“Back to 1989” ep 20 ~ Chen Che:”I fell in love with a girl that doesn’t belong in my world. “

Chen Che and Zhen Zhen spend together every second of their last time together. Ya Juan is 8 months pregnant when she received a letter from Jin Qin. He was telling her how much he loves her and that he is leaving. Ya Juan goes to look for Jin Qin, but an accident happened. Because of that accident Ya Juan gave birth to her son prematurely. The second Ya Juan’s baby was born, Chen Che returned to year 20016.

Episode 20

With Chen Che leaving soon, Chen Che and Zhen Zhen spend as much time as possible together. He takes Zhen Zhen to the classroom he studied and tells her about his life. Then they go on dates, at the beach. They do everything that normal couples do…as long as they can be together.

Chen Che:”I fell in love with a girl that doesn’t belong in my world. But…we will be separated soon.”

The more Chen Che’s birth day gets closer, the tired Chen Che feels. He often falls asleep.

Chen Che and Zhen Zhen accompany Ya Juan to buy different things for the baby. When Ya Juan wants to buy something, Chen Che stops her and shows her what she should buy, what her son will like.  Then Chen Che and Ya Juan go to their three where they burry a box with different things. They will open that box in 26 years when they will meet again. During those 26 years, Zhen Zhen promises to tie a yellow ribbon on that three every year.

The night before his birth, Chen Che says his goodbye to Zhen Zhen’s family. Then he takes Zhen Zhen out for a last date. He tries his best to make Zhen Zhen smile. First they take a boat on a lake, but Zhen Zhen has seasickness. They return on the ground and Zhen Zhen sees the dishes Chen Che personally prepared for her for the first and last time.

After dinner, Chen Che looks at Zhen Zhen and encourages her to move on with her life if in those 26 years she will find someone that will make her happy. But Zhen Zhen doesn’t want anyone else. She is ready to wait 26 years for Chen Che.

Ya Juan is 8 months pregnant, but she doesn’t know that her baby will be born soon. She received a letter from Jin Qin in which he was telling her that he is leaving for Germany and he still loves her as always. Because she loves him too, Ya Juan leaves the house to see Jin Qin one more time and to tell him that she also loves him. But on her way Ya Juan fall on the ground.

Zhen Zhen and Chen Che came to accompany Ya Juan and they see her lying in pain on the ground.

Chen Che:”It was Jin Qin leaving all along that caused me to be born prematurely!”

They took Ya Juan to the hospital and wait for the baby to be born. Suddenly they hear the baby crying and Chen Che disappeared. The nurse comes out holding a healthy little boy that was crying out loud. She lets Zhen Zhen hold the baby and the child stops crying. Chen Che left behind his bag and inside of it Zhen Zhen found a lot of money. He left those money for Zhen Zhen to fulfill her wish of buying her father a store.

Chen Che is walking alone in a tunnel when suddenly he hears his mother calling him. Then he sees a bright light and wakes up in a hospital. His mother was there with him. As soon as he wakes up, Chen Che gets agitated saying that he has to leave and look for Zhen Zhen. The doctors and Ya Juan hold him back. He is given sedatives to rest.

Chen Che:”I have to go find Zhen Zhen.”

The sedative effect passed and Chen Che woke up. He sees his mother sleeping so he gets dresses and leaves to check if his travel to year 1989 was a dream or reality. He runs to his and Zhen Zhen’s three. He takes up the box he and Zhen Zhen buried. Then he looks up. There should be 26 ribbons there, but there are only three ribbons. Suddenly Chen Che remembers that in year 1989 Ya Juan and Zhen Zhen were close friends, but he never heard his mother mentioning Zhen Zhen his whole life.

Meantime, baby Chen Che was taken home. Zhen Zhen helps Ya Juan take care of her son.  Zhen Zhen kept helping Ya Juan raise her son for the first three years of little Chen Che’s life. Except for professor Chen and Zhen Zhen, everyone else gradually had forgotten Chen Che. She can talk about Chen Che only with professor Chen.

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