“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 9 ~Joon Young:”You should apologize first.”

Eul decided to give Joon Young a chance and calls him. Excited, Joon Young goes over and makes Eul tell him face-to-face that she accepted having a relationship with him. But to not let Eul get criticized, Joon Young played along with his company decision to let the fan’s know that Joon Young is dating Yoo Na.At an K-pop event, Eul met Ha Ru and Choi Hyun Joon. While they were together, Joon Young came and asked Choi Hyun Joon to apologize to Eul.

Episode 9

Eul wanted Ji Tae to stop her from making a mistake, but Ji Tae didn’t show up. She left. She thinks about everything that Joon Young did and said lately and calls him. But Joon Young can’t believe what he just heard. He pretends that he didn’t hear anything and tells Eul to say it again in his face.

Eul:”I’ve decided to trust you just once!”

Joon Young went to Eul and with every step he was getting closer to her, his pain was coming back. He gets near Eul and hugs her until his pain goes away.

Joon Young:”You’re so adorable!”

Joon Young and Yoo Na are filming a shot about their relationship. To not let Eul be stigmatized and called a gold digger, Joon Young played along with his agency decision and told the public that he is actually dating Yoo Na and used Eul as a shield. At the press conference, Joon Young asked the reporters to stop getting involved in his personal affairs if they still want the celebrity Shin Joon Young.

After Joon Young left the press conference, the reporters forgot about Yoo Na and turned their attention to Eul. They still believe that Joon Young like Eul. But Eul told them that she likes someone else.

Eul:”Shin Joon Young is not my type.”

Later Eul is in her car looking at the news that appeared online about what she said during the press conference. Suddenly Joon Young gets in her car.

Joon Young:”I’ll try to become your type. Everything that happens to me from now is in your hands.”

Ji Tae’s mother met Hyun Gil, her brother-in-law. Hyun Gil is the one that split Hyun Joon and Young Ok and he did that because Eun Soo asked him. For all this years, Hyun Gil blackmailed Eun Soo with telling Hyun Joon that Joon Young is his son and that his been raising Ji Tae, who is the son of another man, if Eun Soo doesn’t give him money.

Ji Tae heard his mother and uncle talking and asked his mother to reveal the truth to Hyun Joon, but Eun Soo refuses. She liked Hyun Joon, she made everything she could to have him and then she turned him into a powerful man.  Still Eun Soo knows that Hyun Joon never forgot about Young Ok and that if Hyun Joon will know the truth, he will leave her and return to Young Ok.

Eun Soo asks Ji Tae to wait three months until Joon Young will be dead to tell Hyun Joon the truth. She is so selfish that she isn’t allowing Hyun Joon to meet his real son and wants Hyun Joon to find out after his real son is already dead. What kind of human is she? Can she even be called a human?

Meantime, Eul continues filming Joon Young’s documentary. She asks him some questions, but he just talks about how he wants Eul to tell him the she loves him. It’s time for Joon Young to return at his photo shot with Yoo Na. Eul gets in her car to return to Seoul when Gook Young comes running. An accident happened at the photo shot, a light stand fell of Joon Young.

Worried sick, Eul gets into Joon Young’s car to be taken to the hospital. On their way, the driver stops the car because he wants a cup of coffee. Eul gets angry at him, she has something to tell Joon Young. Then the driver takes off his glasses and his hat. The driver was Joon Young.

Joon Young:”Were you that worried about me?”

Seeing that Joon Young is fun and made her worry, Eul kicks him and leave. But she fell. Joon Young comes to see if Eul is alright and she notices that Joon Young is actually hurt.

Eul:”You’re my type! I like you!”

Ha Ru sees Jik in his school uniform and realizes that Jik is still a high school student. She goes over to him. Jik was taking care of a stray cat. Because it’s late and he has to go to school, Jik asked Ha Ru to take care of the little cat.

Jik:”Pretty people are usually nice.”

It’s a k-pop event and Ha Ru followed her parents there to see Joon Young. When she got out of her parents car, the cat Ha Ru was taking care of run away. Ha Ru went after it and found the cat with Eul, who came to film Joon Young.  Eul was saying her prayers for her father’s death anniversary and the cat spilled the drink. When Ha Ru came to get the cat, Eul scolded her, but that moment Choi Hyun Joon came.

Eul:”Today’s my father’s memorial day.”

Hearing that its Eul’s father’s memorial’s day, Choi Hyun Joon handed Eul some money to repay for what the cat did. Just then Joon Young came and told Choi Hyun Joon to apologize before giving Eul the money. Of course Choi Hyun Joon didn’t understood that Joon Young wanted him to apologize for covering up for Eul’s father’s killer.

Joon Young:”You should apologize first.”

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