“Prince Of Wolf” ep 9 ~ Qi Hong:”One kingdom can’t have two princes.”

Zhe Ming found out that Mandy’s son got lost on Wolf Mountain and get suspicious that it could be him. But when he sees Mimi, Zhe Ming realizes that he already has the family he wants and doesn’t need anything else.  Wanting to become a man that Mimi could rely on, Zhe Ming prepared for a trip. He and Mimi went on that trip, but the next morning Hao Wei called them back. Hao Wei takes advantage of every situation to be close to Mimi, but luckily for Zhe Ming he has help. Shu Pei realized that Zhe Ming is jealous every time Mimi is close to Hao Wei so she finds ways for Zhe Ming to always be there.

Since things were going well, Qi Hong intervened. He paid some people to attack Zhe Ming and wolf dad. To defend himself and wolf dad, Zhe Ming attacked back. Unfortunately that was Qi Hong’s trap and Zhe Ming fall right into it. Zhe Ming was filmed attacking those people and the video was shown to Zhe Ming’s fans who are now disappointed. Of course bad things come all at once. Zhe Ming sees a picture in Shu Pei’s wallet and She Pei tells him that the boy in the picture is Mandy’s son, Du Zhe Ming, who got lost on Wolf Mountain.

Episode 9

Zhe Ming found out that Mandy’s son got lost on Wolf Mountain. He gets suspicious! He might be Mandy’s son, but why the powerful Du family didn’t look for him to bring him back. Zhe Ming can’t get the news out of his head. He returns at the house and at the moment he sees Mimi, Zhe Ming realizes that Mimi and her family is everything he needs. He doesn’t have to think about the past and why his real family didn’t want him, he just has to treasure his new family who accepted and embraced him with love.

Mandy took Shu Pei home where Shu Pei met Hao Wei. She never met him before so now Shu Pei is shocked to find out that uncle Qi Hong has a son.

Zhe Ming prepared for a trip. He rented a car, he made reservation at a hotel and then when everything was ready he told Mimi. On their way, Zhe Ming kept telling Mimi which road to take, but Mimi preferred to trust the GPS until they’ve got lost.

Zhe Ming:”Mimi, go on a trip with me, okay?”

Arrived at the hotel, Mimi notices that in the room is only one bed and the shower is see through. Seeing Mimi’s reaction, Zhe Ming made fun of her for a little while then went to wait outside for her to take a shower. Left alone in the room, Mimi took of her contact lens and lost them.  Later Mimi and Zhe Ming went for a walk, but Mimi can’t see the road. Back to their room, Mimi went to get some milkshakes. When she returned Zhe Ming was taking a shower.

It’s late and Zhe Ming and Mimi went to bed. Mimi got the bed while Zhe Ming sleeps on the floor. He fell asleep and Mimi watches him sleeping. She fall on Zhe Ming and his hugged her.

Zhe Ming:”Can you hear my heartbeat?”

In the morning, Mimi and Zhe Ming woke up early to see the sunrise. They watch it hugging each other. While they were in each other’s arms, Zhe Ming and Mimi talk about Zhe Ming’s family and if he would want to find his mother. But Zhe Ming is happy with the family he has at the moment, Mimi, her parents, Zi Zi and wolf dad.  When everything was going well, Hao Wei called.

Zhe Ming:”He’s good at ruining perfect moments.”

Hao Wei called Mimi and Zhe Ming back from their trip. He is planning a meet-and-greet for Wolf and his fans. After he told Wolf his plans, Hao Wei asked Wolf to leave Mimi and him alone for a moment. Wolf left and Hao Wei told Mimi the reason he went to the Du family. One of the reasons is the he wants to take what he thinks it belongs to his mother and himself. The other reason if that Hao Wei wants to become better so Mimi will chose him.

Mimi and Hao Wei come out and find Zhe Ming talking with Shu Pei. When she found out that Shu Pei is the student of her favorite photographer, Mimi became excited and wanted to know everything about that photographer.

Mimi is busy so she can’t participate at Zhe Ming’s photo shot. The replacement is Shu Pei.

Shu Pei:”I like you…your gaze.”

Hao Wei has to go check the pictures with Wolf at the print shop. He embraces the opportunity and asks Mimi to go with him. Before they’ve left, Zhe Ming and Shu Pei arrived. Seeing Zhe Ming disappointed that Mimi leaves with Hao Wei, Shu Pei insisted that she and Wolf should go to.

At the print shop, Shu Pei encouraged Wolf to stop thinking with his head and start thinking with his heart. He keeps thinking about the arrangements he had with Mimi and Hao Wei, but in love one shouldn’t think. In love one should listen to his heart.

Shu Pei:”Listen to your heart.”

Keep thinking about what Shu Pei told him, Zhe Ming decided to confess his love for Mimi. He is so excited that he can’t seem to fall asleep so he goes for a run with wolf dad. While they were running, Zhe Ming and wolf dad were attacked by some youngsters. Because wolf dad was hurt, Zhe Ming couldn’t control himself and attacked back. But the youngsters started to scream out of nowhere that Zhe Ming is attacking them for no reason. From a bush, Zhe Ming’s bodyguard and Qi Hong’s man, was filming everything. Zhe Ming had fallen into a trap.

The next morning Shu Pei sees Qi Hong watching the video with Wolf attacking people. She finds it suspicious and hides.

Later Zhe Ming meets Shu Pei before his meeting with his fans. When she left, Shu Pei lost her wallet. Zhe Ming lifted the wallet and saw a picture with Mandy, Shu Pei and Mandy’s son. When Shu Pei returned she told Wolf who the little boy in the picture is. Zhe Ming is shocked!

Shu Pei:”This is brother Zhe Ming. He went missing on wolf mountain. He is Zhe Ming…Du Zhe Ming!”

The media and the fans are all ready to meet Wolf. Before the actual meeting they watch a video. Suddenly, in the middle of the video with Wolf and the sports products that he is promoting, the video changed and the video with Wolf attacking people appeared. Everyone is shocked! They are scared of Wolf and all the fans leave. Zhe Ming goes out and sees everyone looking at him with fear…

Qi Hong:”One kingdom can’t have two princes.”


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  1. sam says:

    this movie is great, really great

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