“Swimming Battle” ep 8 ~ Ke Le:”We definitely can’t let her remember her mother’s death.”

Xiao Mi and Yi Lei confessed to each other while Ah Fei and Yu Die watch them as they were watching a movie. The next day, Ah Fei found out that Yu Die works at the fish market with Ke Le. He can’t stop Yu Die from working there, but he can help her. As things were going well, Ah Fei finds out that Yu Die’s lost memory is connected with her mother’s death.

Episode 8

Ke Qi and the Merlins swimming team came by to meet the Flying Fish team. That day Ke Qi gave a love letter to Er Tai and asked him to date her, but Er Tai rejected her. Then Ah Lang confessed to Xiao Mi and asked her out, but Xiao Mi rejected him. She decided to reveal her true feelings and confessed that the one she likes is actually Yi Lei. He was surprised by Xiao Mi’s confession because Yi Lei also likes Xiao Mi, but he didn’t have the courage to confess. To win Xiao Mi’s love, the two boys, Ah Lang and Yi Lei, had a swimming battle. The winner will have Xiao Mi’s heart, while the looser will have to give up on Xiao Mi’s love. While the teenagers where confessing their love to each other, Ah Fei and Yu Die were sitting nearby, eating chips and enjoying the show.

The winner of the swimming battle was Ah Lang. Disappointed, Yi Lei comes out of the water. Xiao Mi is also upset. Earlier Xiao Mi had a conversation with Ah Fei. Following Ah Fei’s advice, Xiao Mi accepted to date Ah Lang, but she has a condition. Xiao Mi will date Ah Lang only if the Marlins swimming team will win the Mayor’s Cup that will be soon.

Xiao Mi avoids Yi Lei and he doesn’t know how to get close to her. They both confessed that they like each other, but Yi Lei didn’t win the battle against Ah Lang. To make Yi Lei confess and work harder to win in the Mayor’s Cup, Xiao Mi told him that she understands that he doesn’t like her back. But Yi Lei said that isn’t true, that he likes her too and he will win the Mayor’s cup to not let Xiao Mi date Ah Lang.

At training Ah Fei noticed that You Yu is hurt. Later he finds out from Yu Die that You Yu is helping his uncle carrying heavy boxes at the market every morning. The next morning Ah Fei went to Yu Die’s house. He was planning to go with Yu Die to see You Yu’s uncle. But as soon as he arrived at Yu Die’s house, Ah Fei saw her leaving for the fish market. Ah Fei followed her and discovered that Yu Die works there.

Since she was discovered, Yu Die was forced to reveal to Ah Fei that she is working at the fish market every morning to gather the money she still owns him for being the Flying Fish team. While they were talking Ah Fei wants to kiss Yu Die, but she runs away. She saw You Yu’s uncle and took the advantage to run away.

Ah Fei, Yu Die and even a lady from the fish market talk to You Yu’s uncle to let him train with the swimming team instead of working. But the uncle thinks that You Yu doesn’t want to work and put all those people to talk in his favor. The uncle is about to hit You Yu when Yu Die intervened. In the struggle You Yu’s uncle pushed Yu Die and she fell.

Because You Yu’s uncle needs people to work for him, Ah Fei offered to work instead of You Yu. The uncle agreed with the offer. Of course Ke Le couldn’t lose to Ah Fei so he offered to help too.

After work, You Yu’s uncle took Ke Le and Ah Fei to drink. When the uncle and Ke Le got drunk, Ah Fei though he could find out from drunk Ke Le the reason Yu Die lost her memory. But Ke Le didn’t say a word until Ah Fei took him home.

Ke Le:”We definitely can’t let her remember her mother’s death.”

Yu Die remembered something regarding her mother again. Happy, she went swimming. When Ah Fei arrived, excited, Yu Die told him what she remembered. This time she remembered both her mother and Ah Fei. But he isn’t happy at all to know that Yu Die starts to remember after what Ke Le told him. He tries to convince Yu Die to stop trying to remember her lost memory.

Ah Fei encourages Yu Die to stop remembering her mother by telling her that maybe her father is trying so hard to stop her from remembering because she could be hurt. But Yu Die doesn’t want to stop. No matter what she will remember or how hurt she will be, she still wants her mother to live in her heart.

Later at the house, Yu Die drinks and celebrates with her father. That day it was Yu Die’s parents wedding anniversary. The next day Yu Die went to work at the fish market. Of course Ke Le and Ah Fei are there with her, helping her…or more precisely fighting over Yu Die’s attention.

Ah Luo sees Ah Fei working in that environment and can’t take it anymore.

Ah Luo:”Given your identity, how can you do this kind of job?”

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