“Prince Of Wolf” ep 4 ~ Zhe Ming:”Mommy, I’am Zhe Ming!”

Du Qi Hong comes by the herbal pharmacy and sees Zhe Ming, who is disappointed after seeing that because of him Mimi’s family encounters troubles. Zhe Ming decided to leave the town and return to wolf mountain, but Mimi stopped him. She started teaching Zhe Ming Chinese, English, to play the guitar and use a phone. Zhe Ming even got a job and after saving a family on wolf mountain he is accepted by everyone in town. His job is at his family’s company where Zhe Ming meets his mother, Mandy.

Episode 4

Du Qi Hong came by the herbal pharmacy to check what Mimi said on the phone. He sees a young man coming out of the house and starts thinking about the nephew he abandoned of wolf mountain. Then he hears Mimi calling Zhe Ming and his suspicions grow.

Qi Hong:”Is he really Zhe Ming?”

Since he was accused of harming Hao Wei and Xiao Bao, Zhe Ming is depressed. He wanted to help Xiao Bao and he didn’t want Hao Wei to take Mimi away, but Mimi’s neighbors misunderstood him. Mimi tries to console him. She even brought sparkles to make Zhe Ming feel better.

Zhe Ming can’t continue to create trouble for Mimi and her family so be takes his belongings, everything he owned before coming to town, and wolf dad and returns to wolf mountain. But in the forest Zhe Ming met Mimi. She convinced him to stay.

Mimi:”Stay! Don’t leave!”

Zhe Ming:”I will miss you!”

Back to town Mimi teaches Zhe Ming the Chinese alphabet, she teaches him how to write his name, he gave him an English name “Wolf”, she teaches him English and how to send texts from a phone.  Then Mimi teaches Zhe Ming how to play the guitar and sing.

It’s been almost a month since Zhe Ming and wolf dad moved in with Mimi’s family. He learned a lot and now Zhe Ming wants to work and sustain himself and wolf dad. When Mimi received the news that she can go sign the contract to be the photographer at the company Hao Wei works, she took Zhe Ming as her assistant. The company is called Dushi Corporation, it’s Zhe Ming’s family’s company.

Arrived at the company Zhe Ming and Mimi met Hao Wei. He wasn’t happy with Mimi bringing Zhe Ming to work. He is afraid Zhe Ming could do a mistake, but he had to accept Mimi’s decision. Also Zhe Ming apologized for attacking him few days ago.

Inside the company, the first person Zhe Ming met was the Vice President, his own mother. But Zhe Ming was a little child the last time they’ve met so Zhe Ming and his mother didn’t recognize each other. They also introduced to each other with their English names so this didn’t help either. Both Zhe Ming and Mandy, his mother, have a strange feeling when they’ve met, but neither of them understood that feeling.

Later Hao Wei shows Mimi and Zhe Ming the sports products that Dushi Corporation makes. Zhe Ming shows interest in a tennis racket and a skateboard. Seeing Zhe Ming interest in those products, Hao Wei promised Zhe Ming to teach him how to play tennis and gave Zhe Ming the skateboard as a present. Also Hao Wei apologized to Zhe Ming for hitting him the first dya they’ve met on wolf mountain.

On their way back, Zhe Ming sees a teacher trying to get a child’s balloon from a tree. He runs to help. When Zhe Ming went to help, Mimi tried to stop him and she dropped her phone. Now Mimi needs a new phone so she takes the opportunity and buys Zhe Ming a phone too. The first text Zhe Ming send was to Mimi.

Zhe Ming:”Mimi, I will protect you!”

That night, Mimi’s family celebrate Zhe Ming for getting his first job and assure him of their support in everything he will need. Zhe Ming finally has a family.

After dinner Zhe Ming uses the skateboard Hao Wei gave him and everyone is surprised by how fast Zhe Mig learned to use it. Later Zhe Ming goes to his corner and studies some more. In the morning a villager came running to Mimi’s father. Xiao Bao’s family went to get fruits on the mountain the night before and the rain caught them there. Because they weren’t careful they’ve slipped in the ravine on the wolf mountain. Hearing that, Zhe Ming runs over to help.

When Zhe Ming went down the ravine to get Xiao Bao, Mimi’s mother had a panic attack. She is worried that something could happen to Zhe Ming. But Mimi calms her down saying that Zhe Ming grew up on wolf mountain so he knows that place better than anyone else. Suddenly Zhe Ming came up on the ravine with Xiao Bao hanging on his back. Now everyone in town congratulate and thank Zhe Ming. They bring him presents. The only one who is scolding Zhe Ming for doing something dangerous is Mimi’s mother. She scolds Zhe Ming like she was his real mother.

Mimi finally took Zhe Ming to the wishing tree.

Zhe Ming:”Mommy, I’am Zhe Ming!”

The time Zhe Ming was making a wish, his mother was celebrating his birthday. Zhe Ming’s mother is the only one in his family being sure that Zhe Ming is alive, living a good live somewhere. Suddenly Zhe Ming’s uncle received a phone call from a villager of Mudan village. Qi Hong had paid someone to keep an eye on wolf mountain and call him if there are any news about Zhe Ming. Now old Wang called Qi Hong to tell Qi Hong that he suspects that the young man living with the Tian family is his nephew, Du Zhe Ming.

From the wishing tree, Mimi and Zhe Ming went to the park. There Zhe Ming plays with his skateboard until he learns some tricks. There are some boys playing basketball and the ball reaches Zhe Ming. He takes his skateboard and the ball and shot a pro slam dunk. Some teenager girls filmed everything and posted online where the video became viral.

The video with Zhe Ming arrived in Hao Wei’s hands too who at the meeting with the Du family suggested that the video should be used to promote their products.

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  1. Dee says:

    Hi there! I just discovered your blog and I think it’s great:)
    Would you be open to discussing a potential partnership? I work at Viki, an online video streaming site with several of the shows you’ve written about such as Prince of Wolf and Swimming Battle.
    From my end, I’m happy to share updates on shows you’re interested in and can find on Viki. Also, many times we receive items (posters, photos, notebooks, Viki Pass) that perhaps you’d like to giveaway to your readership during special events.

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