“Prince Of Wolf” ep 8 ~ Wolf:”I don’t need a new family.”

Hao Wei is shocked by the news that he is Qi Hong’s son. Mimi and Zhe Ming went after him and consoled him as best as they could. After he calmed down, Hao Wei accepted to enter the Du family and become the successor. Meantime a girl appeared in town. She is little Zhe Ming’s old friend.

Episode 8

Zhe Ming is talking with Mandy about her son. To stop the conversation between mother and son, Qi Hong kneeled before his father and told everyone that Hao Wei is his son. Everyone is shocked by Qi Hong’s confession. But Qi Hong’s father can’t accept Hao Wei because he never liked Hao Wei’s mother since she was from a poor family. Shocked Hao Wei gets up and leaves. Mimi and Zhe Ming follow Hao Wei. When they’ve caught him, Zhe Ming leaves and lets Mimi console Hao Wei.

It’s getting dark and worried about Mimi, Zhe Ming goes to find her. He sees Hao Wei hugging and confessing to Mimi. Zhe Ming sent Mimi home and invited Hao Wei to play basketball together. The two of them had fun playing for a while, which made Hao Wei forget about his problems. Then Hao Wei and Zhe Ming agreed to have a fair battle and let Mimi decide whom she wants.

Hao Wei:”You are my best opponent.”

At the house Mandy tries to convince her father in law to accept Hao Wei as his grandson because is not Hao Wei’s fault that his mother wasn’t rich and also the company needs a successor.

Qi Hong insists for Hao Wei to talk to him. He tries to convince Hao Wei to enter the Du family and prepare to become the successor or he will lose everything to Wolf. Hao Wei doesn’t understand what his love for Mimi has to do with him entering the Du family.

Qi Hong:”Wolf will take everything away from you!”

Zhe Ming is envious of Jiang Ping and Zi Zi, who can go to school. Mimi prepared Zi Zi’s lunch and went at the university with Zhe Ming. She shows him the class she studied in, her desk. They had a picnic in the campus and spend some time like the students that are dating do.  Then Mimi showed Zhe Ming the pool.

When they’ve heard noises, Mimi pulled Zhe Ming to hide. Why? Only Mimi knows why. They weren’t students so why they had to hide? While they were hiding, Mimi and Zhe Ming were locked inside the pool. Thinking that they will spend the night there, Mimi pushed Zhe Ming into the water. But Zhe Ming pulled her too. They pay in the water when they hear the door opening. Zhe Ming kisses Mimi and pulls her into the water.

Chairman Du called Hao Wei and Qi Hong. He is willing to accept Hao Wei as his grandson and his successor. He might not like Hao Wei’s mother, but Hao Wei is a different story. Also chairman Du likes the way Hao Wei works.

Mimi and Zhe Ming were invited to celebrate the fact that Hao Wei accepted be part of the Du family. During the ceremony, while Mimi was taking pictures of chairman Du, Qi Hong and Hao Wei, Mandy remembered Zhe Ming.  Seeing Mandy crying after Zhe Ming, chairman Du asked Wolf to be Mandy’s godson. Unfortunately Zhe Ming refused. He already has afamily, but he will visit often Mandy and chairman Du.

Wolf:”I don’t need a new family.”

A woman just arrived in Mudan. She leaves the station and in front of the Tian family’s herbal store she sensed the smell of a wolf. She looks around and sees wolf dad. She isn’t scared of wolf dad. She talks to wolf dad and gets close to him, using moves that wolf do to become friends. Zhe Ming comes out and sees her with wolf dad. His defensive system is up! He asks the woman how she knows the move that wolfs does. That woman is a photographer. Because of her job she spent a year on a mountain following wolves. At that time she learned a lot about wolves habits.

The woman who knows wolves is Chen Shu Pei. She asked Zhe Ming to be her quid on Wolf Mountain because she had a friend who disappeared there a long time ago. The friend that Shu Pei is talking about is young Zhe Ming. She has a picture with her and little Zhe Ming in her wallet.

Mandy arrived in Mudan. She is desperately looking for someone when she met Wolf. Mandy’s friend’s daughter, Shu Pei, arrived in Mudan. Afraid that Shu Pei would get lost like her son, Mandy asked Wolf to help her find Shu Pei. Luckily they were able to find her.

While Mandy was scolding Shu Pei, Wolf starts laughing. Shu Pei gets near him and during their conversation she told Wolf that Mandy’s son disappeared on wolf mountain.

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