“Prince Of Wolf” ep 1 ~ Zhe Ming:”You are my first human friend.”

When he was 6 years old Du Zhe Ming was abandoned by his uncle in a forest while being on vacation at the Wolf Mountain with his family. Wondering around the woods to find his mother and grandfather, Zhe Ming accidentally saved a female wolf. Since then the wolf male took little Zhe Ming into his pack. Being raised by wolves, Zhe Ming learns to hunt and survive into the mountain forest. Still he never loses completely his human traits.

Years passed and Zhe Ming saves a woman who fell into a valley. Her name is Tian Mimi, an amateur photographer who climbed the Wolf Mountain to take the perfect picture of a breathtaking landscape. Zhe Ming takes Mimi to his cave and fascinated by his first human friend he is convinced that Mimi is his life partner. For Mimi, Zhe Ming decided to leave the forest and return to the human world.


Derek Zhang    as   Du Zhe Ming

Amber An        as   Tian Mi Mi

Personal thought: Frankly, I don’t know if I like or not this drama yet, but I don’t think that the two main actors are a match. They don’t have any chemistry and Amber An seems a little older than Derek Zhang. Well…she is 7 years older than him, but in this drama they are supposed to be the same age….and they don’t look like that to me…. Zhe Ming seems to be more of a match with Mimi’s sister, Zizi. (what funny names they have 😆)

Some other things I don’t understand are:

  • Do the wolves thought Zhe Ming to shave?
  • The wolves cut Zhe Ming’s hair?
  • I suppose Zhe Ming took his clothes from the humans, at the camping site….

Episode 1

Little Du Zhe Ming goes camping with his mother, grandfather and second uncle. While being there Zhe Ming and his uncle go to search for bugs on the mountain. There Zhe Ming gets lost. Scared and hungry, Zhe Ming keeps calling his mother. Instead of finding his mother, Zhe Ming encountered a pack of wolves. He runs away and the wolves follow him. Suddenly, Zhe Ming fells down near a female wolf who was caught into a trap. With his little hands, Zhe Ming releases the female wolf, cleans her wound and takes care of that. Seeing the little human doing that, the wolf king, took Zhe Ming with him and raised him.

The wolves take good care of little Zhe Ming. They keep him worm, they feed him, they watch over him and they take him to the camping side to look for his mother. Still Zhe Ming doesn’t see his mother. He starts wandering why his mother abandoned him, why she doesn’t want him anymore.

Zhe Ming:”Does mommy not want me anymore?”

Growing up between wolves, Zhe Ming learns to hunt and survive, but he doesn’t lose his human traits. No matter how many years have passed since he lives with the wolves, Zhe Ming still remembers the day he got lost. He went on the mountain with his uncle. While his uncle wasn’t paying attention, Zhe Ming followed a butterfly. Realizing that he went far, Zhe Ming returned to look for his uncle. But when he saw his uncle, Zhe Ming uncle was running away from him. At first the uncle tried to find Zhe Ming, but when he found the little boy, the uncle realized that it’s better to abandon the boy on the mountain. Zhe Ming called for his uncle and run after him, but the uncle was running too fast for his little legs. Zhe Ming still doesn’t understand why his uncle abandoned him. Since he was a little child when he got lost, Zhe Ming doesn’t realizes that he was the only hair of his grandfather’s company since Zhe Ming’s father was already dead.

So many years have passed, but Zhe Ming and wolf dad still return to the camping site. Zhe Ming takes with him everything that the humans leave behind there. One day, when he was playing with a rabbit, Zhe Ming hears his wolf dad calling him. He runs home because he understood what his wolf dad was saying. Zhe Ming’s wolf mother was dying.

Tian Mimi, a photographer who wants to participate in a photography competition, goes to the Wolf Mountain to search for the perfect picture that captures the viewers heart. Her plan is to find the wolf’s secret place, a lake. Legend says that a long time ago a wolf female died and her male cried so much that his tears formed a lake hidden deep into the mountains.

Walking around the wolf mountain taking pictures, Mimi sees a lake that she likes. She wants to photograph it when she sees a man bathing naked. Mimi tries to take a picture of the naked man, but he suddenly comes near her. The naked man is Zhe Ming. He wants to talk to Mimi and play with her. When Mimi leaves, Zhe Ming follows her and Mimi sees the opportunity to ask him where the secret wolf place is. But when Mimi mentioned the secret place, Zhe Ming’s wolf’s instincts showed up. Scared of Zhe Ming’s reaction, Mimi fells over a cliff, but Zhe Ming saved her. The moment Zhe Ming caught her, Mimi fainted.

Zhe Ming:”I thought you were dead.”

Mimi was hungry so Zhe Ming took her up on the mountain to give her some fruits. Then she sees Zhe Ming haunting and catching a rabbit. While he was haunting the rabbit, Zhe Ming scratched his hand and Mimi took take of him the same way his mother would, that made Zhe Ming remember his mother.

It started to rain so Zhe Ming brought Mimi to his house. There Mimi is once again embarrassed when Zhe Ming tries to take his clothes off to dry them. Later Mimi takes pictures of Zhe Ming and teaches him to use her camera. But unfortunately when Zhe Ming looked around the pictures from Mimi’s camera, he saw a picture of her family.

Zhe Ming:”I can’t find my mother! I’m…Zhe Ming!”

Remembering his family, Zhe Ming starts crying. Mimi hugs him and consoles him until Zhe Ming fell asleep.

Early in the morning Zhe Ming hears a gunshot and runs over knowing that Wolf Dad is in danger. Mimi follows him and sees Zhe Ming fighting the haunters. During the fight Zhe Ming’s eyes turned blue.

Seeing Zhe Ming like that, Mimi is scared and wants to go home. But Zhe Ming convinced her to stay because he will take her to the wolves secret place. That night, Zhe Ming told Mimi his story. He told her how his second uncle abandoned him on the mountain and how wolf mom and wolf dad raised him.

Zhe Ming:”You are my first human friend.”

Because Mimi got wet when it rained, she feels sick. Since Mimi has fever, Zhe Ming and Wolf Dad took care of her.

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