“Prince Of Wolf” ep 3 ~ Zhe Ming:”I missed you!”

Zhe Ming misses Mimi so much that he takes everything he owns and wolf dad and goes to search for Mimi in town. They’ve met and Mimi took Zhe Ming home. Hearing Zhe Ming’s story of being abandoned on wolf mountain as child, Mimi’s parents accepted Zhe Ming in their family with open arms. Since Zhe Ming came to town, Mimi tries to find his family and calls Zhe Ming’s uncle, Du Qi Hong…the same man that abandoned Zhe Ming.

Episode 3

Mimi returned to town, but Zhe Ming misses her so much that wolf dad encouraged him to go look for Mimi. As soon as Zhe Ming arrived to town he met Mimi who was running towards the wolf mountain to find Zhe Ming.

Zhe Ming:”I missed you!”

Because Zhe Ming wants to stay in town with Mimi, she took him home. At the house, Mimi’s family was scared of wolf dad. But after hearing Zhe Ming’s story and that he saved their daughter, Mimi’s parents felt that they should let Zhe Ming and wolf dad stay with them.

Mimi’s father washes his car. Zhe Ming, who is like a kid, goes over to help him. While washing the car, Zhe Ming plays with the foam and the water. After he got wet from playing with the water, Zhe Ming takes his shirt off and starts washing in the middle of the road, in front of all the neighbors.

Zhe Ming needs some personal belongings, like a towel, a toothbrush and clothes so Mimi took him shopping. They took the train and Zhe Ming is extremely happy, he acts like a little child. Arrived at the supermarket Zhe Ming sees the way couples act and imitates their behavior. Later Mimi took Zhe Ming to buy clothes and shoes.

Back at the house Mimi’s family has dinner. It’s Zhe Ming’s first dinner in a family since he was abandoned on the wolf mountain. He starts eating the rice and remembers the way his mother was feeding him dinner as child.

After dinner, Zhe Ming has fun with Mimi’s family and drinks beer with Mimi’s father.

Mimi promised Zhe Ming and wolf dad to take them to the wishing tree where they could run freely for a while and also make a wish. On their way Mimi sees her senior and stops the car. She goes out to talk to her senior and she is about to be involved in an accident with some bikers. That moment Mimi’s senior grabs her and pull her over from the bikers way. Seeing Mimi in another man’s arms, Zhe Ming got angry and attacked Hao Wei.

Hao Wei was coming to find Mimi because Mimi’s favorite photographer is in Taiwan. When she heard that news Mimi left with her senior leaving Zhe Ming and wolf dad in the middle of the road.

Zhe Ming sees a little boy being in danger and saves him. Xiao Bao, the little boy Zhe Ming saved, tried to get his kite who got stuck in a tree, but didn’t know how to get down. Earlier, Xiao Bao’s mother saw Zhe Ming attacking Hao Wei so when she saw Zhe Ming near her son she accused Zhe Ming of trying to hurt Xiao Bao. Jiang Ping, another of Mimi’s friends who was returning from his vacation, saw everything.

Zhe Ming returned to Mimi’s car. Jiang Ping followed Zhe Ming until the car where they’ve met Shen Nong, but Zhe Ming refused to get in the car and go home until Mimi returns.

It started to rain, but Zhe Ming doesn’t move until Mimi will come get him. Meantime Mimi wasn’t lucky enough to meet her favorite photographer. Since she didn’t meet her photographer, Mimi went to eat with Hao Wei. On her way home Mimi calls Zhe Ming’s uncle and tells him that she met Zhe Ming on wolf mountain.  The night before Mimi looked up online news about lost children from twenty years ago and she found Zhe Ming’s family. When she mentioned Zhe Ming the uncle lied saying that he already found his nephew. Before ending the conversation, the uncle, Du Qi Hong, asked Mimi where she lives and innocently Mimi gave Qi Hong all the information he needed.

Qi Hong:”Zhe Ming, is that really you?”

Arrived home, Mimi discovered that Zhe Ming is still waiting for her in the rain and goes after him. Back at the house, Mimi and Zhe Ming found Xiao Bao’s parents making a ruckus about Mimi’s family receiving in their house a wild man and a wolf. Of course Mimi’s family lied about having a wolf in their house. Jiang Ping told everyone that Zhe Ming had no intention of hurting anyone, that Zhe Ming only saved Xiao Bao.

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