“Swimming Battle” ep 2 ~ Ah Fei:”I’m here with you! Don’t be afraid.”

Ah Fei started to train the high school’s swimming team. He found the fourth member and convinced him to return to the team. But there is someone that doesn’t want the swimming team to train and put paint in the pool. After the students cleaned the swimming pool, the principal refused to pay for the water refilling. Still Ah Fei won’t let the children stop their dream and paid for everything.

Episode 2

Ah Fei jumped off a cliff into the ocean to look for his new swimming team former medal. The medal is the last medal the high school won, about 5 years ago. Everyone search for Ah Fei, worried that he’s been under water for too long. Luckily, Ah Fei came out with the medal. While he was changing his clothes, Ah Fei sees that Yu Die scratched her arm and puts medicine on her wound.

Yu Die:”Why is there a strange familiarity towards Ah Fei?”

It’s time for Ah Fei to see how good the three members of the swimming team are. He watches them swim and decided what they should do next. First he needs to find the 4th member, Yi Lei, and convince him to come and practice.  Ah Fei and Yu Die found Yi Lei playing basketball. He recently transferred to this high school and has no friends. Also he seems to push everyone else away.

Yi Lei:”Nobody can force me to do something I don’t want to do.”

Ah Fei:”Nobody can make me give up on the things that I want to do.”

Ah Fei proposed Yi Lei a deal. If Yi Lei will be able to take the basketball away from Ah Fei than Ah Fei won’t insist for Yi Lei to return at the swimming team. Everything was going well until Yu Die distracted Ah Fei. In that moment Yi Lei took the ball.

Later Yu Die introduced Ah Fei to her friend Pan Duo La so that Pan Duo La could read the tarot card for him and see if he will find the 533 girl. Pan Duo La read the card, but then started to push Ah Fei and Yu Die to become a couple. After their meeting with Pan Duo La, Ah Fei sends Yu Die home. His assistant came looking for him and Yu Die can’t discover his true identity. Yu Die left and Ah Fei got into his car. But Yu Die forgot something and returned. She sees Ah Fei with his friend in an expensive car. Both Ah Fei and Ah Lou come out of the car and Ah Fei introduced Ah Lou as his boss, the president of Hai Da Enterprise.

Early in the morning Yu Die went to Ah Fei’s house with breakfast. She is afraid that Ah Fei doesn’t eat properly so she will take care of him. There they talked about the 533 girl.

Ah Fei did a background check on Yi Lei and found out that he is the son that the president of a big company had with his mistress. Yi Lei is his illegitimate son. Because the president’s legal daughter transferred to Yi Lei’s former high school, Yi Lei had to move from there. Yi Lei is angry with everyone because he is longing for his father’s attention, but never gets it.

Ah Fei:”Swimming is your real stage!”

Yi Lei returned to the swimming team, but he challenged the team captain for a battle. Yi Lei wants Er Tai’s position as team captain. After classes they’ve met at the swimming pool and competed against each other. Er Tai lost the battle, but Yi Lei doesn’t want to be captain. But Er Tai admitted defeat and wants to see how Yi Lei will lead the team as the new captain.

Yi Lei:”I just wanted to prove that I’m better than you.”

That night Ah Fei had dinner at Yu Die’s house with Yu Die, her friends and coach He. After dinner Ah Fei tried to find out what happened with Yu Die that caused her to forget how to swim, but Ke Le doesn’t talk about the past.

In the morning everyone gathered at the school’s pool for practice, but the pool is dirty with paint. Everyone blames Yi Lei for helping his former classmates ruin their pool. They rebel against Yi Lei and ask him to return the captain hat. Yi Lei leaves angry and meet his former classmates from the other high school. Er Tai followed him and got into a fight with the boy form the other high school. Even if Yi Lei defended him, Er Tai doesn’t trust Yi Lei. The one that trusts in Yi Lei is Ah Fei.

Everyone joined forces to clean the pool, but the biggest problem is refilling it. Coach He tried to convince the principle to refill the swimming pool with water, but it was of no use. To save the swimming team, coach He is willing to give up his life savings and treatment money and Pan Duo La can give up half her salary. But Ah Fei can’t let them do that. He went outside and made a phone call. Soon after that pool was filled with water.

They teenagers are all playing the water. The swimming team came out of the water pretending to play and pushed Yu Die into the pool. They’ve made this plan so that Ah Fei would jump in and save Yu Die. The teenagers plan to play cupid between Ah Fei and Yu Die. As the boys planed, Ah Fei jumped into the pool and saved Yu Die.

Ah Fei:”I’m here with you! Don’t be afraid.”

Arrived at the house, Yu Die looks around the year book from the time Ah Fei met the 533 girl at the swimming camp. She is surprised by what she saw.

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