“Refresh Man” ep 16 ~ Time to break up!

Yu Tang stays by Wen Kai’s side, supporting him is his fight against Zhi Yu. But Zhi Yu makes sure to ruin everything. Zhi Yu offered Yu Tang a way to protect Wen Kai. For Yu Tang to protect Wen Kai, she has to leave MUSE and break up with Wen Kai. At first, Yu Tang rejected Zhi Yu’s offer, but after finishing the puzzle Wen Kai gave her, Yu Tang decided to quit her job at MUSE.

Episode 16

Ai Sha, Wendy, sales team 1 and sales team 2 quit their jobs at MUSE and went to work for Zhi Yu, who is ready to take over MUSE. Meantime sales team 3 support Wen Kai. Yu Tang return to work as Wen Kai’s secretary while the others meet the clients that were working with the members from sales team 1 and 2.

At night, Wen Kai tells Yu Tang that the reason her mother left alone the day she died was to buy eggs for him to make Wen Kai a special omelet since he is allergic to eggs whites. But Yu Tang already knew that and she isn’t upset with Wen Kai. Yu Tang doesn’t blame Wen Kai as he thought she would. Then Yu Tang encourages Wen Kai to keep fighting and he will resolve the problem that appeared at the company.

The next morning, o her way to work, Yu Tang met Zhi Yu. He wants to talk to Yu Tang about Ji Wen Kai. At first Yu Tang didn’t want to talk with Zhi Yu, but since the topic is related to Wen Kai she accepted. After work Zhi Yu and Yu Tang met with Ai Sha. During their meeting Zhi Yu asked, or precisely forced, Yu Tang to join him. Zhi Yu offered Yu Tang to not destroy Wen Kai completely after his company will acquire MUSE if Yu Tang will come to his side. Together with Ai Sha, Zhi Yu tried as hard as they could to ruin Yu Tang’s trust in Wen Kai. But Yu Tang still decided to believe in Wen Kai and move on with him.

Zhi Yu:”I hope that you can join us.”

Yu Tang:”In my heart, there is only Ji Wen Kai.”

Jia Yin returned from Singapore and brought presents for everyone. Together with the presents, Jin Yin alos brought an envelope for Wen Kai from her ex husband. She gave the envelope to Yu Tang. But Wen Kai is nowhere to be found. He has something on his mind and wants to be alone and think about solutions. While she was looking for Wen Kai, Yu Tang received a phone call from sister Ping. They’ve met and sister Ping told Yu Tang that Zhi Yu it’s been like he is always. As a child if he couldn’t obtain the toy he wanted, Zhi Yu would destroy it. Then sister Ping advised Yu Tang to think what she can do to protect Wen Kai.

Yu Tang received a text from Wen Kai and went to find him.

Yu Tang:”I’m willing to be your guardian angel.”

Later, Yu Tang went home and finished the puzzle Wen Kai gave her. The puzzle was a picture with Yu Tang and Wen Kai. In high school, Yu Tang and Wen Kai promised to meet at the amusement park. Unfortunately before the meeting day, Wen Kai and Yu Tang distanced each other. Yu Tang went at the amusement park and waited for hours for Wen Kai to come. But Wen Kai never showed up. Tired of waiting, disappointed, Yu Tang leaves. Then someone wearing a lion costume showed up wanting a picture with Yu Tang. That picture was made into the puzzle that Wen Kai gave Yu Tang.

Sales tame 3 has a meeting with Wen Kai and Yu Tang. At the meeting sales team 3 talk about their plans to hire new sales person. Their ad was inspired by Wen Kai. Later Yu Tang revealed in front of everyone that she will leave the company.

Wen Kai:”Does he want you to leave MUSE or leave me?”

Listening to Yu Tang and everyone else, Wen Kai realizes that his employees believe that he didn’t steal any money from the company, but they don’t believe that Wen Kai can save the company in his fight with Zhi Yu. Disappointed, Wen Kai leaves.

On her way home, Yu Tang met Wen Kai. They’ve decided to spend one last day together before breaking up.

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