“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 4 ~ Joon Young:” Will you go out with me?”

No Eul is on the bridge and sees Joon Ho and Lee Yoo Bi on a date. She wants to take a picture of them and get some money from it, but Joon Young stopped her. He thought she was going to kill herself and promises her that he will film the documentary. While they were filming the documentary, Joon Young asked No Eul to date him.

Episode 4

No Eul is on the bridge. She looks down and sees Lee Joon Ho of 2PM and Lee Yoo Bi on a date. Thinking that she could get some money out of their date, No Eul bends over to film them. That moment Joon Young sees her and thinks that No Eul is about to jump to commit suicide. He stops her and accepts to film the documentary.

In the past, after he almost caused No Eul to die of a car accident, Joon Young dropped out of law school.

Since Joon Young already accepted to film the documentary, No Eul came at his house all dressed up early in the morning. Her friend didn’t want to let No Eul meet Joon Young looking shabby so she put some makeup, a dress and jewelries on No Eul. Before entering Joon Young’s house, No Eul had a conversation with Na Ri. They were talking about how awful Joon Young’s personality became, but they also talked about him misunderstanding that No Eul was killing herself. From inside the house, Joon Young heard that No Eul never intended to commit suicide and got angry. Joon Young canceled the documentary.

Joon Young opens the door to go walk his dog. In front of the door he sees No Eul. He tells her that he won’t film the documentary because she deceived him and they start to fight. When No Eul tells him that she lost a lot of money because he stopped her from filming Joon Ho and Lee Yoo Bi, Joon Young offered to give her the money. All No Eul has to do is tell him how much because he can give her even a car, a house or a building. During their argument, No Eul hit Joon Young and Joon Young’s dog jumped on her.

The shock caused No Eul to faint. Joon Young took her inside. At first, Joon Young believed that No Eul is pretending to be fainted, but then he sees some rashes on No Eul’s body and calls his doctor. No Eul has a dog allergy and that it why she had rashes and irregular breathing.

While No Eul takes a rest, Joon Young tied his dog outside. Then he returned to look after No Eul. He hears No Eul’s phone ringing and looks who is calling. It was Ji Tae, whom No Eul stored in her phone as  “husband”. After he found out that his father cover up of No Eul’s father’s murdered, Ji Tae pretended to be poor and helped No Eul and No Jik in any way he could do so.

No Eul woke up and she is hungry. While in Joon Young’s kitchen, No Eul asked him to borrow some money. But Joon Young, instead of giving her to money and not see her ever again, called his agency and told them to write a new contract for the documentary and this time to put a cancelation fee. Happy that Joon Young agreed to film the documentary, which means that she has a job, No Eul calls Ji Tae.

Ji Tae can’t let No Eul be close to Joon Young so he tries hard to stop No Eul from doing the documentary. He offered an investment to No Eul’s former boss to rehire her with double the pay, a permanent position and insurance. Still No Eul refused the tempting offer.

Five years ago, the night of No Eul’s accident, Ji Tae saw everything that happened. Ji Tae wanted to know who the man that almost killed his own girlfriend in order to protect Choi Hyun Joon is.  He did a background check of Joon Young and found out that it’s a high possibility that Joon Young is his own step brother.

On the day his documentary should start filming, Joon Young felt like the pain would kill him.  He is already sick and doesn’t have much to live, but no one knows about his illness. He refuses to get cancer treatment and just wants pills for his pain.

The filming crew arrived at Joon Young’s house and they are ready to start the documentary. The story it’s about how precious life is. The producers came up with that idea for Joon Young’s documentary because a lot of people commit suicide. Joon Young’s job is to convince everyone that life in worth living, no matter how hard it is. During the filming, Joon Young asked  No Eul to date him.

Joon Young:” Will you go out with me?”

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