“Refresh Man” ep 15 ~ Zhi Yu:”I’m coming to get you with a powerful army, Ji Wen Kai!”

Zhi Yu put his people to follow Wen Kai and create trouble for him. Zhi Yu’s plan is to acquire MUSE, but he doesn’t know,yet, that Wen Kai already knows and is making his own counterattack plan.

Episode 15

Wen Kai and Yu Tang walk together to the company, but they don’t realize that sales team 1 manager is secretly taking pictures of them.  While they were walking to work, Yu Tang received the news that counterfeit Mei Mei soups appeared on the market. Later Wen Kai participated at a board meeting and everyone questioned his decisions. After the board meeting sales team 1 and sales team 2 approached Wen Kai and accused him with favoring sales team 3 because he is dating Zhong Yu Tang.

Wen Kai:”I am indeed dating Zhong Yu Tang.”

Wen Kai goes to sales team 3 to keep their spirit up, but this time it was the sales team 3 that had a surprise for Wen Kai. They were expecting counterfeits to appear on the market so they’ve developed a system for the buyers to know if they are buying a real or a fake product. Sales team 3 plans to release their system the next day, but Wen Kai asks them to wait for three more days.

Yu Tang:”Crisis is a chance to turn things around.”

After his meeting with sales team 3, Wen Kai met Zhi Yu. The contract for the eggshell membrane will expire soon so Wen Kai wants to renew it. But Zhi Yu wants to wait a little longer. While they were talking Yu Tang and Ai Sha came in. Yu Tang came to bring Wen Kai some food while Ai Sha came with work. Even if Ai Sha stayed late for work, Wen Kai doesn’t have time to talk to her and goes home with Yu Tang.

Disappointed Ai Sha leaves. But Zhi Yu was waiting for her to send her home. On their way, Zhi Yu took advantage of the situation to turn Ai Sha against Wen Kai.

The fabric that produced counterfeit Mei Mei soup belonged to Zhi Yu. Now that Wen Kai started investigating it, sales team 1 manager closed the factory.

Wendy, the secretary that betrayed Wen Kai and is working for Zhi Yu, heard Wen Kai giving some important documents to work overtime because he has a date with Yu Tang.

Three days passed and after that the news about the system to verify the real Mei Mei soup appeared in all newspapers. Because of that MUSE stocks are raising again. The day that system was launched, Zhi Yu went to Ai Sha’s house. She handed him some important documents. That night Zhi Yu also revealed Ai Sha his plans.

Ai Sha:”A woman can do anything for love.”

The next day the shareholders wanted a board meeting. Because Xinwei recently bought a lot of MUSE’s shares, Zhi Yu is also present. On that meeting Zhi Yu revealed everyone that Wen Kai took a large sum of money from MUSE’s accounts. But of course Wen Kai is prepared. He didn’t took the money for himself. Wen Kai took the money to establish MUSE’s own production factory.  Unfortunately for Wen Kai, Zhi Yu has documents showing that there are still NT$ 300 million mission. To explain where those money are, Wen Kai has to wait for MUSE’s chairman to return.

The following day Ai Sha, Wendy, sales team 1 and sales team 2 resigned and went to Xinwei.

Zhi Yu:”A clever soldier chooses a shrewd general to fight for.”

Yu Tang came to Wen Kai’s office to see if he is alright. That moment Wen Kai revealed Yu Tang the true color of Zhi Yu. Later bad news appeared. Zhi Yu came over to MUSE to acquire the company.

Zhi Yu:”I’m coming to get you with a powerful army, Ji Wen Kai!”

After she found out the news, Yu Tang went to Wen Kai. She will return to work as his secretary to help him and support him in his battle against Zhi Yu. Sales team 3 is also on Wen Kai’s side

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