“Prince Of Wolf” ep 2 ~ Zhe Ming:”I’m the wolf prince!”

Zhe Ming takes Mimi to the wolves secret lake. On their way to the secret lake, Zhe Ming and Mimi met two hunters. During the fighting with the hunters, Zhe Ming was shot with a tranquilizer. When Mimi returned for him, Zhe Ming was impressed and happy. At the wolves secret lake, Zhe Ming tasted chocolate for the first time since he got separated from him family. The next day Mimi returned to her house. Because he was missing Mimi too much, Zhe Ming left the wolves mountain and went to town after Mimi.

Episode 2

From staying the rain, Mimi got sick. She has a fever. Zhe Ming and wolf dad took care of her. Also Zhe Ming prepared some medicine from plants for Mimi. After he gave her the medicine, Zhe Ming kissed Mimi, the way he saw humans doing it.  But Mimi pushed him away and tried to explain why those humans that Zhe Ming saw kissing were doing so and why she and Zhe Ming can’t kiss.

Zhe Ming:”I like you very much.”

Mimi prepared breakfast for Zhe Ming. She made a cup of ramen, the first hot dish Zhe Ming had since he got lost at age 6. After breakfast, Zhe Ming took Mimi to the secret place of the wolves she wanted to see.

Zhe Ming:”I’m the wolf prince!”

On their way, Zhe Ming heard the two haunters from the other day. He can’t let the haunters find the wolves or take wolf dad so he fights them. Unfortunately the haunters have weapons and they shot Zhe Ming with tranquilizer.  Then they threw Zhe Ming into a trap they’ve made.

Mimi found Zhe Ming and with his last straight he told her to find wolf dad and tell him about the haunters. The haunters found the wolves den, but Mimi had already got there and announced wolf dad. After telling wolf dad that the haunters were coming, Mimi returned to Zhe Ming.

Zhe Ming:”Thank you for coming back for me and not abandoning me.”

When the tranquilizer effect passed, Zhe Ming took Mimi to the secret lake. There, for the first time, Zhe Ming tasted chocolate. Then he danced in front of a fire…because this days wolves dance in front of a big fire when they find their mate (me being sarcastic here!). After the dance Mimi and Zhe Ming exchanged presents. Zhe Ming gave Mimi his necklace with wolf mom’s tooth while Mimi gave Zhe Ming her watch.  Later Zhe Ming made a flower crown for Mimi.

Zhe Ming:”Mimi, be my mate. I will protect you forever.”

Mimi:”I heard that wolves only have one mate for their entire life.”

It’s time for Mimi to return home. Zhe Min accompanies her, but on their way Mimi fell and hurt her hand. Zhe Ming leaves her there with wolf dad and goes to look for herbal medicine. While Zhe Ming was looking for herbs, Mimi’s friends came looking for her. They saw Mimi with wolf dad and thought that wolf dad was attaching Mimi. When Mimi’s friends wanted to attack wolf dad, Zhe Ming appeared. His eyes turned into wolf eyes again. In the middle of Zhe Ming’s fight with her friend’s, Mimi stops Zhe Ming from hurting her friends. Zhe Ming stopped, but Mimi’s friends keep hitting him and…Mimi doesn’t say a word. She stopped Zhe Ming, but she didn’t stop her friends from hurting Zhe Ming.  When Zhe Ming was already hurt, Mimi finally realized that she has a mouth that she can use! The Mimi returned home with her friends leaving the hurt

 Zhe Mimg behind.

Back at his cave, Zhe Ming is sad. Wolf dad brings him Mimi’s bag and they eat the chocolate from the bag. Looking around the bag Zhe Ming found Mimi’s shampoo and covers himself and wolf dad with that shampoo so that the whole cave will have Mimi’s scent. The next day, wolf dad sent Zhe Ming to town to go find Mimi.

Wolf dad and Zhe Ming went into town. Soon after they arrived, they’ve met Mimi who also was coming to see Zhe Ming.

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