“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 13 ~ Joon Young:”Do you want to sleep with me?”

Joon Young keeps getting near Jeong Eun and avoiding Eul. But Eul follows him around, not believing that he doesn’t like her back. When Eul was fired and insulted, Joon Young didn’t do anything. He didn’t defend her. He just stood there and watched. But later Joon Young beat up the one that insulted Eul.

Episode 13

Jeong Eun hit a man with her car and went to Hawaii. She was getting tanned, she was having fun with her friends and she was celebrating. Meantime Eul was taking care of her father until he died and was looking for a witness. But got nothing! Now, years later, Joon Young found out the truth. He discovered that Jeong Eun is the one that killed Eul’s father, but there is no chance to get Jeong Eun arrested. All evidences against Jeong Eun disappeared. Still Joon Young can’t die without leaving Eul with a new life. Because of that, Joon Young gets involved in everything Jeong Eun is involved in, including the new film she is investing in.

There are only 45 days until the statute of limitation expires in Eul’s father’s case so Joon Young appeared in front of Jeong Eun. While they were talking, Ji Tae carried Eul on his back showed up. Eul approaches Joon Young, but he treats her coldly and leaves.

Eul:”You ignored my texts and calls.”

Upset, Eul went to a karaoke room with one of her coworkers. Meantime Joon Young and Ji Tae went to drink together. But Ji Tae doesn’t let Joon Young drink. Ji Tae reveals Joon Young that he knows about Joon Young’s disease. He also asks Joon Young to stop confusing Eul by appearing in front of her.

Ji Tae:”I will look out for Eul! You should take care of yourself.”

At the karaoke room, Eul sees some men bulling Man Ok. She doesn’t want to intervene, but she ends up helping Man Ok.

Joon Young sees Gook Young, Man Ok and Eul fighting the men that were bullying Man Ok and stops them. Then he leaves, but Eul follows him out. She shows Joon Young her wounds and pretended to be more hurt than she actually is. But Joon Young was cold towards her and left.

Eul:’’I got hurt!”

The next morning, Joon Young went jogging. Unfortunately his disease kicked in. Joon Young’s condition is getting worse. He no longer has just pain. While he was jogging, Joon Young fell. He got up, but he can’t seem to be able to touch his bottle of water and he also has blurry vision.

Eul goes out and sees Joon Young. She went to him.

Eul:”People say that you’re avoiding me because you’re afraid.”

Meantime Choi Hyun Joon and Young Ok can’t seem to forget their encounter. That day, Young Ok introduced Jang Jung Sik as her husband and Joon Young’s father. Choi Hyun Joon didn’t liked the idea that Young Ok got married with another man and had a son….But why is he so upset? He also got married and had children so why would Young Ok spend her entire life waiting for a long lost love? Well…she did spend her life waiting for a love that was long gone…like a fool…

Young Ok:”This is my husband! Joon Young is our son!”

Ha Ru met with Jik’s friends and bribed them to tell her everything about Jik. But Jik came and got angry at her. Wanting to get Jik’s attention, Ha Ru pretends that she lost her memory and doesn’t remember who she is or what her name is. But Na Ri can read what Ha Ru is doing. Na Ri tells Jik that Ha Ru is acting like that because Ha Ru likes him.

Joon Young comes to the filming set and sees Yoon Hoo scolding and insulting Eul. But he doesn’t do anything and he doesn’t let Gook Young help Eul either. Eul was scolded for defending Man Ok and still Joon Young let her get fired. Because of that Gook Young quit his job as Joon Young’s manager and went home.

The shooting started. Joon Young and Yoon Hoo are saying their lines. Taking advantage that he is playing the role of a psychopath, Joon Young beats up Yoon Hoo for the way Yoon Hoo treated Eul earlier.

Jeong Eun is trying hard to convince Joon Young to apologize to Yoon Hoo for beating him up. That film it’s her first project after becoming team leader so she can’t let it be annulled. But Joon Young refuses. He prefers to be sued by Yoon Hoo than apologize.

Joon Young:”I hit someone. I should pay for what I did.”

Even if he was refusing to apologize, Joon Young visited Yoon Hoo in the hospital and apologized. But Yoon Hoo refuses to forgive Joon Young if Joon Young won’t kneel before him. And Joon Young kneeled and apologized.

Joon Young returns to his room. In front of his room, Eul was waiting for him. She knows for sure that Joon Young beat Yoon Hoo to defeat her. She follows Joon Young to his room and insists for him to admit that he hit Yoon Hoo for her. Instead, Joon Young pushes Eul to the bed and asks her to sleep with him.

Joon Young:”Do you want to sleep with me?”

Personal thought: I understand that Joon Young is trying hard to help Eul reveal the truth about her father’s killer, but why is he pushing her away? He is the one that got close to Eul and confused her, made her fall in love with him….without thinking that he will soon die and she will remain alone, abandoned and suffering after the man she loved, but couldn’t spend her life with.

On the other hand when in the world did Ha Ru started to like Jik? Did I miss anything? I’m sure I saw every episode and still don’t know when it started. It can be just because Ha Ru saw Jik taking care of a stray cat? Still I would’ve preferred Jik and Ha Ru as the second leads, instead of Jeong Eun and Ji Tae…..

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