“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 12 ~ Joon Young:”I’m the psychopath!”

Since he was little, Joon Young had a dream of living with his loved one in a picturesque place. Now he changed that dream! He will use the remaining time of his live to give Eul a new life. For that, Joon Young does everything he can to find out who Eul’s father’s real killer is. He found out and got around Jeong Eun. Meantime Eul found out that Ji Tae is Choi Hyun Joon’s and Eun Soo’s son. She decided that the best way to get revenge on the two people that ruined her life is to date their son, Ji Tae.

Episode 12

Joon Young had a dream. His dream was to live in a picturesque place with the person his loves for 100 years. Now his dream changed. He won’t live in a picturesque place with the woman he loves for the rest of his life, he will reveal the truth and let Eul start a new life.

While Joon Young was following the lawyer that was in charge of Eul’s father’s accident, Ji Tae stopped Eul and Jik from leaving the country. Eul can’t lose Jik too. It’s more than enough that she lost her father so she gave in to Eun Soo’s threats. But Ji Tae can stop Eun Soo and Choi Hyun Joon. He reveals to Eul his true identity, that he is Choi Hyun Joon and Eun Soo’s son.

Ji Tae:”They are my parents!”

The truth shocked Eul. She leaves! She doesn’t want to be around Ji Tae anymore. That day, the moment he revealed Eul the truth, Ji Tae was supposed to be at his engagement party.

Joon Young keeps following the former prosecutor around. It was the former prosecutor’s sick daughter’s birthday and Joon Young went to the hospital. He told little sick Bo Ram how honorable her father his and made the other sick children envied Bo Ram. Later Joon Young keeps asking the former prosecutor for whom Choi Hyun Joon covered.  Joon Young even revealed the former prosecutor that he is sick and doesn’t have much to live and that he is Choi Hyun Joon’s son.

Joon Young:”Congressman Choi is my father and No Jang Soo, the victim of the hit-and-run accident, in the father of the woman I love.”

Thinking that Choi Hyun Joon and his wife send Ji Tae to spy her all this years, Eul went to their house. But no one was there so she screamed her pain out at the door until she fainted. That moment Ji Tae arrived home. He took Eul with him before someone could see her. When Eul came to her senses she realized that the only way she has to back Choi Hyun Joon and his wife and to make them feel devastated is to date Ji Tae.

Eul:”Let’s date!”

Jeong Eun is devastated after being humiliated because Ji Tae didn’t come at their engagement party. She goes to a bar and drinks until she got drunk.  She vents her anger on everyone and everything around her, including the dress she was wearing at the engagement party. Drunk, Jeong Eun fell into the pool. Out of nowhere Joon Young should up and saved her. He knows now that Jeong Eun is Eul’s father’s killed. Joon Young can’t let Jeong Eun die until she pays for what she did.

Joon Young:”You still have a lot to do. You can’t die without my permission.”

Joon Young is back at filming his documentary, but this time with a new producer. Meantime Eul got a new job. Meantime the people that voted for Congressman Choi Hyun Joon are upset with him. Choi Hyun Joon didn’t protect them as he said he would do during his campaign. He closed the street stalls of a lot of people. Choi Hyun Joon tries to calm to people down using the law , but Ji Tae intervened. Ji Tae decided to fight against his parents and protect Eul, even if that means he will have to ruin his father’s imagine. He is ready to leave his life and do what he wants without pleasing his parents. Ji Tae is ready to leave his house or the company he works for if he has to.

Ji Tae:”I will no longer live my life for you or mum.”

Young Ok cooked something for Joon Young and went over to deliver it. She planned to leave the food at the door and leave. But before she could leave, Choi Hyun Joon arrived and they’ve met.

Jik finished classes and is going home. He sees Na Ri in front of the school. She is afraid that Eun Soo could hurt him so from now on Na Ri will walk Jik home. While they were leaving, Ha Ru arrived. She’s been texting Jik, but he never answered.

Jik:”We aren’t close enough to text each other.”

Seeing Jik holding hands with Na Ri, Ha Ru gets upset. But Na Ri isn’t an easy target. While fighting over Jik, Ha Ru confessed that she like Jik.

Ha Ru:”I like him!”

Eul is at her new job. She is filming actor Seo Yoon Hoo. Because Seo Yoon Hoo is a clean freak, Eul had to overwork herself. She took a bath, she is wearing a dress and high heels. Eul’s shoes hurt her so Ji Tae came to take care of her.

Seo Yoon Hoo is close friends with Jeong Eun. While they were talking, Joon Young showed up. He will appear in the same movie as Seo Yoon Hoo.

Joon Young:”I’m the psychopath!”

While Joon Young and Jeong Eun were talking, Ji Tae appeared. He was carried Eul on his back.

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