“Swimming Battle” ep 7 ~ Ah Fei:”Your smile always fills me with bravery and confidence.’’

Yu Die’s been learning how to swim to trigger her memory since she saw the picture with Ah Fei and herself at the swimming camp. And that helped! Yu Die begone remembering her mother. But she can’t tell anyone that except Ah Fei.

Episode 7

The principal keeps asking for Er Tai’s expulsion papers, but Pan Duo La and Yu Die try to buy as much time as they can. They are waiting for Ah Fei and Er Tai to return with the papers from the camp in which the school was asked to give awards to the swimming team. Those papers are the only once that can stop Er Tai’s expulsion and save the swimming team. Meantime Ah Fei and the teenagers are stuck in traffic. There are twenty minutes until the time limit to help Er Tai and the only way for Er Tai to bring the papers on time is swimming. He gets ready and his friends go with him. When they were in the middle of the bay, the boys from the Marlins swimming team showed up to help the Flying Fish swimming team. After the boys went into the bay, Ah Fei called the Black Witch and asked for her help. Since Er Tai’s problems were created by one of the Marlin’s high school girls, the Black Witch accepted.

On the last second, when the principal was about to stamp Er Tai’s expulsion, Er Tai arrived. He is no longer expelled.

Ah Fei returned and went to Yu Die. Ever since she came back, Yu Die keeps thinking about the blurry memory she had while being on the camp. She remembered her little self eating an apple with a boy in front of the 533 locker. When Ah Fei returned, he showed Yu Die the picture with the two of them. Ah Fei hugged Yu Die and assured her that he will help her find her lost memories.

Yu Die:”I don’t remember you? Gao Hai Fei, I’ m sorry! I forgot you!”

Ah Fei and Yu Die went to the beach to talk about Yu Die’s lost memories. She can’t believe that she knows how to swim, she went to the swimming camp, she met Ah Fei and gave him the necklace her mother made for her, but she can’t remember any of this important thinks. They decide to rely only on the two of them to help Yu Die remember her lost memories. Yu Die realizes that her father and Ke Le are hiding something from her. While Ah Fei encourages Yu Die to remember her past, he doesn’t know the trauma Yu Die went through that made her lose part of her memory.

Ah Fei:”Your smile always fills me with bravery and confidence.’’

Every night, Yu Die meets Ah Fei and learns how to swim. Then they eat apples, reminiscing the past.

Fiona told Ke Le to watch Yu Die and not let her fall for Ah Fei’s trick. In front of Ke Le, Fiona described Ah Fei as a man who conquers women and leaves them. Since Ke Le is in love with Yu Die, he gets scared of losing Yu Die. Ke Le reminds Yu Die that she still has to get the money to pay Ah Fei for coaching the swimming team. For that Ke Le rented a booth at the fish market and together with Yu Die, they sell fish.

For several days Er Tai kept filming in secret Yi Lei, then watching the videos. An Zhou and You Yu saw him and while talking with the girls about what Er Tai does, they arrived at the conclusion that Er Tai must be gay and likes Yi Lei.

Xiao Mi, who likes Yi Lei, is scared that Yi Lei could also like Er Tai. She wants to confess to Yi Lei, but she doesn’t have the courage. Yu Die sees Xiao Mi sad and asks what happened. While the girls were talking and Yu Die was giving Xiao Mi advices, Ah Fei arrived and he was eavesdropping to the girls talk.

Yu Die dreams about Ah Fei teaching her how to swim. Suddenly, in Yu Die’s dream, appears her mother, teaching her younger self to swim. Remembering her mother, Yu Die wakes up. She runs to her father to tell him, but she suddenly remember that Ah Fei told her to not tell coach He when she remembers something. She goes out with her phone and calls Ah Fei. But Ah Fei was outside Yu Die’s house. She runs to his arms. Extremely happy, Yu Die tells Ah Fei what she remembered.

Yu Die:”You’re finally here!”

The next day, Yu Die keeps remembering her lost memories of her mother. Meantime, Ah Fei is smiling happily thinking that soon Yu Die will remember their childhood together and they can start dating, then get married. But why does Yu Die has to remember the time they’ve spend together for them to start dating? Can’t they start dating before that happens?

Yu Die is selling fish again with Ke Le. The people around the fish marked want Ke Le and Yu Die to get married and encouraged Ke Le to propose. He proposed, but Yu Die rejected him. After the proposal, Yu Die saw You Yu carried heavy boxes of fish instead of training. You Yu’s father and some other men went to another village to work for more money so You Yu has to work instead of his father for a while.

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