“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 11 ~ Joon Young:”Who’s the real criminal that Choi Hyun Joon tried to cover?”

Eul was arrested for attempt of murder against Choi Hyun Joon. She is in jail and no one is there to help her. She is waiting for Joon Young, but he doesn’t come. Joon Young is locked in his room. He called his mother for help. To convince his mother to help him, Joon Young told Young Ok everything that happened, how Choi Hyun Joon covered for Eul’s father’s killer and how he, Joon Young, almost killed Eul in order to save Choi Hyun Joon.When he finally came out of his room, Joon Young went to see Choi Hyun Joon and threatened him. As a result of Joon Young’s threat, Eul was released from prison. But on her way home, Eul met Eun Soo who threatened Eul with killing Jik is Eul doesn’t disappear. Eul got everything packed and is about to leave when Ji Tae stops her. Meantime Joon Young went to see the lawyer who was in charge of Eul’s father’s accident, the only person who knows who the killer is.

Episode 11

Joon Young is sick, but still he wants to go to Eul. Unfortunately he is locked in his room and can’t leave. As a last resort, Joon Young calls his mother for help. She comes over, but she doesn’t let his go either.  Because Young Ok doesn’t help him leave, Joon Young accuses his mother for everything that happened. If she wouldn’t have left Choi Hyun Joon, then maybe Choi Hyun Joon wouldn’t have fallen into corruption.

Eul is in her cell. She hears Joon Young’s voice and looks up. He was there!

Eul:”I wanted so much for you! I wasn’t trying to kill Choi Hyun Joon.”

Joon Young:”We have a trip to go on.”

The left together on the beach where Joon Young was comforting her, hugging her and no one could hurt her.  But unfortunately that trip was all a dream. Eul is still in jail and Joon Young is still captive in his own house.  He doesn’t eat, he just looks on the window…

Na Ri and Jik came by the police station to see Eul. Jik is upset with both Joon Young and Ji Tae for not appearing to help Eul. But Eul pretends to be fine, she makes jokes and laughs as much as she can to not let Jik worry about her.

Ji Tae went to Choi Hyun Joon’s office and asked his father to let go of Eul. But Choi Hyun Joon refused. Instead of helping Eul, Choi Hyun Joon told Ji Tae to help her or shut up forever. The way Ji Tae can help Eul, in Choi Hyun Joon’s vision, is revealing to the whole world that Choi Hyun Joon covered up for Eul’s father’s hit-and-run accident and also to reveal that his own mother ruined Eul’s life when Eul found out the illegal things Eun Soo was making.  Of course Ji Tae can’t do that. Ji Tae can’t choose between his parents and Eul.

Since Joon Young said that Choi Hyun Joon is a corrupt man, Young Ok couldn’t focus on her work. She’s been thinking about that until she couldn’t anymore. Young Ok went to Joon Young and asked him to say who told him such horrible lies about an honorable man like Choi Hyun Joon.

Joon Young:”I saw him with my own two eyes!”

No matter what Joon Young tells his mother, she still defends Choi Hyun Joon. So Joon Young has no other way but to tell his mother that Choi Hyun Joon covered up for Eul’s father’s killer. Choi Hyun Joon did that for his own success.  Even after she heard the truth, Young Ok doesn’t believe that Choi Hyun Joon isn’t the honorable man she loved when she was young. So now she blames Eul for everything.

Young Ok:”He is the most fabulous, the most wonderful and the nicest man I know in this world. He is someone you can’t even dare to compare to. “

Because his mother is still insisting to defend Choi Hyun Joon and believe that he is an honorable man, Joon Young revealed his mother the reason he quit school and became a celebrity.

Joon Young:”I almost killed Eul!”

Finally everyone understands Joon Young and lets him out of his room.

The first stop Joon Young made after coming out of his house was Choi Hyun Joon’s house. Eun Soo, of course tried to stop the meeting between father and son, but it was in vain.

When they were left alone, Joon Young asked Choi Hyun Joon why he changed his mind and press charges against Eul. At first Choi Hyun Joon declared that it was an accident because Eul was an inexperienced driver. A week later, Eul was arrested for attempt of murder.

Joon Young:”If I was her I would’ve never made that turn. I hope to never see you again!”

Choi Hyun Joon:”I do feel a certain fondness towards you.”

Choi Hyun Joon refused to help Eul. Disappointed, Joon Young leaves. Before leaving, Joon Young left Choi Hyun Joon and USB with evidences against himself, against Choi Hyun Joon.

On his way out, Joon Young met Ji Tae, whom Joon Young told that he came to threaten Choi Hyun Joon.  From Choi Hyun Joon’s house, Joon Young went to the police station to see Eul. But when he arrived there, Joon Young received a phone call from Ji Tae who told Joon Young that he knows that Joon Young almost killed Eul five years ago to save Choi Hyun Joon.

Ji Tae:”You don’t have the rights to be happy with her either, because, like me, you’re also Choi Hyun Joon’s son.”

Joon Young’s threats paid off and Eul was released. Meantime Jik is on his way to pick up Eul from the police station. A car suddenly, was about to hit him. In that car it was Eun Soo. She intentionally told her driver to scare Jik. It was her way of threatening Eul. When Eun Soo took Jik to his sister, Eul and Na Ri recognized Eun Soo immediately. After Eun Soo threatened Eul with killing Jik, scared, Eul went to see Joon Young. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to. In front of Joon Young’s house Eul met CEO Namgoong. He lied Eul that Joon Young doesn’t want to see her ever again.

Na Ri called Joon Young and told him about Eul’s encounter with Eun Soo. Angry, Jon Young went to see Ji Tae.  The next day Eul packed up, took Jik and is on her way to the airport. She plans to leave the country and start a new life. Ji Tae arrived in time to stop her. Meantime, Joon Young met the lawyer that was in charge of Eul’s father’s accident.

Joon Young:”Who’s the real criminal that Choi Hyun Joon tried to cover?”

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