“Swimming Battle” ep 5 ~ Fiona:”She is …Hai Fei’s little mermaid?”

The competition between the two schools started and everything went well. After the competition, the Flying Fish swimming team had a barbeque party on the beach. There Ah Fei tries to get close to Yu Die, but Ke Le is always in the way. Luckily Yi Lei helped Ah Fei. That night Ah Fei confessed to Yu Die, but in his confession Ah Fei made the mistake of telling Yu Die that he wants Yu Die to fill in the whole 533 left in his heart.The following days Fiona came by to apologize to Yu Die for accusing Yu Die of stealing the necklace. While being around Yu Die, Fiona saw Ah Fei.

Episode 5

The day of the competition came. An Zhuo decided to stay behind and help his team mates  at the battle against the Marlins swimming team. The Marlins swimming team arrived. They, including their coach, the Black Witch are overconfident that they will win. The Marlins even have their own cheerleaders.

The Flying Fish team has the home advantage so they use their loudest voices to cover for the students that cheer for Marlins. The competition starts. Coach He introduces both teams. The Flying Fish team were confident that they were going to will against the Marlins swimming team until coach He presented the Marlins swimming team. The information Ah Fei had was wrong. The Black Witch didn’t change the positions of her team members. To raise his team moral, Ah Fei told his boys to believe in themselves and in their training from the past few days. All they need to do is swim as best as they can and everything will be fine.

Yu An was the first competition from Flying Fish team to go against the Marlins competitor. For Black Witch’s surprise, Yu An managed to start at the same time as the whistle. That got his team an advantage. The second competitor form the Flying Fish team is An Zhuo. He managed to trust himself and jump into the water without being scared. He also jumped further than he did before.

Ah Fei:”I have confidence in An Zhuo.”

An Zhuo:”I’m going to make it hard for him to win.”

The third competitor is Er Tai. When he flipped, he pushed himself further and closed up to his competitor.  Then is Yi Lei’s turn. It all depends on him.  If he will defeat Ah Lang, than the Flying Fish team will win. The battle is close. Still Ah Lang is about to win. Suddenly Ah Lang’s old injury relapsed and he can’t swim anymore. Yi Lei stops from swimming and turns back to save Ah Lang.

The Black Witch admitted defeat, but that’s not a victory that Ah Fei wanted. The bet is still on and the two swimming teams will compete against each other soon at the mayor’s cup.

To celebrate that the Flying Fish swimming team performed so well, everyone gather at the beach for a barbeque. On the beach, Ah Fei wants to get close to Yu Die and take her on a date. But there are too many people there so he doesn’t have the chance. Luckily for him, Yi Lei realized what Ah Fei was trying to do and helped him.

Yi Lei:” Big bro, you don’t have any chance to ask older sister Yu Die out?”

Yi Lei crates an opportunity to play a game. The two teams Yi Lei proposed are Yi Lei and Er Tai against Ah Fei and Yu Die. But Ke Le gets in the way and offers to play the game instead of Ah Fei. The team formed by Ke Le and Yu Die was about to win, but Yu An made sure they lose.  All of the boys from Flying Fish swimming team want Yu Die and Ah Fei together so they do everything they can to bring the two together as a couple. Because Ke Le took his place in the game, Ah Fei can’t admit defeat and give the day of to his students. They play again and this time Ah Fei formed a team with Yu Die. During the game, Yi Lei pretended to have a cramp and hold Ke Le back while Yu Die and Ah Fei left. When Yu Die realized that they are further away, Ah Fei told her what was going on.

Ah Fei:”I’ve already prepared a celebration for the two of us.”

Ah Fei took Yu Die to the pool. Ah Luo had already prepared everything for Yu Die and Ah Fei’s date. At the pool, Ah Fei asked Yu Die to dance. While they were dancing, Ah Fei starts talking about the story 533 told him when they were little, about the mermaid tears. Hearing that story, Yu Die remembers something. She pushes herself back from Ah Fei, but he pulled Yu Die back to his arms.

Yu Die:”Whenever I’m with you, I have this inexplicable sense of familiarity.”

Everything was going well and Ah Fei starts confessing to Yu Die. Unfortunately Ah Fei made a mistake. During his confession, Ah Fei said that he wishes for Yu Die to fill the whole that 533 left in his heart. Hearing that, Yu Die got upset and left.

The next morning Ah Fei called Yu Die early in the morning and called her out for jogging. After jogging for a while, Yu Die stops and asks Ah Fei if he is making her run to torture her because she rejected his confession. Running is over, now it’s time to pick up trash on the beach. The trash was put on the beach by Ah Luo to create an opportunity for Ah Fei and Yu Die to spend some time together. Ah Luo was also there, pretending to sell sausages on the beach. He had to be there and help Ah Fei in case Ah Fei will make another mistake. While picking up trash, Yu Die and Ah Fei talk about 533. Ah Fei tells Yu Die that he decided to forget about 533 and move on with his life. To prove that he is serious, Ah Fei pretends to throw away the necklace 533 gave him. He was hoping Yu Die would stop him. But she didn’t. Yu Die knew that Ah Fei wouldn’t throw away the necklace. She offered to keep his necklace save for a while.

Fiona came to see Yu Die. She brought a present and came to apologize to Yu Die for her behavior when they saw each other at Ah Fei’s mansion. While the two women were talking about coach Ah Fei, whom Fiona wants to meet, Ah Fei arrived. Luckily Ah Fei realized in time that Fiona was there and managed to run away without being seen.

Yu Die tries on both necklaces when Fiona comes by. While she was talking to Fiona, Yu Die got a phone call. A girl from Haitau school, that likes Yi Lei, is hitting Er Tai with a bat. Yu Die runs over to stop them from fighting and Fiona follows her. While trying to stop the teenagers from fighting, Yu Die got hit and fell unconscious. Fiona is about to run over to help Yu Die when she sees Ah Fei.

Fiona:”She is …Hai Fei’s little mermaid?”

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