“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 17 ~ Joon Young:”I killed my girlfriend!”

Disappointed after seeing Joon Young with Jeong Eun, Eul went to Young Ok. Because she felt bad for Eul, Young Ok got Eul drunk and then called Joon Young over.  The next day Choi Hyun Joon visited Joon Young and threatened Joon Young. Joon Young invited Jeong Eun to dinner. He also called Eul to film him proposing to Jeong Eun. But on that dinner Joon Young managed to convince Jeong Eun confess that she killed Eul’s father.

Episode 17

Joon Young’s disease is progressing fast. He is starting to slowly lose his memory. Forgetting that he sent his dog away, Joon Young searched for Pororo. At that moment the alarm he set on his phone ringed “13 days until statute of limitation expires”, but he can’t remember what it means. He hears Eul’s voice at the gate and goes out. But when he opened the gate, Eul wasn’t there. At the door it was Jeong Eun who hugged him happily. He looks at Jeong Eun without knowing who she is. Luckily Joon Young remembered everything in a few seconds and invited Jeong Eun inside…in front of Eul.

Joon Young:” The world never forgot to be cruel with Eul and me.”

While Jeong Eun was with Joon Young, her father was threatening Choi Hyun Joon with taking away the power he gave Choi Hyun Joon because Ji Tae didn’t show up at the engagement party. But Eun Soo can’t stay silent and let that happen. Eun Soo showed Jeong Eun’s father pictures with Jeong Eun and Joon Young hugging. Furious Jeong Eun’s father sent one of his men to get Joon Young, but Jeong Eun didn’t let Joon Young go.

Meantime Eul, who had left Joon Young’s house disappointed, went to Young Ok. Because she had just closed her store, Young Ok invited Eul to her house. She cooked to Eul and while eating, Eul drunk some alcohol without realizing it. When she was drinking alcohol without realizing it, Eul was talking with Young Ok about Jeong Eun.

Eul:”I’m going to cause trouble again!”

Afraid that he will lose his memory again, Joon Young records himself telling his own story. While he was recording himself, Young Ok called asking him to come over and help her fix a chair. Young Ok actually lied. The chair is fine, but she was afraid he wouldn’t come. Young Ok got Eul drunk and called Joon Young over. When Joon Young arrived, she left and spent the night outside, leaving Eul and Joon Young alone. Of course Eul was sleeping so she didn’t know that Joon Young came over.

Joon Young goes to the room and watches Eul sleeping. She moves around and is about to fall from the bad. Joon Young lies down, next to the bed, so Eul fell on him. In the morning when Eul woke up, Joon Young was already gone.

Joon Young is home when he hears the doorbell. He opens and at the door was Choi Hyun Joon who had came to threaten with destroying Joon Young. But Joon Young has nothing to lose so he won’t give up his revenge.

Joon Young:”Your family needs to be equally wounded and hurt. I plan on spending the rest of my live as an obstacle on your road to success.”

Choi Hyun Joon:”Destroying a person like you is a piece of cake for me. Don’t you dare touch anything that belongs to me.”

Ha Ru told Na Ri who she really is and to prove her story she even showed Na Ri a picture with her family. The moment she saw Ha Ru’s mother, Na Ri realized that it’s the same woman who threatened and destroyed Eul. From that moment Na Ri keeps insisting for Jik to break up with Ha Ru. But both Jik and Ha Ru refused.

After hearing from Ji Tae that Joon Young approached her with a purpose, Jeong Eun went to see Joon Young. He told her that it’s true, that he approached her with a purpose, but he also made Jeong Eun fell in love with him more. While they were talking, Joon Young advised Jeong Eun to run away from him as soon as possible, but Jeong Eun doesn’t want to.

That night Joon Young called the producer of his documentary and asked him to send Eul over to film another part of the documentary. In this part of the documentary, Joon Young will do the first thing on his bucket list.

The part Eul has to film is Joon Young proposing to Jeong Eun. He put the ring on Jeogn Eun’s finger and Eul starts asking them both questions.  While Joon Young talks about how much he loves Jeong Eun and that he doesn’t remember the past, Eul needs a break. She closed the camera and left to calm herself. Left alone with Jeong Eun, Joon Young turned on the camera without Jeong Eun knowing then he started talking about his live. Joon Young talked about his dream of becoming a prosecutor like his father and then went to see his father and introduce himself to his father. But one day, after his passed the first bar exam, Joon Young found out that his father, whom he respected and believed to be a honest man, was a cruel man who would do anything just to get his hands on what he wanted. Then Joon Young told Jeong Eun that his father covered up for the hit-and-run accident at the request of a powerful man.

While Joon Young talks about the hit-and-run accident his father covered up for, Jeong Eun doesn’t feel well. It’s her own story! She is the one who was covered up. She goes to the bathroom to calm her nerves. At that moment Joon Young handed Eul a laptop and some headphones and asked Eul to don’t take her eye off that monitor. Then Joon Young went to Jeong Eun. They continue their conversation and Joon Young reveals that he almost killed his girlfriend in order to save the man he was considering his father.

Joon Young:”I killed my girlfriend!”

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