“Prince Of Wolf” ep 6 ~ Zhe Ming:”You’re not allowed to avoid me.”

Qi Hong found a way to hide from his father and sister-in-law the fact that Wolf’s name is Zhe Ming. He hired Wolf as an exclusive model for Du Corporation for two years. During those two years no one can know anything about Wolf, he has to remain a mystery so his fans will still be curious about him. Everything was going well,but from the press conference in which Wolf was announced as Du Corporation exclusive model, Mimi started to avoid Zhe Ming. She avoids him in public and she avoids him at home. And after Zhe Ming kissed her, Mimi started to avoid Zhe Ming even more.

Personal thought: Ok now, can anyone explain me why is Mimi acting like that? Personally I don’t understand her behavior. At one moment she gives Zhe Ming the attention he asks for and the next second she is pushing him back. She is acting like a total lunatic… If she is pushing Wolf away because of his fans, why can’t she tell him that and I’m sure Wolf will act accordingly.

Honestly now…Can’t Zhe Ming fall in love with Zi zi? They look better together than Zhe Ming and Mimi.

And… it’s my second drama with Amber An…Don’t like her as an actress…

Episode 6

Qi Hong invited Zhe Ming to bike together. While they were biking, Qi Hong was just looking at Zhe Ming and remembering the little Zhe Ming whom Qi Hong says he adored. Suddenly an accident happened and Zhe Ming carried Qi Hong back. Zhe Ming and Mimi also accompanied Qi Hong and Hao Wei at the hospital. Because his father and Mandy came at the hospital and saw Zhe Ming, Qi Hong is preparing for the time his family will realize who Zhe Ming is. Qi Hong proposed his family to invite Wolf to dinner at their house as a thank you for saving him.

After the photo shot, Zhe Ming received his first paycheck. Now he wants to buy presents for everyone, for his new family.

Days past, Zhe Ming’s picture appeared in a magazine and he became a celebrity. Everyone wants to buy the bike Zhe Ming is using in the photos. Now after Zhe Ming became famous, Qi Hong wants to keep him close to be sure that Zhe Ming won’t surpass him. For that Qi Hong wants the company to sign Zhe Ming as the exclusive model of their company’s products.

Qi Hong:”A hunter must not fear his hunt.”

Zhe Ming is at the tennis court for another photo shot. The new product Zhe Ming is promoting is a tennis racket. Hao Wei comes over and asks Zhe Ming and Mimi to come at the company. In a meeting with Qi Hong, Hao Wei explained Zhe Ming and Mimi that the company wants to sign Zhe Ming as their exclusive model for two years. During that period of time no one can expose Zhe Ming’s identity to the public so Zhe Ming’s fans will continue to be curious about him. For the next two years, Zhe Ming will be only Wolf.

Zhe Ming:”I am Wolf! That won’t change.”

Wolf became a celebrity and is announced as the exclusive model of Du Corporation of a press conference. Leaving the conference, Wolf wants to leave with Mimi, but she doesn’t. There are a lot of Wolf’s fans outside and Mimi wants to keep a distance. But Wolf carried her away to his car. After the press conference, Qi Hong, Hao Wei, Mimi and Wolf went to a restaurant to celebrate. But there Mimi began avoiding Wolf. Even at the house Mimi avoids Zhe Ming.

Zi Zi and Jiang Ping noticed that Zhe Ming is sitting alone, depressed. They go over to talk to him and Zi Zi stats talking about Zhe Ming’s fans.

Zhe Ming:”Mimi is my mate! She is my love!”

Later Mimi came to Zhe Ming and told him to stop randomly saying that she is his mate. At that moment Zhe Ming saw that Mimi isn’t wearing the necklace with wolf mom tooth that he gave her.

Wolf is filming his first commercial, but he refuses to let the makeup artist do his makeup. The makeup artist is a girl and Zhe Ming doesn’t want other girls so close to him. Because Zhe Ming is stubborn about what he wants, Mimi does Zhe Ming’s makeup.

After the shooting, Zhe Ming looks for Mimi. He finds her smiling happily with Hao Wei. When Mimi saw Zhe Ming she turned to be cold with him again. Earlier the makeup artist thought that Mimi was Zhe Ming’s girlfriend so now Mimi is once again pushing Zhe Ming away.

Back at the house, Zhe Ming is sitting depressed again. He realized that Mimi is avoiding him. Jiang Ping saw him and came over. Understanding what Zhe Ming’s problem is, Jiang Ping let Zhe Ming watch an idol love drama. While Zhe Ming was watching the drama, Mimi came home. She is curious what Zhe Ming is looking at, but Zhe Ming doesn’t let her see. At some point Mimi was about to see what Zhe Ming was looking at, but Zhe Ming stopped her, he covered his eyes and closed the laptop. Since he was so close to Mimi, Zhe Ming kissed her and this time Mimi responded. She didn’t push him back like she did on the mountain. Embarrassed Mimi ran to her room.

The next day, Mimi keeps avoiding Zhe Ming. She goes to her school reunion leaving Jiang Ping to accompany Zhe Ming for his photo shot. After the shooting, Jiang Ping told Zhe Ming were the school reunion is. Zhe Ming ran away to get rid of his bodyguards and went to Mimi’s school reunion.

When Mimi saw Zhe Ming, she made signs for him to not get close to her. But Zhe Ming didn’t listen. When he came in, Zhe Ming saw Lucy, a former classmate of Mimi, spilling a glass of wine on Mimi. He got close and, angry, Zhe Ming told Lucy to that she is isn’t allowed to bully Mimi ever again.

Even at the school reunion, Mimi tries to avoid Zhe Ming, but he grabbed her hand and took her out. They fought on their way out and Zhe Ming doesn’t understand why is Mimi pushing him away when she is the one that asked him to stay.

Zhe Ming:”You’re not allowed to avoid me.”

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