“Swimming Battle” ep 4 ~ Ah Fei:”I’ve decided to let go of 533.”

Ah Fei shows Yu Die the necklace 533 gave him. Seeing that the two necklaces are identical, Yu Die thinks about her mother and she starts having headaches.

The swimming team continues with their training. To help one of the swimming team members, An Zhuo, surpass his fear, Yu Die asked Ah Fei to teach her how to swim.

Episode 4

Hearing what Fiona did to Yu Die in the afternoon, Ah Fei takes the necklace 533 gave him and goes to Yu Die. He apologizes for Fiona’s behavior and hugs Yu Die. When Yu Die saw Ah Fei’s necklace she is shocked. But when Ah Fei starts asking about her mother, Yu Die starts having a headache. Coach He comes out and seeing the two necklaces sends Ah Fei away. Later Yu Die asks her father about the two necklaces that were supposed to be one and be the only one in the whole world. Since he can’t tell Yu Die the truth, coach He lied saying that Yu Die’s mother saw the necklace in a magazine and made it, maybe another mother made the one Ah Fei has.

Ah Fei is training the boy when Yu Die brings them some food. Yu Die gets near the pool with Ah Fei’s dish when Ah Fei gets out of water. He is so close of her that he nearly kissed her again. When the swimming team made fun of them, Yu Die wants to leave embarrassed, but Ah Fei took her to the office for a lunch meeting.

There are three more days until the battle with the other school, the Marlins. Ah Fei starts training his team by improving their weaknesses. Unfortunately Ah Fei observed that An Zhuo has a fear when jumping into the water. Because there is no time to find a way to free An Zhuo of his fear, Ah Fei wants to bring another student into the team and replace An Zhuo for the first battle. But Yu Die doesn’t agree with Ah Fei’s method.

To help An Zhuo, Ah Fei went to the beach to make wholes. If An Zhuo is afraid to jump into water then maybe he won’t be as scared to jump on sand and hopefully he can strengthen his legs.  The other students jumped to help Ah Fei and give their support to An Zhuo. They are a team so they should support and help each other if they want to win a competition.

The girls, Xiao Mi and Shan Shan, want to help their friends too. To find out more information about the Marlins team, Xiao Mi asked out Ah Lang. Shan Shan was telling Xiao Mi what to do and how to act around Ah Lang to get the information she wanted from him. Of course Er Tai and Yu An couldn’t let the girls go alone so they went to, they hid themselves in case Xiao Mi needed their help .

Ah Lang:”Don’t think of me too much!”

At night, Ah Fei goes to see Ah Luo who brought him new information about the Marlin team. But on his way to see Ah Luo, Ah Fei met coach He who insisted that Yu Die isn’t the girl Ah Fei is looking for. To let coach He be assured that he is not trying to hurt Yu Die, Ah Fei, who understands that coach He is just protecting his daughter, decided to give up on 533.

Ah Fei:”I’ve decided to let go of 533. I know that right now, Yu Die doesn’t have me or our shared past in her memories, but I can start making new memories with her from now on.”

Ah Fei organized that the boys from the swimming team, Yu Die, Xiao Mi, Shan Shan and himself sleep at school to control his team food, sleeping hours and training. In the morning Ke Le came by. Seeing Ah Fei and Yu Dei together, Ke Le begins acting childish and Ah Fei makes fun of him.

Ah Fei changed Yi Lan’s and Er Tai’s positions. During the training Yi Lan gives advices to Er Tai as how to swim better.

An Zhuo’s mother came by the school to see her son and brought some homemade food. But since the competition is the next day, Yu Die can’t let anyone eat anything else except what the dietitians told them.  After his mother left, Yu Die notices that An Zhuo walks strangely. She looks at his leg and realizes that An Zhuo over trained himself and got tendinitis. While Yu Die was scolding him that he trained himself too much and got hurt, An Zhuo got upset with Yu Die for sending his mother back with the dishes she prepared with love.

For the rest of the day Ah Zhuo wasn’t allowed to force his leg so he couldn’t train with the other boys.

Yu Die wants to surpass her fear of water and asks Ah Fei to teach her how to swim. But suddenly An Zhuo’s mother called. An Zhuo plans to give up school and become a fisherman to make money and help his mother. Hearing what An Zhuo plans to do, Yu Die and Ah Fei rushes over to stop An Zhuo.

Yu Die told An Zhuo that she wants to surpass her fear and need his support for that. Ah Fei, Yu Die and An Zhuo return to the pool. Yu Die enters the water, but she is scared. Ah Fei goes in and helps Yu Die.

Ah Fei:”Don’t be scared. I’m here!”

The next day, at the competition against the Marlins swimming team, An Zhuo came to compete.

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