“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 6 ~ Joon Young:”Get out of my sight.”

At his concert Joon Young confessed to Eul. After the concert they’ve left together. Arrived at the seaside, Eul buys some alcohol and gets drunk. Then she calls Ji Tae. Upset, Joon Young takes Eul’s phone away. That night Eul drink so much that she got sick so Joon Young had a hard time taking care of her. In the morning, when Eul woke up Joon Young wasn’t there. She returned to Seoul, but Joon Young is nowhere to be found. Worried she goes to search for Joon Young,  but when she found him, Joon Young is cold towards her and pushes her away.

Episode 6

At his concert, Joon Young confessed to Eul. After that Eul was followed by fans and journalists who were calling her a gold digger. Ji Tae who was also there grabbed Eul’s hand and took her away, but on their way out, Ji Tae and Eul encountered Joon Young. Afraid that the journalists will take his picture, Ji Tae let go on Eul’s hand. Then Joon Young grabbed Eul’s hand and drove away.

Joon Young:”I don’t plan to stop.”

Eul:”Die alone if you want to die.”

Arrived at their destination, the point where they couldn’t drive anymore, Eul brought some alcohol because Ji Tae disappointed her. Meantime Jik, Eul’s brother, was calling her desperate. Because Eul wasn’t answering her phone and because Joon Young’s fans were crushing Eul online, Jik called Ha Ru and threatened her.

Jik:”You better watch out in the dark.”

No Eul got drunk. She borrowed Joon Young’s phone and called Ji Tae to beg him to date her. Joon Young can’t watch Eul making a fool of herself and grabs the phone. Because Eul was insisting to get back the phone and talk to Ji Tae, Joon Young threw the phone into the ocean.  At the time Eul called him, Ji Tae was with his father. After what happened to the concert, Ji Tae talked with his father whom he told that his friend and his friend’s younger brother were in love with the same girl. Choi Hyun Joon didn’t understood that the friend Ji Tae was talking was himself and the younger brother was Joon Young. But because of what Choi Hyun Joon did when he covered for Eul’s father’s hit-and-run accident, Ji Tae can’t be with Eul.

In the morning Eul wakes up and notices that she is wearing a grandmother’s clothes. She goes out and sees her clothes wet. The grandmother where she spend the night at told Eul that she entered the ocean after she got drunk and she got drenched. When Joon Young got her out from the water, Eul threw up on him. Arrived at the grandmother’s house, Joon Young, who had said that he and Eul are married, had to change Eul’s clothes and take care of her the whole night.

Grandmother:”Your husband had a horrible time helping you change.”

On her way back to Seoul, Eul remembers who Joon Young took care of her the night before while she was calling Ji Tae, whom she things it’s called Lee Hyun Woo.

Joon Young is nowhere to be found so his manager keeps calling Eul. But she doesn’t know where Joon Young is either. Every time Joon Young’s manager calls her, Eul remembers parts of the night before. She remembers Joon Young washing her clothes in the cold and confessing to her in the middle of the night.

Eul takes a taxi and goes to search for Joon Young. She goes to the grandmother’s house and in the room that she stayed the night she got drunk, Eul remembers that Joon Young kept looking at the picture of an island near.  She takes a boat and goes on that island.

Eul looks everywhere on the island for Joon Young, but she can’t find him. When she had lost hope, Eul finally had found Joon Young. She goes over, but Joon Young is cold towards her and asks her to disappear .

Joon Young:”Get out of my sight.”

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