“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 7 ~ Joon Young:”I love you, Eul!”

Joon Young runs away from Eul. He is afraid that if Eul will show up in front of him, he won’t be able to let her go. But what he want’s can’t be done. Eul keeps appearing in front of him so Joon Young decided to not give up on his love for Eul. At the same time, Ji Tae decided that it’s time to fight for Eul too.

Episode 7

Joon Young wanted to take Eul with him on the island, but the night he took care of her he decided to go alone. He knows that if he will take Eul with him, Joon Young won’t be able to let her leave.

Joon Young:”Don’t ever appear before me. If I ever see you again, I’m going to take you away.”

Joon Young fell asleep on a bench on the island. When he woke up, Eul was in front of him scolding him for disappearing like that and making everyone worry about him. He doesn’t respond back, he just counts in his mind and avoids Eul as much as he can. The only thing Joon Young said Eul was for her to disappear from his sight. Not remembering everything that happened the night she got drunk, Eul believes that she must have made a mistake. She follows Joon Young around apologizing. Still there is no reaction from Joon Young’s side.

The boat came back. Joon Young and Eul took the boat to leave the island. Eul keeps following Joon Young, talking to him and trying to get his attention. Still no reaction from Joon Young! He keeps counting in his mind and avoiding Eul.  To avoid being around Eul, Joon Young took a taxi leaving his car behind.

On his way back to Seoul, Joon Young borrowed the driver’s phone and called him mother. He confessed that he likes Eul more than he thought and at the moment he is running away from Eul. Joon Young isn’t sure of what he will do out of love for Eul so he is running away from her.

Joon Young:”I actually love her a lot.”

When Joon Young arrived home, his pain came back. His head hurt so much that he fainted. When he woke up, Joon Young sees Eul cooking for him.

Joon Young turned off the light saying that if the reporters that are in front of his house will see the light on they will know Joon Young is inside and won’t leave. While the light was on, Eul tries to scare Joon Young , but it was herself that got scared. That moment Joon Young turned on the light revealing Eul that his curtains are light proof.

Joon Young:”I tried my best to run away. You’re the one who decided to stay. “

Eul appeared in front of him every time he run away so Joon Young decided to stop running. He suddenly changed his behavior around Eul and stopped avoiding her. Joon Young takes care of Eul’s burn from when she was cooking and ate all the food Eul cooked for him…even if the food was really salty. At first Joon Young wanted to spit out the salty stake Eul made, but he couldn’t. Salty or not it’s the first dish Eul cooked for him so Joon Young ate it.

Ji Tae found out that Eul is with Joon Young at his house and went to get her. But Joon Young can’t let her go. He turns off the intercom system so Eul won’t know that the reporters already left and went out to talk to Ji Tae.

Joon Young:”I’m not letting Eul go! I plan to keep her.”

While Joon Young was out with Ji Tae, Na Ri called Eul. Joon Young’s agency announced that Joon Young is dating an actress from over a year and Eul was just a tool to avoid that scandal. Upset Eul goes out. Joon Young tries hard to convince Eul that what she heard isn’t true, that he really likes her. But Eul doesn’t believe him. She is sorry for not listening to Jik when Jik tried to warn her not her fall for Joon Young because they live in different world now. Still, Joon Young can’t give up. He kisses Eul!

Joon Young:”I love you, Eul!”

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