“Swimming Battle” ep 6 ~ Yu Die:’’I think…I am 533!”

Er Tai is being expelled from school. In a try to save Er Tai and the swimming team, Ah Fei takes the swimming team to a swimming camp. There the whole swimming team teaches children how to swim. The camp is in the same place Yu Die and Hai Fei met so Hai Fei tries had to make Yu Die remember about their encounter as children. And Yu Die remembered something so she starts having suspicions. Meantime Ah Fei finds a picture of Yu Die and himself as children.

Episode 6

Yu Die tried to stop Er Tai and the girl from Haitau Marlins from fighting and got hit. Ah Fei arrived in time and took her to the hospital. It’s nothing serious, but the doctor wants to keep Yu Die over night in the hospital for observation. At the hospital, Ah Fei heard the doctor that took care of Yu Die talking on the phone with the doctor who operated Yu Die sixteen years ago. Later Ah Fei asked Yu Die about the time she was hospitalized as a child. She doesn’t remember much from that year, she only knows what her father told her. Also all of Yu Die’s memories about her mother are unclear and blurry in her mind. But something doesn’t tie up in Ah Fei’s head. Yu Die believes that she was in the hospital because she had high fever as a child, but the doctor that took care of her sixteen years ago is a psychiatrist.

Even if it wasn’t his fault, Er Tai is expelled from school. The principal insists that he is going according the rules, but he seems to want Er Tai out of the school and the swimming team disbanded. No matter how Pan Duo La and Ah Fei try to help Er Tai, they can’t do anything. Leaving the principal’s office, Ah Fei has an idea that can help Er Tai.

Ah Fei took the swimming team to a summer camp. The camp was at the same place he and Yu Die met as children. The Flying Fish swimming team teach children how to swim in that camp.

Ah Fei takes Yu Die on a walk around the forest. He’s been there with 533 as children and he thinks that if he will show that place to Yu Die then Yu Die’s subconscious will remember. They walk the same path, they tie ribbons on the trees to know the way back as they did when they were children. Then they’ve went to the cabin where they went as children.

As soon as she enters that cabin, Yu Die goes near a drawer. She looks inside and has the impression that something crafted should be there. And she is right. 533 found a wooden dock inside that drawer when she came with Hai Fei as children. Only Hai Fei and 533 know about that wooden dock.

Ah Fei:”You are 533!”

Yu Die:’’I think…I am 533!”

Yu Die jocks around telling Ah Fei that she believes to be 533. But Ah Fei gets upset. Nothing he does can make Yu Die remember him.

That night, Yu Die calls her father and tells him where they are. Hearing the name of the resort Yu Die is, coach He gets sick. He can’t believe that Yu Die is at the camp where she and Ah Fei met as children .That moment Ke Le came by.

The next day, Yu Die began learning how to swim together with the children. She even swam faster than one children and that made her extremely happy.

Yu Die is using the 533 locker. While they were talking about 533, Ah Fei hands over to Yu Die and apple, saying the same words 533 told him when they were children.

Ah Fie:”It’s important to replenish your energy after you swim. Eat it!”

Yu Die begins having a memory of 533. But at that moment, while Yu Die was remembering that she is 533, Ke Le came running. Coach He was hospitalized and Yu Die has to return home.

After seeing that her father is alright Yu Die went to buy some necessities for him. While buying apples, Yu Die keeps thinking about the memory of 533 she had earlier.

Yu Die:”If I’m 533, then I should know how to swim.”

Meantime the summer camp is finished. While the swimming team was handing the children a test, Ah Fei received a present from the administrator. Actually he received two presents. One was a certificate in which the camp was asking the school the recognize the Flying Fish swimming team teenagers merits for helping the children at the camp. The second present was a picture with Gao Hai Fei and He Yu Die from when they were children.

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