“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 14 ~ Jeong Eun:”If you feel that bad, go and kill yourself.”

Joon Young continues with his plan to get close to Jeong Eun and make her pay for killing Eul’s father. And Jeong Eun gets attracted to Joon Young. Meantime Eun Soo called Eul to give Eul’s money to let go of Ji Tae. Eul took the money and went shopping. On her birthday, Jeong Eun called Eul and threatened Eul because Ji Tae didn’t return to her.

Episode 14

Eul found out that Joon Young beat up Yoon Hoo. Thinking that Joon Young hit Yoon Hoo because Yoon Hoo insulted her earlier Eul went to see Joon Young. She keeps following him around saying that she won’t misunderstand whatever Joon Young says or does. Suddenly Joon Young pushes Eul to the bed and asks her if she wants to sleep with him. Joon Young was hopping Eul to run away, but she didn’t.

Eul:”I’m going to stick by your side.”

Joon Young gets up and leaves the room. He calls his mother and asks her for three reasons as to why he can’t date Eul. But Young Ok was too busy to talk to Joon Young at that precise moment.

Joon Young:”I’ll go to Eul!”

The following day, Joon Young gets dressed up. He sits and records himself talking about his disease and the fact that he will die soon.

Eul was called at Jik’s school. Jik told his teacher that he won’t go to college. The teacher thinks is a waste for someone as smart as Jik to not go to college and become a doctor as he wanted. Angry, Eul is scolding Jik, but Jik doesn’t change his mind. After Eul will pay off their debts and they won’t have to fear the loan sharks and they will have a house of their own, then Jik will think about going to college.

Meantime Joon Young is at home with his dog. His blurry vision returned and this doctor called to convince Joon Young to admit himself in a hospital and start his treatment. But Joon Young refused. Soon Jeong Eun came to visit. She received a necklace and believed Joon Young send it because he likes her. But Joon Young assured her that the necklace was sent by the president of his company as an apology for the trouble Joon Young caused. Without knowing Joon Young’s motive to get closer to her, Jeong Eun is starting to fall in love with him.

Eun Soo can’t accept Ji Tae dating Eul and leaving Jeong Eun. She called Eul to her office and offered Eul a lot of money in return of Eul sending Ji Tae back to Jeong Eun. Finding out about the encounter between his mother and Eul, Ji Tae rushed to Eun Soo’s office. He tried to rip the check his mother gave Eul, but Eul stopped him. “I’ll use it well”, Eul said and left.

Ji Tae tried to stop Eul and convince her to return the money. She deserves and apology, not money. But Eul knows who she is fighting with. Eul knows that no matter how much she will fight with Choi Hyun Joon and Eun Soo, she can’t win. She is too small to go against two powerful people like Choi Hyun Joon and Eun Soo. And even if she will fight with them, they can crush her at any moment. So instead of fighting a battle that she can’t possibly win in this life, Eul decided to accept the money and move on with her life.

Eul:”I’ve sold you for a million dollar.”

Before leaving Jeong Eun wants to know what Joon Young’s relationship with Eul is. Jeong Eun has the impression that Eul likes Joon Young. He answered her question. Hearing that Joon Young likes Eul, just like Ji Tae does, Jeong Eun got angry.

Joon Young:”I like her very much.”

Leaving furious, Jeong Eun had a small accident and hurt her ankle. Joon Young took her inside and took care of her.

With the money she got, Eul invited Na Ri shopping. She owns Na Ri a lot and now she wants to buy everything that Na Ri wants. They went to an expensive shop. But when Eul handed the check to the seller, she refused to accept it. At that moment Ji Tae appeared. He offered to pay for what the girl bought. Then he told Eul to not sell him and her own father. If she wants to sell them, she should take everything his parents own.

Because her ankle is hurt, Jeong Eun can’t drive so she asks Joon Young to take her home. On the way, Jeong Eun reveals that she wants to steal Joon Young away from Eul to make her suffer. Jeong Eun wants Eul to suffer the same way she is suffering because Ji Tae doesn’t love her. But Joon Young plays hard to get.

Jeong Eun:”Would you consider seducing me? I want to steal you away from her.”

On his way back home, Joon Young went to Eul. He hit behind a car and hears Eul fighting with Na Ri. Eul brought a lot with the money she received from Eun Soo and Na Ri is upset. Na Ri doesn’t recognizes Eul anymore. Eul sold out the father and Na Ri is disappointed.

After her argument with Na Ri, Eul took her bags and left saying that she will go to a five-star hotel. Joon Young followed her until she fell asleep on the street after getting drunk. He carried her to Na Ri’s home and left. Once again Joon Young has second thoughts about his plans to reveal that Jeong Eun killed Eul’s father. He starts thinking if it won’t be better for him to give up what he is doing and get back with Eul. They could live a happy live until he will die.

Jik and Ha Ru are studying together. Well… actually Jik is studying and he is also teaching Ha Ru. But Ha Ru can’t concentrate. Since Jik is so close, Ha Ru kisses him on the cheek.

Its Jeong Eun’s birthday and she called for Eul. When Eul arrived, Jeong Eun told everyone in the restaurant to leave. She wanted to be alone with Eul. Because Jeong Eun seemed scary, Eul apologized and said that she won’t meet Ji Tae from now on. But on that moment Ji Tae called. Jeong Eun took Eul’s phone and talked with Ji Tae. Jeong Eun threatened with telling Eun Soo that Eul keeps meeting Ji Tae even after receiving the money. Then Jeong Eun went crazy.

Jeong Eun :”You don’t even deserve my jealousy.”

Jeong Eun broke every plate that was on the table. Scared Eul keeps apologizing. But then Jeong Eun gets near her and grabs Eul’s collar.

Jeong Eun:”If you’re that sorry, die. If you feel that bad, go and kill yourself.”

While Jeong Eun was holding Eul’s collar telling Eul to kill herself, Ji Tae arrived. Eul left! On her way out, Eul met Joon Young.


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