“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 1 ~ep 2 ~ Joon Young:”I love you, Eul!”

Finally this drama started! I’ve been waiting for it since winter and I really hope it won’t disappoint me. Uncontrollably Fond is the story of Shin Joon Young, a celebrity, and No Eul, a documentary producer.

No Eul and Joon Young met in high school. Unfortunately they were separated after No Eul’s father was killed and No Eul had to leave her house to get rid of the loan sharks her father was  owning money to. Later in life, No Eul, who now works as a documentary producer, and Joon Young, who is a top celebrity, met again. But what they didn’t know when they were reunited was that the procurer that covered No Eul’s father killer was Joon Young’s real father.

During her school years, No Eul was a happy girl who was willing to give everything she had to others. Now, No Eul is different. Her hard life made her materialistic. She is willing to do anything for money.


Kim Woo Bin    as    Shin Joon Young

Bae Suzy             as    No Eul

Episode 1

Shin Joon Young is at the church getting married with the woman he loves. Suddenly some men come in and attack Joon Young in order to get the woman back to another man. In the fight those men shot Joon Young, but he doesn’t die. It was all a scene from a movie and Joon Young decided in the middle of the filming that he doesn’t want his character to die.

Joon Young:”I don’t want to die. Please fix the script.”

After ruining the filming, Joon Young left. He went at the hospital to talk to the doctor that recently diagnosed him with a terminal disease that soon will kill him. No matter what the doctor say, Joon Young refuses to believe. He doesn’t want to die.

Later his manager calls him and insists for Joon Young to return at the filming scene and die as his character was supposed to.

No Eul is out in the rain filming some people who were illegally dumping waste when she is caught by them.  She got bribed and accepted the money because she owns a large sum of money to loan sharks.

Meantime Joon Young asked his lawyer to look for a woman. The next day, Joon Young goes to see his mother at her restaurant, but his mother is cold towards him and sends him off. The same day, No Eul is being fired because she accepted the bribe. She goes and tries to get her job back, but it now use.

No Eul goes to get something to drink  to forgot about her hard life. There she heard some producers talking about Shin Joon Young who just declined filming a documentary with them. She approached them and promised them to convince Joon Young film the documentary if they will give her a job as a producer.

Someone is at the door and Joon Young goes to see who it is. He is shocked to see No Eul. She really came over to convince him accepted the documentary. But Joon Young didn’t open the door. No Eul waited outside in the cold and snow until late in the night, still no sign from Joon Young.

Early in the morning, Joon Young takes his bag and plans to go ice climbing. But the moment he opened his gate, No Eul showed up and jumped into his car. Because No Eul didn’t get down, Joon Young drove away. Joon Young was driving like crazy so No Eul got sick.

Joon Young stopped the car for No Eul to get down. He left her some money for medicine and drove away leaving No Eul in the middle of nowhere. On his way, Joon Young hears at the radio that a young woman was involved in a car accident. Worried that it could be No Eul, Joon Young returned. He found No Eul walking home.

Joon Young:”Don’t you know who I am?”

No Eul:”I know who you are. “

Episode 2

In high school Joon Young got into a fight and was suspended from school.  A girl was bullied by some rich boys and Joon Young fought those boys to defend the girl. In return the girl lied and said that Joon Young attacked those boys that weren’t doing anything to her.

Because he was unfairly punished, Joon Young waited after school those rich boys and beat them up. Since they were the sons of important people, Joon Young was arrested. At that time Joon Young’s mother wanted Joon Young to become a prosecutor, but that suspension ruined that dream.

After getting Joon Young out of the police station, his uncle revealed Joon Young the truth about his father. Joon Young was raised only by his mother while his father was a famous prosecutor. Joon Young’s mother and father fell in love. Unfortunately Joon Young’s father was from a good family that wouldn’t accept Joon Young’s mother. So, after Joon Young’s father’s family approached her, Joon Young’s mother, who was pregnant with him at the moment, left the man she loved.  She gave birth and raised her son alone. She wanted Joon Young to become a prosecutor and after that she would’ve wanted to introduce Joon Young to his father.

Since that fighting incident, Joon Young studies day and night. He even throws away all the notes the girls that like him left on his desk. One of that girls was No Eul’s friend, Na Ri. Because she was rejected, Na Ri stopped eating and stopped coming to school. To help her friend, No Eul went to see Joon Young. No Eul also liked Joon Young, but the day she wanted to confess, No Eul saw Joon Young hugging another girl.

In high school, No Eul saw her father getting hit by a car. The woman who hit and killed No Eul’s father run away from the accident scene.

The woman who killed No Eul’s father was the daughter of a congressman. When he heard about his daughter causing trouble, the congressman called prosecutor Choi Hyun Joon for help.

It’s raining outside and prosecutor Choi doesn’t have an umbrella. Suddenly Joon Young shows up and helps him. Prosecutor Choi is Joon Young’s biological father. Arrived at the prosecutor’s office, prosecutor Choi meets No Eul, who just vandalized his car. She just wanted to talk with the prosecutor that covered up the person that hit her father.  But prosecutor Choi doesn’t have time to spend with her and send her away.

On her way out, No Eul went her anger with Joon Young, who was waiting for prosecutor Choi. After saying what she needed to say, No Eul left. Joon Young followed her and told her to tempt him to fall in love with her so he would give up on studying to become a prosecutor.

No Eul and her friends leave from school when Joon Young appear. In front of No Eul’s classmate, including Na Ri, Joon Young said that he and No Eul are dating.

Joon Young:”I love you, Eul!”

Few days passed and No Eul’s father didn’t wake up from comma. He died! After her father died, No Eul found out that her father had debts at some loan sharks. She took her brother and disappeared. Joon Young hears some classmates about No Eul’s story.  Hearing what happened, Joon Young went to the funeral.

Several days passed and Joon Young tries to find No Eul. He calls her, but no one answered. One day, when he was about to give up, No Eul called him to thank him for carrying out her father’s portrait at the funeral.

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