“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 18 ~ Jeong Eun:”People die anyway. “

Joon Young made Jeong Eun confess that she killed Eul’s father. He also revealed that he was the one that caused Eul to almost die few years ago when she wanted to reveal to the media that Choi Hyun Joon covered for her father’s killer. Eul is shocked! Choi Hyun Joon fulfilled his promise of destroying Joon Young and got Joon Young arrested for illegal use of drugs. While Joon Young was in arrest, Choi Hyun Joon visited him and told Joon Young to take Young Ok and leave the country. But Joon Young refused. Also Joon Young fainted in front of Choi Hyun Joon.

When Joon Young’s disease was made public, the incident with illegal drug usage was forgotten. Meantime Ji Tae tries one more time to stop his parents from becoming monsters. Since he couldn’t, Ji Tae told his parents that he will hold a press conference and make everything his parents did public. Unfortunately on his way to the press conference Ji Tae was involved in a car accident.

Episode 18

Joon Young is getting ready to go meet Jeong Eun. Suddenly Ji Tae called him to tell Joon Young that he let Jeong Eun know that Joon Young approached her with an ulterior motive. Then Ji Tae asked Joon Young to take care of his health and don’t skip his treatment.

Ji Tae:”Don’t skip your meals and take your medicine. Take care of yourself.”

In return of Ji Tae’s care, Joon Young revealed Ji Tae his plans. He told Ji Tae that he plans to make Jeong Eun confess that she killed Eul’s father. But if he will fail, Joon Young expects Ji Tae to revenge Eul’s father.

After his conversation with Ji Tae, Joon Young met Jeong Eun. Luckily is plan worked and Jeong Eun still believes in him.  From his meeting with Jeong Eun, Joon Young went home where he places surveillance cameras in every corner of his house. Then he called his producer to send Eul to film him proposing to his girlfriend that night.

At the dinner Joon Young starts talking about the father that abandoned him. He respected his father until he found out that his father covered up for a hit-and-run accident as a request from a powerful man. Because she killed someone and her father asked a prosecutor to cover up for her, Jeong Eun goes to the bathroom to calm her nerves. Joon Young gives Eul a laptop and some headphones and goes after Jeong Eun.

Joon Young and Jeong Eun continue their conversation. He tells her that the man that died in the hit-and-run accident his father covered up for was his girlfriend’s father. Then, when he found out that his girlfriend had some evidence against his father and intended to show those evidence a broadcasting channel, Joon Young killed his girlfriend. He was expecting Jeong Eun to feel some sort of blame for what she did and to be scared of him, who killed his girlfriend. But Jeong Eun isn’t scared and has no remorse for what she did. Joon Young is shocked by Jeong Eun’s reaction who said that people die anyway even without his help.

Jeong Eun:”People die anyway. “

Because Jeong Eun wasn’t confessing, Joon Young pushed her harder. He talked about the day Eul’s father died. He talked about the car, license number and everything that could incriminate Jeong Eun. Then he said that he has evidence against Jeong Eun. Like a fool, Jeong Eun believed him and confessed by threatening Joon Young that her father is more powerful at the moment than he was 10 years ago.

Joon Young:”Eul, are you watching? The woman standing in front of me killed your father. And the jerk who took your USB and almost killed you is me. I wanted to tell you this before I died. This is the first and last item on my bucket list.”

Everything she found out that night shocked Eul.

The police arrived at Joon Young’s door step. They’ve came to arrest Joon Young for illegal drug use. To keep his power, Choi Hyun Joon is willing to destroy his own son. He used his power and influence to make everyone believe that Shin Joon Young illegally used drugs.

Shocked to hear that his father is the one behind Joon Young’s arrest, Ji Tae goes to talk to his father. But he becomes even more shocked when he hears his parents talking. Choi Hyun Joon was telling Eun Soo that he was the one that asked his brother to meet Young Ok and get rid of her, even if he knew that Young Ok was pregnant with his child.

Eul can’t hear Shin Joon Young’s name. She is disappointed and hurt. But Ji Tae comes looking for her. He tells her that Joon Young is arrested for using drug and all that is Choi Hyun Joon’s payback because Joon Young revealed the truth about Eul’s father’s death. Ji Tae asks Eul to hate him for the rest of her life but to be there for Joon Young who needs her. Eul turns her back on Ji Tae and leaves.

Eul goes home where Jik was waiting for her upset. Na Ri couldn’t let Jik continue dating Ha Ru so she told Jik about everything regarding his father’s death. Knowing that Choi Hyun Joon, Ha Ru’s father, covered up for his father’s killed Jik broke up with Ha Ru. Because he couldn’t tell Ha Ru the real reason he is breaking up with her, Jik told Ha Ru that he is gay.

Choi Hyun Joon went to see Joon Young at the police station. He revealed Joon Young that he was the one to get Joon Young arrested. Then he asked Joon Young to leave the country with Young Ok. If Joon Young will agree to leave the country then Choi Hyun Joon will get Joon Young out of jail. But if Joon Young refuses then Choi Hyun Joon will use more power to completely destroy Joon Young.

Joon Young:”You really have a lot of power! Dad! This will be the only time I’ll call you that.”

Joon Young refused to do as Choi Hyun Joon asked so he leaves. On his way out Joon Young fainted.

Jeong Eun called Eul. She lies that she fell into Joon Young’s trap and gives Eul some money.  She hopes that like that Eul won’t tell anyone that she killed Eul’s father. Eul took the money, but still she will reveal the truth. No Eul took the money Jeong Eun gave her as another evidence against Jeong Eun.  Before leaving, Eul threw all the cakes as coffee on the table on Jeong Eun.

Eul:”You can eat all yourself.”

Meantime Ji Tae starts provoking his parents. Because there is no way out to stop his parents, Ji Tae calls for a press conference in which he plans to reveal everything his parents did. On his way to the press conference Ji Tae is followed. He managed to get rid of the cars following him, but there was also a truck coming towards him. Ji Tae was hit by the truck.

The media found out about Joon Young’s disease. He is out of jail. His condition is worse! He has delusional memories and confuses the past with the present. Joon Young acts the way he was in college….

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