“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 16 ~ Eul:”Is Joon Young really going to die?”

Eul found out about Joon Young’s condition and wants to stay by his side. She insists that Joon Young would start his treatment, but Joon Young refuses. Unfortunately Joon Young’s condition is getting worse. He is starting to lose his memory! Meantime Jeong Eun fell in love with Joon Young and broke up with Ji Tae.

Episode 16

Few days ago Jik was kissed by Ha Ru. He was so surprised that he called her a pervert. Since that day Jik ignored completely Ha Ru. He didn’t answer her calls or her texts. Suddenly he calls her out. Jik likes Ha Ru too, but he doesn’t know how to react. Ha Ru is the first girl that he likes.

Jik wants to date Ha Ru, but he has some conditions. Before Jik finishes high school, Ha Ru isn’t allowed to even hold his hand. Also Ha Ru has to introduce Jik to her family and receive permission for dating.

Joon Young received a phone call from his doctor. He called to announce Joon Young that Eul went to see him. After seeing the videos with Joon Young, Eul went to see the doctor and asked him to tell her everything related to Joon Young’s condition.

Eul:”Is Joon Young really going to die?”

Joon Young goes downstairs and finds Eul inside his house. She wants to continue being by his side. She even told Joon Young that it doesn’t matter for her to see him with other women, but still Joon Young sends her away.

Choi Hyun Joon finally realized that Shin Joon Young is his son. He went to Joon Young’s house. There he met Ji Tae, who told Choi Hyun Joon about his relationship with Shin Joon Young.

Ji Tae went inside Joon Young’s house. He told Joon Young to quietly die because he, Choi Ji Tae, will take revenge for both Eul and Shin Joon Young.

Ji Tae:”When will you die? Die quietly Shin Joon Young!”

When she left Joon Young’s house, Eul went to see Young Ok. She did exactly what Young Ok does when she is upset. Eul and Young Ok, both eat a lot when they are upset. Then both of them consoled each other. Eul hugged Young Ok as strong as she could and cried in Young Ok’s arms.

Eul:”Please tell me to be strong.”

Jeong Eun went to Eun Soo to tell Eun Soo that she is seeing another man and is giving up Ji Tae. But Eun Soo isn’t willing to accept Jeong Eun’s decision. Eun Soo threatened Jeong Eun to break up with the other man and return to Ji Tae. If Jeong Eun doesn’t have the courage to break up with the other man, then Eun Soo will do it….like she did a long time ago. By long time ago, Eun Soo meant when Jeong Eun killed a man.

Joon Young is in the middle of filming his documentary and he tells everyone that his current girlfriend is Yoon Jeong Eun. That moment Eul appears happily. From now on she will assist the producer in charge of Joon Young’s documentary. While CEO Namgoong was telling Eul to leave because she isn’t welcome, Joon Young started to feel the pain. The pain gets stronger and stronger so he kicks everyone out. Joon Young rushed to his room to take his pain pills. After he took the pills, Joon Young fainted.

Eul comes looking for Joon Young and finds him lying unconscious on the floor. She took care of Joon Young until he came to his senses. Then Eul insisted for Joon Young to get admitted and start his treatment. But Joon Young got angry and kicked her out of his house.

Eul:”You are dying! I will tell everyone everything.”

Eun Soo invited Jeong Eun to dinner and she went. When Ji Tae and Choi Hyun Joon arrived home, Jeong Eun returned the engagement ring to Ji Tae and break up with him for good in front of his family. Then Jeong Eun looked at Choi Hyun Joon and told him that she is already seeing another man. Jeong Eun also thanked Choi Hyun Joon for helping her in the past, but she believes that her father repaid Choi Hyun Joon more than enough all this years.

Joon Young goes out looking for Pororo. He forgot that he send his dog away. Suddenly he hears Eul’s voice outside. She was confessing and telling him that she won’t leave his side. Joon Young finally gave in and goes towards the gate. But then the alarm on his phone ringed, “13 days until statute of limitation ends”. Unfortunately Joon Young doesn’t remember what it means.

Eul:”I like you! I love you!”

While Eul was at the gate, Jeong Eun came. When Joon Young opened the gate, she hugged him in front of Eul.

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