“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 15 ~ Joon Young:”I’ll accept the punishment!”

After being threatened by Jeong Eun, scared and crying Eul leaves. In front of the elevator she met Joon Young, but he didn’t stop to console her. He went to celebrate Jeong Eun’s birthday. Soon Eul came to Joon Young for a clear break up. As compensation for breaking up, Eul asked Joon Young some money. It was the exact sum of money she spend from the money Eun Soo gave her. Later, Eul returned the money to Eun Soo.

Jeong Eun feels attracted to Joon Young and that is exactly what Joon Young wants. She looks for him and even gives up on her love for Ji Tae. Meantime Eul begins editing the parts of Joon Young’s documentary she filmed and finds out about Joon Young’s disease.

Episode 15

Eul leaves the restaurant where Jeong Eun threatened her. She is waiting for the elevator scared and crying. When the doors opened, Joon Young appeared in front of Eul. He gets off the elevator and she goes in. The doors closed, but suddenly Joon Young stops them and goes in. He holds Eul’s hand. He consoled her and took her to his house. Joon Young cooked for Eul and they started playing….But…it was all a dream. Everything was Eul’s wishful dream. Joon Young never got in the elevator with her and didn’t hold her hand.

Jeong Eun threatened Eul, but she isn’t calm. She keeps telling Ji Tae that she will kill Eul if Ji Tae won’t return to her side. Ji Tae gets serious and reveals Jeong Eun that he knows that she already killed someone because of her immaturity and selfishness.

Jeong Eun:”I’ll make it so she dies by my hand.”

Ji Tae:”Wasn’t enough doing it once? “

While Jeong Eun was with Ji Tae, Joon Young appeared. He made it so Jeong Eun let Ji Tae leave. Then Joon Young celebrated Jeong Eun’s birthday with her. He asked Jeong Eun to seduce him and make his mind be full of Jeong Eun’s thoughts.

Joon Young comes home and sees Eul in front of his gate. He opens the door for her and lets her in. Eul came for a clear break up. She thought hard about what she did that Joon Young wants to break up with her, but she couldn’t find anything. So the reason must be Joon Young. She decided to accept the breaking up and never show up in front of Joon Young. But before that Eul needs some money, it’s the same amount of money Eul spend from the money Ji Tae’s mother gave her.

Joon Young:”I’ll accept the punishment!”

The next day Eul took the whole sum of money Ji Tae’s mother gave Eul and returned it to Eun Soo. From now on Eul decided to move on with her life. She isn’t scared of Eun Soo anymore and she won’t try to get revenge of what Eun Soo did to her. From now on Eul will continue her life without saying a word and if there is God, He will punish the bad people that threatened her, humiliated her and wrongly accused her.

Ji Tae can’t let his parents become even more evil than they are at the moment. For that Ji Tae took the initiative to fight his parents and stop them. The first step is for Ji Tae to take away all the money and power his parents have. He called for an emergency board of directors where the subject was the dismissal of Eun Soo from her chairwoman position. Ji Tae waited for so long, but no director came. No he confirmed how much power his mother has.

Meantime Choi Hyun Joon, who asked his secretary to look into Shin Joon Young’s background, found out that Shin Joon Young doesn’t have a father. He found out that Young Ok gave birth to Joon Young as an unmarried woman.

Jeong Eun came to visit Joon Young with a bottle of expensive wine. But Joon Young lied that he has something to do and will return in 30 minutes. He left and Jeong Eun remained to wait for him at his house.

Jeong Eun’s been waiting for Joon Young to return for hours. When he finally arrived, Jeong Eun was boiling with anger and was drunk. She feels humiliated and doesn’t understand how someone like Joon Young, a lower person than her, can make someone as great as her wait for so long. Seeing Joon Young still ignoring her, even when he finally arrived home, makes Jeong Eun angrier.

When Jeong Eun went crazy, Eun Soo suddenly called her. Jeong Eun is afraid to answer and let Eun Soo know that she is with Shin Joon Young. But Joon Young forced her to talk to Eun Soo. He asked her to leave and together to Eun Soo to make a scheme to hold Ji Tae. Like a fool, Jeong Eun does exactly what Joon Young wants. She answered Eun Soo’s call and gave up on Ji Tae.

Jeong Eun:”I will give up on Ji Tae.”

Since he brought Jeong Eun where he wanted, Joon Young continues with his plan. He rushes over to Jeong Eun and kisses her.

Meantime Eul is editing what she filmed while she was Joon Young’s documentary’s producer. She can’t hear a sound, but soon she is realizes that she can read Joon Young’s lips.

“Right now, I don’t have much time left. I don’t have time left to be right by your side.”

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