“Back to 1989” ep 21 ~ Chen Che:”It’s out love mark.”

Chen Che asks his mother about Zhen Zhen and finds out that Zhen Zhen disappeared more then 20 years ago after saving Chen Che from a car accident. He can’t accept that so he tried to return to the past, but it’s not possible.

One day, Chen Che sees Jin Qin and plays Cupid between Jin Qin and Ya Juan. After that, Chen Che looks for Zhen Zhen’s belonging and he finds… Zhen Zhen.

Personal thought: Back to 1989 it’s an amazing drama in which Chen Che, a man raised only by his mother, is curious to find who his father was. Because Ya Juan never talks about her son’s father, Chen Che tries other methods to find out the truth. But he can’t.

One day, after a fight with his mother, Chen Che is involved in an accident and finds himself traveling to the past, to an year before he was born. The first second he arrived to year 1989, Chen Che saved a girl from dying in an accident. Later he finds out that the girl is his mother best friend. With the passing days, Chen Che and Zhen Zhen fell in love.

Few months after he arrived to year 1989, Chen Che discovers the horrible truth behind his birth. Chen Che wasn’t born from love, his mother was raped on Christmas party. After finding out how he came into this world, Chen Che decided to give up his own existence in order to let his mother be happy. For that Chen Che encourages his mother to abort the baby. Ya Juan goes to the clinic, but in the last moment she couldn’t kill her own baby.

The day he was born, Chen Che returned to years 2016. He helps his mother reunite with the man she always loved and encountered his own love.

This really is a drama worth watching !!!! 🙂

Episode 21

Chen Che returned to year 2016. The time he spent in year 1989, he was unconscious in year 2016. But the time was different. Chen Che spent almost a year in 1989, but he was unconscious for only 2 days in year 2016. When he woke up, Chen Che remembered everything that happened in the past and everyone. Wanting to prove that he wasn’t dreaming Chen Che ran away from the hospital while his mother was sleeping and went to the tree where Zhen Zhen promised to tie a ribbon every year.  On that tree there were just three ribbons. He then searched the box he and Zhen Zhen buried. The box was there with everything they put inside so Chen Che didn’t dream. He really was in year 1989 and fell in love with his mother’s best friend.

Chen Che returned to the hospital and asked his mother about Zhen Zhen , Jin Qin and Xiao Long.

Ya Juan:”Zhen Zhen was in a car accident.”

When Chen Che was three years old, Zhen Zhen took him to the park. On their way back, Chen Che run after a dog and was about to be hit by a car. Zhen Zhen saved little Chen Che and was hit by that car. The scar that suddenly appeared on Chen Che’s arm while he was in year 1989 is from that day. Since that day Zhen Zhen disappeared and legally is presumed to be dead. Upset, Chen Che starts talking about traveling to year 1989 and confessing to Zhen Zhen. Then Chen Che runs over to see his grandfather. Realizing that Zhen Zhen, who was involved in a car accident, and his grandfather, who now has Alzhaimer, are the only people that know about his time travel, Chen Che starts thinking that what happened to Zhen Zhen and professor Chen is the butterfly effect.

Chen Che:”I don’t accept this ending!”

Professor Chen:”How you came…is how you go.”

Chen Che gets his motorcycle and speeds up in the same tunnel from where he time traveled, but this time nothing happened. He tried the same several times until he was involved in an accident. Still noting happened, he didn’t return to year 1989.

It’s year 1990 and Zhen Zhen walks around the tunnel where she first met Chen Che. Leaving the tunnel, Zhen Zhen sees two men fighting and stops them. She buys dinner for one of those men. When that man touched her hand told Zhen Zhen that she should have died a year ago in a long and dark place, but she encountered a special person that saved her life. The day Zhen Zhen had to die was the day Chen Che arrived in year 1989. He stopped Zhen Zhen’s scooter and then saved her from being involved in a car accident. Without knowing , Chen Che changed history the first hour he arrived in year 1989.

Meantime, Chen Che hugs his mother and thanks her for giving birth to him, for loving him, for giving up her dream for him. Since a lot of things seem to be different, Chen Che asks Ya Juan to look with him at their family pictures and tell him about the past. Ya Juan’s parents helped her raise Chen Che and Ya Juan is now happy, not sad like Chen Che remembers her. He is surprised to find out that he and his mother celebrated Christmas all his life. Ya Juan even showed Chen Che the card he used to make for her while he was a child. Between those cards there was also the engagement ring Jin Qin gave Ya Juan.

Later Chen Che searches for Jin Qin. He never returned to Taiwan in those 26 years, but he is returning for a few days soon.  The following days Chen Che goes to his grandparent’s old house. There he meets Jin Qin.

Chen Che:”I’m Chen Ya Juan’s son.”

They talk for a while and Chen Che tells Jin Qin that his mother never got married because he still loves him. Then Chen Che asked Jin Qin if he is married. Jin Qin never forgot Ya Juan also.

Chen Che played Cupid and arranged a meeting between his mother and Jin Qin. After letting Jin Qin and his mother meet, Chen Che left leaving the two old lovers talk and solve their problems. That day Ya Juan finally accepted Jin Qin’s request with open heart.

Chen Che:”I can’t be with you forever.”

Chen Che thinks about Zhen Zhen. He misses her. he realized that the scar that suddenly appeared on his arm means the love Zhen Zhen had for him.

Chen Che:”It’s out love mark.”

Later, Chen Che goes to see Zhen Zhen’s family’s suit store. There he met Zhen Zhen’s brother who now is the owner. They’ve talked about Zhen Zhen and Guo An gave Chen Che a lead to where he can find Zhen Zhen’s belongings. When he arrived at the bookstore that took Zhen Zhen’s belongings, Chen Che found out that a lady just bought Zhen Zhen’s diary. Chen Che follows the lady that took Zhen Zhen’s diary and arrived at the college he studied. He went inside and in the room he studied, Chen Che met that lady. She is Ye Zhen Zhen. When Zhen Zhen saved the three years old Chen Che from the car accident she was sent to the future.


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6 Responses to “Back to 1989” ep 21 ~ Chen Che:”It’s out love mark.”

  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    This is currently my favorite Taiwanese Drama I have ever seen.

  2. May says:

    I love marcus chang… he’s awesome

  3. rebecca says:

    The ending was amazing. I’m glad you posted this because I wanted to make sure I was right on assuming Zhen Zhen time traveled to 2016 when she saved Che. This is one of my favorite Asian dramas that I’ve ever watched!

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