“Prince Of Wolf” ep 5 ~ Qi Hong:”Is this really fate? They are destined to compete with each other.”

Zhe Ming was selected to be the model that the company will use to promote their new products. The first products that will be promoted are the bikes. For the photo shoot, Hao Wei took everyone on a trip. Qi Hong also went. The place where the photo shot team stays is near Qi Hong’s house. He keeps looking at Zhe Ming, remembering the little Zhe Ming and how much he used to love little Zhe Ming.

Episode 5

While being in the park with Mimi, Zhe Ming used the skateboard Hao Wei gave him to make a slam dunk. Some teenage girls filmed everything and posted it online. The video became viral so Hao Wei intends of using Zhe Ming as the company’s model to promote their new products. He showed the video and the pictures Mimi took at the board meeting and told everyone his idea. The only one who didn’t agree was Qi Hong, but because Qi Hong’s father and Mandy agreed Zhe Ming became the model.

The first day of work passed and Hao Wei offered to drive Zhe Ming and Mimi home. He goes to get his car and in the parking lot met Qi Hong, who got angry. Qi Hong told Hao Wei to never call Zhe Ming on his Chinese name at the office. There Zhe Ming should only be called Wolf. Meantime Zhe Ming waits for Mimi to come out. He sees that Mandy lost something and runs after her. Mandy had lost her notebook and inside the notebook it was a picture with Zhe Ming as child. Thankful that Wolf brought her back the picture with her son, Mandy hugged him.

Later, at the house, Zhe Ming talks with Tian dad. He feels strange every time he sees Hao Wei and Mimi together, smiling happily.

Wolf dad misses the mountain and the other wolves. So when Tian dad hurt his ankle, Zhe Ming took wolf dad on the mountain to pick herbs. When they returned, Zhe Ming had a wound on his hand. Upset, Mimi took care of him.

Hao Wei took Zhe Ming, Mimi and Mimi’s friends away of their village to film the photo shot. When they’ve left, Qi Hong came to see them and Zhe Ming recognized him.

Zhe Ming:”I remember you!”

Later, that night, everyone had a barbeque, sitting in front of a fire, drinking and singing. Zhe Ming also sang a song that Mimi thought him. Mimi accompanied him.

Early in the morning, Zhe Ming prepared instant noodles for everyone. Then the photo shot started. The first products they are going to promote is a bike. Mimi filmed a few shots, but Zhe Ming is still nervous. He wants to do a good job, but he doesn’t know how he looks on the camera. But Mimi calmed him.

Mimi:”You are the best. You’re unique!”

Zhe Ming is ready to start again. Suddenly Hao Wei comes with another bike. He wants to race Zhe Ming. They race and stop at the same time, right in front of a lake.

Hao Wei:”Let’s have a race.”

While Hao Wei and Zhe Ming were racing, Qi Hong saw them. That night, Qi Hong bought dinner for everyone.

Qi Hong:”Is this really fate? They are destined to compete with each other.”

Zizi and Mimi are at the hot spring. They talk about love and whom Mimi likes more, Zhe Ming or Hao Wei. Suddenly Zizi feels that she has to remove her contact lens.

Mimi:”Zhe Ming always makes me worry about him a lot.”

While Mimi was alone at the hot spring, Zhe Ming came in. Shen Nong and Shi Chen made fun of Zhe Ming and send him at the women hot spring. Zhe Ming sees Mimi naked, but when she realized that Zhe Ming was inside, Mimi was embarrassed. She enters the hot water and tells Zhe Ming to sit. She tries to explain Zhe Ming why he shouldn’t be there, in the women area, but Zizi comes in. When Zizi came in, Mimi started to feel dizzy.

Zhe Ming and Zizi brought Mimi to her room and Hao Wei came with medicine. It seems like Mimi has some health problems.  Sad that he didn’t took good care of Mimi, Zhe Ming sits alone. Qi Hong sees him. He goes to Zhe Ming and asks Zhe Ming about his family. But Zhe Ming rejects him. To talk more with Zhe Ming, Qi Hong invited Zhe Ming to a few laps with their bikes.  While they were biking, Qi Hong can’t take his eyes off Zhe Ming and an accident happened. Qi Hong fell from his bike and sprained his ankle. Because Qi Hong can’t walk, Zhe Ming carried him back.

The whole time he was on Zhe Ming’s back, Qi Hong thinks about the time Zhe Ming was little and how much he loved Zhe Ming. At that time he was like Zhe Ming’s father, but still he let him on wolf mountain.

Qi Hong:”Zhe Ming, you’re Zhe Ming, right? You’ve grown up!”

Arrived at the hotel, Zhe Ming and Qi Hong met Hao Wei and Mimi. Worried about Qi Hong, Hao Wei took him to the hospital. Zhe Ming and Mimi went too. At the hospital Zhe Ming met again Mimi and his grandfather.

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