“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 5 ~ No Eul:”I should just marry you!”

Joon Young has a concert after a long time and No Eul comes to film it. He keeps insisting to know who Ji Tae is, if Ji Tae is No Eul’s boyfriend. When No Eul said what relationship she has with Ji Tae, Joon Young confessed that he likes her on the stage, in front of all his fans.

Episode 5

Joon Young accepted to film the documentary. No Eul and the whole team are at his house. In that documentary, Joon Young has to show and tell people how precious life is. He answers No Eul’s questions saying that if he has only a few months to life, he will kill anyone that annoys him, he will go to clubs and flirt with every girl there, he will sleep the whole day without doing  nothing.  After that Joon Young asks No Eul to date him for the next three months.

Joon Young:”Let’s date each other like there’s no tomorrow.”

No Eul surprised everyone and accepted Joon Young’s proposal. Later No Eul met Ji Tae and told him what happened. While being there with Ji Tae, No Eul proposed to him. But Ji Tae can’t marry No Eul. He doesn’t think that he is worthy of No Eul so Ji Tae rejected her proposal.

No Eul:”I should just marry you!”

Disappointed, No Eul left. She forgot her phone and when Joon Young called her, Ji Tae answered. When Ji Tae told Joon Young to stop calling No Eul, Joon Young asked him Ji Tae is No Eul’s husband. That moment No Eul returned and took her phone. But Joon Young was to upset to talk to her.

Arrived home, No Eul finds Joon Young in front of her house. They start bickering and No Eul tells Joon Young that she isn’t married. The news that No Eul isn’t married made Joon Young happy. Then a phone call arrived. The producer of Joon Young’s documentary called No Eul to tell her that Joon Young won’t film the documentary is the production team will fire No Eul. So No Eul wasn’t fired for saying that she will date Joon Young when he proposed.

Joon Young has a concert and he goes to invite his mother. But once again, Joon Young’s mother rejects him coldly. She even said that Joon Young will die waiting for her to come to his concert. When she said those words, Joon Young’s mother didn’t know how right she was about Joon Young dying soon.

Ha Ru, Ji Tae’s younger sister and Choi Hyun Joon’s daughter is the president of Joon Young’s fan club. She came at the concert with her father.

No Eul is also at the concert, filming for the documentary. On a brake, during the concert, No Eul continues to film Joon Young even in the resting room. He looks at her and keeps annoying her mentioning “ her boyfriend” referring to the man who answered her phone the other day. When No Eul couldn’t held it in anymore she answered that the man who answered her phone isn’t her boyfriend.

The second part of the concert began. The lights turn off and a message appeared while Joon Young was singing.

“There is someone I love in this place. I want to confess my love to you today. ”

Suddenly Joon Young gets off the stage. He goes to No Eul and drags her on the stage. In front of all the people that were present at his concert, Joon Young proposed to No Eul and got rejected. Soon after his proposal, the picture with No Eul and Joon Young from high school went viral online.

Since everyone saw No Eul’s face, Joon Young’s fans are writing bad comments about her online. For the first time since he became a celebrity, Joon Young asked his agency to report to the police the people who wrote those comments about No Eul. But the one that has a hard time is No Eul.

No Eul encountered Ha Ru at the bathroom. Ha Ru said only “I hate you!”, then she called No Eul a gold digger. Before leaving, Ha Ru splashed No Eul with water. After Ha Ru left, Ji Tae grabbed No Eul’s hand and dragged her out because a filming crew was filming her. On their way out, Ji Tae and No Eul met Joon Young. Because Joon Young was there a lot of reporters surrounded them. Seeing all those cameras filming him, Ji Tae covered his face and let go of No Eul’s hand. At that moment Joon Young grabbed No Eul and they left together.


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