“Prince Of Wolf” ep 7 ~ Qi Hong:” Hao Wei is actually your grandson. He is my biological son.”

Mimi is lying unconscious in a hospital bed with high fever. Since what the doctors are doing doesn’t seem to work, Zhe Ming run to the mountain to pick up some herbs. He fed Mimi the herbs and she got better. But on the day Mimi was discharged from the hospital, Zi Zi found out the shocking secret behind her birth. The following day Zhe Ming, Mimi and Hao Wei went to the Du family house. Mandy worked the whole morning cooking for Wolf all the dishes her son loved. While Wolf and Mandy were talking about Mandy’s son, Qi Hong kneel before his father and reveled Hao Wei’s true identity.

Episode 7

Mimi has a high fever and the family rushed her to the hospital. The doctors took care of her, but Mimi is still unconscious and needs to stay in hospital for observation. Zhe Ming blames himself for Mimi’s condition and he isn’t the only one. Zi Zi is so worried about her sister that she blames Zhe Ming. Ever since she was little, Zi Zi saw her house go upside down every time Mimi was sick. When that would happen, Zi Zi saw her mother refusing to cook and her father not smiling. Being a child, Zi Zi used to blame her sister. But one day, when she went to visit her sister in the hospital, Zi Zi realized how lonely Mimi was.

Zhe Ming is so worried about Mimi that he doesn’t move from her side. While holding Mimi’s hand, Zhe Ming remembers that Mimi had fever once when they first met on the Wolf Mountain. At that moment Zhe Ming gave Mimi some herbs and she felt better. Zhe Ming runs to the Wolf Mountain to bring Mimi the herbs again. When he was picking up the herbs for Mimi, Zhe Ming fall and hurt his back and his leg. Still, Mimi’s well being is more important than his own pain so Zhe Ming doesn’t give up.

Back at the hospital, Ze Ming feeds Mimi the herbs he brought. But Zi Zi saw him and got angry. She kicks him out of Mimi’s room. Soon Mimi’s fever went down and Zi Zi feels remorseful fro how she treated Zhe Ming.

Zhe Ming went to work. He is in pain, but refuses to see a doctor. Jiang Ping, who is with him, saw that Zhe Ming is hurt. Meantime at the hospital, Zi Zi hears her parents talking to Mimi’s doctor. The Tian parents were talking about Mimi’s bone marrow transplant. From that discussion, Zi Zi hears her parents saying that she was born to give Mimi a transplant and save her sister.

Zi Zi:”It turns out my birth was for my sister.”

Late in the night, Zhe Ming called Mimi on the rooftop. He prepared a surprise for her and even bought her the musical box she liked the other day.  He wants to get close to her, but Mimi is still rejecting him. She wants to keep a distance between Zhe Ming and herself, but Zhe Ming doesn’t. He hugs her! While hugging Zhe Ming back, Mimi realized that Zhe Ming is hurt.

As a child, Zhe Ming was walking around with his uncle. He sees another child selling flowers and Zhe Ming wants to buy flowers for his mother. Qi Hong gave the money for two bouquets of flowers. The boy selling flowers to make money for his sick mother was Hao Wei. Before leaving Qi Hong met Hao Wei’s mother. Both Qi Hong and Hao Wei’s mother are surprised to see each other. They already knew each other.

Qi Hong:”Hao Wei, it’s not that I won’t acknowledge you, it’s that I don’t have the dignity. Hao Wei, it’s time now to return to your roots.”

Zhe Ming has a shooting, but the female lead didn’t come. To continue with the shooting, Mimi was asked to film as the female lead.

Mimi:”I just wanted to say goodnight.”

In that shooting Mimi and Zhe Ming were playing two people who get closer little by little and fall in love with each other. When the shooting ended, Mimi is still caught in the play of the female in love with Zhe Ming and kisses Zhe Ming.

Zhe Ming and Mimi went on their first date. They went to the movies, were Zhe Ming confessed to Mimi. Then they walked around and visited a place that couples go to. Unfortunately they didn’t realize that someone was taking pictures of them.

Zhe Ming:”In the future I will only kiss Mimi.”

The day Zhe Ming and Mimi have to eat at the Du family’s house has come. Mandy woke up early, went to the marked and cooked all the dishes her son loved. They don’t recognize each other but deep inside Mandy and Wolf know that they are mother and son. After lunch, they all eat desert. While eating his cake, Wolf found out that Mandy has a son. He went to her and asked what it the name of her son. At that moment Qi Hong created a diversion so that Zhe Ming and Mandy won’t know the truth, that they are mother and son.

Qi Hong kneeled in front of his father and revealed Hao Wei’s identity.

Qi Hong:” Hao Wei is actually your grandson. He is my biological son.”

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