“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 3 ~ Joon Young:”Please let Eul live! If you let her live I will give up the rest of my life.”

Four years after her father’s death, No Eul met again Joon Young. He was a law student and asked her to date him. But Joon Young caused No Eul to be involved into a car accident in which No Eul almost lost her life. After the accident, while No Eul was in the operation room, Joon Young prayed offering the rest of his life instead of No Eul’s life.

Episode 3

No Eul wants so badly to get a job as a producer that she got into Joon Young’s car. He was going ice climbing and he was driving like crazy. When No Eul got sick, Joon Young left her on the road, in the middle of nowhere. Continuing on his way, Joon Young hears at the radio that a young woman was involved in a car accident and thinking that the young woman is No Eul, he returned. He found her! They argued for a while and then No Eul left, but she fainted in the middle of the road. Joon Young took her to the hospital and called for his manager to come and take care of No Eul. Meantime Joon Young went to Yoo Na’s birthday party.  At the party, Joon Young sand a song for Yoo Na, but he can’t stop thinking about No Eul so he leaves.

At the hospital, No Eul received some money from Joon Young’s manager to not post anything badly about Joon Young online. Then the manager took her home and sees what hard life No Eul has. In front of No Eul’s house there were the loan sharks she owns money too. They took the deposit money from her landlord, her stuff and the money she just took from Joon Young’s manager. Instead of the money from Joon Young’s manager, No Eul asked for her computer back so her brother could take online classes.

Later, Gook Young told Joon Young everything he found out about No Eul’s hard life. He even insisted that Joon Young would film the documentary and save No Eul’s live.

Thinking that No Eul is about to commit suicide, Joon Young goes to look for her. He sees her on the bridge and remembers the time they’ve met few years ago. It was at about 4 years since No Eul left and Joon Young was a law student. At that time Joon Young saw No Eul ruining the poster with prosecutor Choi Hyun Joon, who was into politics. In return for not telling the police what he saw No Eul doing, Joon Young wants No Eul to date him.

Joon Young:”I will let you off with what you did…if you go out with me.”

No Eul had no chance but to accept Joon Young’s proposal. Because of that No Eul has to run over to Joon Young every time he calls and help him get rid of all the girls who chase him. No Eul has to pretend be Joon Young’s girlfriend in front of everyone.

No Eul:”Shin Joon Young is mine!”

The campaign ended well for Choi Hyun Joon so he brought all his stuff to Joon Young’s mother’s restaurant. One of the stuff members recommended that restaurant. Seeing Choi Hyun Joon there, Joon Young knows that his mother will be startled. He enters the kitchen and sees his mother hiding. Joon Young carries his mother out on his back and tells her about his meeting with prosecutor Choi Hyun Joon from a few years ago.

Later, Joon Young calls No Eul to come over and spent some time with him, but No Eul doesn’t answer her phone. Since he took No Eul’s id card, Joon Young goes to her house. There Joon Young hears No Eul talking on the phone with Choi Hyun Joon. She was talking about Choi Hyun Joon covering up for No Eul’s father’s hit-and-run accident and the fact that the perfect husband Choi Hyun Joon isn’t as perfect as his imagine. Choi Hyun Joon has a mistress he even visited the next day after his wife had a kidney transplant. No Eul asked again Choi Hyun Joon to reveal the truth about her father’s killed, but Choi Hyun Joon refused.

No Eul is on her way to the broadcasting channel to give them all the information she had against Choi Hyun Joon. Unfortunately Joon Young can’t let No Eul ruin his father. He barrowed a scooter and took No Eul’s bag, in which she had all the evidences against Choi Hyun Joon. While No Eul was running after Joon Young, she was involved in a car accident.

No Eul was taken in critical condition at the hospital where the doctors struggled to save her life.

There was another person who saw everything. That person was Ji Tae, Choi Hyun Joon’s son. Ji Tae heard a conversation between his father and the congressman whose daughter killed No Eul’s father. When he heard that conversation, Ji Tae found out that his father covered for No Eul’s father’s killer. Now the congressman is forcing Choi Hyun Joon to marry Ji Tae with his daughter.

Joon Young:”Please let Eul live! If you let her live I will give up the rest of my life.”

Back on present days, Joon Young finds No Eul on the bridge. Afraid that she will really commit suicide, Joon Young accepted to film the documentary.

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