“Swimming Battle” ep 3 ~ Ah Fei:”I won’t let anything like this happen in the future.”

Ah Fei brought new equipment for the high school’s swimming team. While he was demonstrating to the boys who to use the equipment, one of the  mischievous boys asked Yu Die to sit on the equipment. while Ah Fei was demonstrating, Yu Die lost balance and kissed Ah Fei.The following day, Yu Die went to Hai Fei’s house to clean his aquarium. On her way out, Yu Die had an awful encounter with Fiona.

Episode 3

To help Ah Fei find the girl he is looking for, Yu Die looks around her father’s album from the year Ah Fei and 533 met. Yu Die sees a picture missing. A photo was cut out. When her father wakes up, Yu Die asks him and coach He answered that a mischievous child must have played with that album.  In reality the picture that was cut out was Yu Die’s picture. After her mother died, Yu Die lost her memory and used to have nightmares of her mother and lots of water. To protect his daughter from the memory her own brain deleted it, coach He cut Yu Die’s picture.

Coach He:” Mommy is in heaven as an angel.”

In the morning Ah Fei went to have breakfast at Yu Die’s house. There Yu Die gave him the album from the year he met 533. After breakfast both Yu Die and Ah Fei went to school to train the swimming team. Unfortunately the equipment from the school is too old.

To help the swimming pool train, Yu Die called and reserved a gym. They were there, but as soon as they entered the gym the manager announced Yu Die that another team called so he can’t let Yu Die’s team train there anymore.

Yu Die can’t disappoint her team so she talks to the other team’s coach, the Black Witch. In return of letting Yu Die’s team train for two hours there, the Black With put Yu Die wash the equipments  and clothes her team will use.

When Ah Fei arrived at the gym, he found Yu Die washing the clothes of the other team. He also met Hei Mo Li, the Black Witch. Upset, Ah Fei tries to convince Yu Die to leave, but she doesn’t want to. Since Ah Fei can’t let Yu Die wash the clothes alone, he helped her.

While Ah Fei and Yu Die were washing clothes, the gym manager told the Black Witch that she and her team have to leave. A sponsor called the gym and paid 10 times the amount to rent the gym for Ah Fei’s team. The sponsor is of course Ah Fei. He also called for a team of dietitians.

The boys were checked by the dietitians team, then they start training. There is one more equipment for them to try. Ah Fei demonstrate them how to use the equipment, but the mischievous boys  asked Yu Die to sit on the equipment since it seems to be too light for Ah Fei.  Yu Die sat on the equipment and Ah Fei pulled it. When Ah Fei pulled the equipment, Yu Die lost balance and they kissed. Embarrassed Yu Die leaves.

At the gym, Hei Mo Li found out that her team made a bet with Ah Fei’s team and lost.  The loosing team of that bet had to undress themselves in front of the others. After she found out about the bet, Hei Mo Li took her boys to Ah Fei’s school and made her boys undress in front of everyone. To wash the humiliation, Hei Mo Li made another bet with Ah Fei. She wants her team and Ah Fei’s team to have a swimming battle and the loser team will quit the swimming competition that will be in two months. Ah Fei accepted the bet.

In the morning Yu Die went to Ah Fei’s house to clean his aquarium, without knowing that the big mansion is Ah Fei’s. She sees Ah Fei with Ah Luo whom she met as Ah Fei’s boss. After they’ve lied Yu Die about why was Ah Luo acting as if Ah Fei was the president of Haida Enterprise, Ah Fei left to train the swimming team.

On her way out, Yu Die met Fiona. The moment Yu Die was coming out, Fiona saw her necklace. Angry, Fiona takes Yu Die necklace and goes to check if it’s not the same necklace Hai Fei has.

Ah Fei sees Yu Die crying, but doesn’t understand the reason of her tears until he arrived home. As soon as Ah Fei entered his house, Ah Luo told him about Yu Die’s encounter with Fiona. Realizing why Yu Die was crying, Ah Fei goes to Yu Die wearing the same necklace she gave him as children. He hugs her and apologizes for Fiona’s behavior.

Ah Fei:”I won’t let anything like this happen in the future.”

When she sees Ah Fei wearing a necklace identical with hers, Yu Die is shocked.

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