“Swimming Battle” ep 1 ~ Hai Fei:”I have to help the mermaid remember her prince.”

He Yu Die and Gao Hai Fei met on a swimming camp as children. At that time Yu Die was a child prodigy swimmer while Hai Fei was a coward who didn’t know how to swim and was bullied by the other children.

Years later Hai Fei and Yu Die met again. For many years Hai Fei has been looking for the girl from his childhood and he finally met her. When they’ve met again, as adults, Hai Fei was the president of a big company and a good swimmer who had won many swimming competitions. Meantime Yu Die couldn’t swim anymore. After she met Hai Fei in the swimming camp, Yu Die had an accident. Her mother saved her from drowning. Traumatized by losing her mother that way, Yu Die forgot her memory and is afraid of water. She can’t swim anymore.

Since Yu Die doesn’t remember him, Hai Fei hides his true identity from his childhood crush. Meanwhile Yu Die thinks that Hai Fei, whom she believes to be a part timer and a good swimmer, can save her father’s high school swimming team and invites him to teach teenagers.


Kingone Wang    as   Gao Hai Fei/ Ah Fei

Mandy Wei          as   He Yu Die

Episode 1

Gao Hai Fei went on a swimming camp when he was a child. Since he was a coward that didn’t knew who to swim, Hai Fei was bullied by the other children. One day a girl appeared and defended him.  She even thought Hai Fei to swim and became his friend. That girl was named after a fish so she didn’t tell Hai Fei her name until he would learn who to swim properly. Since that summer, Hai Fei kept looking for that girl whom he was calling “533” after the number of her locker at the camp. Before the summer ended the 533 girl gave Hai Fei her necklace so if they will meet in the future they will be able to recognize each other.It’s been years now, Hai Fei is an adult, but still he is looking everywhere for 533 girl.

Hai Fei:”My wish is to find my mermaid as soon as possible.”

Hai Fei signed an important contract so now he is celebrating it on a yacht. Suddenly they hear a whistle. When they look towards the noise, they see a woman from the snorkeling boat asking for help. One of the students fell into the water and doesn’t know how to swim. In order to save her son, the mother of the student who is drowning, pushed the woman who was asking for help into the water. She doesn’t know who to swim either so now they are both drowning.

Hai Fei jumped into the water and swims over to save the two strangers.  He saved the student first and then he turned to save the woman. Hai Fei took the woman on the beach and saw at her neck a necklace identical with the one that 533 girl gave him as kids. He realizes that the woman he just saved is the girl he was looking for. Her name is He Yu Die.

Hai Fei follows Yu Die to her house to get dry clothes and a phone to call home. He actually wanted to find more about Yu Die to be sure that she is the girl he is looking for. At Yu Die’s house, he found the evidence he needed and told her about the summer they’ve met. Buy Yu Die doesn’t remember anything. She also has her necklace and she doesn’t know how to swim.

Yu Die’s father is the swimming team coach. He is old and sick at the moment, but he can’t rest or take care of his heath. The school told coach He that the swimming team will be disbanded and the school properties will be sold if the swimming team won’t get into a swimming competition in two months. Because her father is sick, Yu Die thinks she can convince Hai Fei to teach the swimming team so she texted him to meet the next day.

The next day Hai Fei took the pink bike his maid uses for grocery shopping and went to meet Yu Die. They’ve met and went to talk at the house Ah Fei will use while he will pretend to be poor. There Yu Die asked him to teach the high school’s swimming team  and Ah Fei accepted. But her actions make Ah Fei remember the 533 girl from his childhood.

Hai Fei:”I’m sorry! I broke our promise.”

Seeing Ah Fei getting closer to her and talking like she is the 533 girl that he is looking for, Yu Die runs away scared.

Hai Fei:”I have to help the mermaid remember her prince.”

The next day Yu Die introduced Ah Fei to her father. But suddenly two girls came running. The boys from the swimming team got into a fight with the boys from another high school. The other high school boys stole the gold medal from coach He’s boys. Ah Fei accompanied coach He, Yu Die and the two girls to where the fight was, on a cliff. There the boys from the other high school threw the gold medal into the ocean. To help his new team, Ah Fei jumped over the cliff into the ocean to find the gold medal.

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