“Refresh Man” ep 17 ~ Final episode!

Yu Tang and Wen Kai go on their last date before braking up. Soon after that day, Zhi Yu comes over to take over MUSE. But he has a surprised! Wen Kai prepared a plan to stop Zhi Yu from taking over MUSE. In that plan there were involved Ai Sha and Yu Tang too. Personal thought: When I started to watch this drama I kind had some expectations. Unfortunately it didn’t impress my much! The first episodes were okay, but from the middle (if not sooner) it was really boring. I’ll have to give this drama a 4 out of 10….unfortunately….

Episode 17

Zhi Yu is willing to do anything to have Yu Tang. For that he threatens Yu Tang with destroying Wen Kai if she won’t come to his side. Out of love for Wen Kai, Yu Tang decided to keep her distance from Wen Kai. She broke up with Wen Kai and Wen Kai understood her. Before breaking up Yu Tang and Wen Kai went on a date. They’ve spend one last day together. They went at the amusement park, they’ve played around, they’ve ate ice cream, they took pictures.

Wen Kai returned to the office. The following days are hard for him. Some employees resigned their jobs and other’s badmouthed him. Sales team 3 is the only one who believes in Wen Kai and defend him.

Yu Tang left and doesn’t show up in front of Wen Kai anymore. Still Zhi Yu won’t do as he promised. He still plans to destroy Wen Kai because he wasn’t Yu Tang choice.

Wen Kai is in his office when manager Jia of sales team 1 and Zhi Yu came in. They’ve came to MUSE to take over MUSE and to remove Ji Wen Kai from his position.

The meeting started. President Shen from MUSE is also present. He and Wen Kai have a plan to stop the merger. Zhi Yu and president Shen are about to sign the contracts when someone comes in. It’s Yu Tang and mr. Tapkovsky, the Russian partner with whom Wen Kai formed a joint venture.  The joint venture is called MUSE DD Group and it will be the new owner of MUSE after the merger between Xinwei and MUSE. While Zhi Yu was busy creating troubles for MUSE and Wen Kai, MUSE DD was buying shares from both companies. Ai Sha reveals Zhi Yu her plan. She never changed sides or betrayed Wen Kai. Ai Sha’s switching sides was one of Wen Kai’s plans.

The merger that Zhi Yu was planning for will happen, but it won’t be the way he wanted. Xinwen won’t be the new owner of MUSE, but MUSE DD will be the new owner of both MUSE and Xinwei. The money Zhi Yu accused Wen Kai of stealing from MUSE were actually the investment money in MUSE DD and president Shen knew everything about it.

With everything finished, Wen Kai takes Yu Tang out on a date at the amusement park. He goes to change while Yu Tang waits for him. Suddenly someone dresses in a lion costume appeared. The lion gave Yu Tang balloons and a recorder. She listens to the recorder and finally realizes that she was the girl Wen Kai wanted to confess in high school. Happy, Yu Tang confesses back at Wen Kai and takes the lion mask off. But inside the lion costume wasn’t Wen Kai, it was his best friend.  He was also on a date with his girlfriend, who is actually Yu Tang’s friend Hai Di.

Soon Wen Kai arrived too. They go on a date and their lives go on. There are little changes in Wen Kai and Yu Tang’s live. Now Wen Kai is the one cleaning the house and cooking while Yu Tang orders him around.

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One Response to “Refresh Man” ep 17 ~ Final episode!

  1. Shumaila Ahmed says:

    It’s amazing drama…but wen Kai should not give up…as he do…he should have to rise up and over power all the things…. this way of his adversity isn’t good…it’s disappointing

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