is more resistant then the others.

Yo Na found Young Gwang and took him out. The sun was coming out and Young Gwnag convinced Yo Na to die together. Meantime, inside the building, Yoo Jin stopped San and Tae Woo from fighting. She apologized, said her goodbyes and turned on the lamp with the light that hurts the vampires.

That day all vampires disappeared, including San. An year later, all of San’s friends are still looking for him.

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