“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 8 ~ Joon Young:”I won’t give up on her even if I die.”

Eul avoids Joon Young, but he won’t give up on her. Since the only person Eul listens too is her brother, Joon Young asked Jik for help. But Jik is upset with Joon Young. Later, Joon Young takes Eul and introduces her to his mother. He is ready to fight for Eul against anyone who opposes.

Episode 8

Jik is at school and everyone thanks him for the food his brother brought the entire school. He is surprised to hear that since Jik doesn’t have a brother or a friend who is rich. But when Jik goes to the teacher’s office he realizes that Joon Young was the one that brought the food for everyone.

Jik doesn’t want to own anything to Joon Young so he asks Joon Young for his bank account number to deposit every month some money for the food that Joon Young brought to the school. Instead of giving Jik his account number, Joon Young confesses that he really likes Eul and asks Jik for help. But Jik isn’t willing to help.

Joon Young:”Jik, I like your sister. Tell her not to run away.”

At the house, Eul is covered with the blanket, thinking about Joon Young’s confession and kiss from the night before. While she was hiding under her blanket someone is at the door. Eul opens and her eyes met Joon Young and Ji Tae. They both came to see her and they’ve met in front of her house. Ji Tae brought Eul some porridge, but Joon Young makes sure that Eul doesn’t eat it.

Eul leaves her house upset leaving the two men alone. Left alone, Joon Young wants to know who Ji Tae is and why he is around Eul. Joon Young noticed that Ji Tae is wearing cheep clothes, but his watch is an expensive brand one.

Joon Young goes to look for Eul. He looks for her at every restaurant near her house until he finally found her. He outside for Eul to finish her food, but Eul tries to avoid him so she stuffs herself with food. Realizing what Eul is doing, Joon Young goes inside, pays for her food and drags her out to a doctor he knows, to help her with her indigestion.

On their way to see the doctor, Eul tells Joon Young to disappear for her site because she likes Ji Tae and will continue to beg him to accept her. But Joon Young doesn’t care. He will continue to appear in front of Eul for the next three or four month and then disappear from her site for good.

Joon Young:”Pride and jealousy? I have no time for that.”

They arrived at the doctor where Joon Young said he will take Eul. The doctor is actually his mother. Joon Young introduced Eul to his mother and his uncle saying that she is the girl he loves.

Joon Young:”She’s the girl I like!”

Eul:”I’m good at knowing where I stand? I’ll do my best to avoid him.”

During their conversation, Young Ok sees that Eul doesn’t feel so well because of her indigestion so she takes care of Eul.  Later, Joon Young tells his mother that he won’t become like his father and won’t let Eul suffer like his mother did.

Joon Young:”I won’t give up on her even if I die.”

That night Eul called Ji Tae to ask him to hold her back. But Ji Tae didn’t come so Eul called Joon Young. With every step Joon Young gets closer to Eul, his pain kicks in stronger, but he doesn’t give up.

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