“Swimming Battle” ep 9 ~ Ke Le:”Is the Ah Fei we know really your identity?”

Fiona hears Ah Fei talking to Ah Luo and saying that he never thought of her as a potential life partner. Upset, Fioan gets closer to Yu Die and Ke Le. Her plan is to force Yu Die into a relationship with Ke Le. But Ah Fei finds out about Fiona being friends with Yu Die and gets suspicious of Fiona.

Episode 9

Both Ah Fei and Ke Le are helping Yu Die sell fish at the fish market. Ah Luo sees Ah Fei doing that kind of job and can’t accept it. He rushes over, grabs Ah Fei’s hand and asks him how can he do that job, considering his identity. Luckily Ah Luo realized in time that Ke Le and Yu Die were there and changed the story. While talking Ah Luo caught what Ah Fei wanted him to do and bought all the fish that where on Ah Fei’s side. Now Yu Die can leave.

While Ah Fei went to take the boxes with fish to Ah Luo’s car, Yu Die discovered that Ke LE paid the owner of that fish stall to go on a vacation so that Yu Die could use it. She got upset and questioned Ke Le. When they were talking and Ke Le was about to convince Yu Die of his good intentions, Ah Fei came. Ah Fei knows that Ke Le could’ve just borrow Yu Die the money and not go through all that trouble. To Ah Fei’s question, Ke Le answered with what Fiona told him, but refused to say that it was Fiona that one from whom Ke Le heard that Ah Fei is a player.

Ke Le:”Is the Ah Fei we know really your identity?”

They continue with their conversation and Ke Le tries to turn everything against Ah Fei. But Yu Die gets involved and says that she is 533. All three of them are surprised by Yu Die’s confession. Both Ah Fei and Yu Die decided to keep a secret the fact that Yu Die started to remember her lost memory. So Ah Fei lied that Yu Die is helping him with his therapy. She has to pretend to be 533 and make Ah Fei not like 533.

Back at the school, Yu Die and Ah Fei find the swimming team sleeping instead of practicing. For the last few days, Er Tai kept reading the love letter he receive, An Zhuo kept playing games on his phone and Yi Lei kept reading. Upset that his boys don’t train like they should, Ah Fei punished them. He made the swimming team listen to a religious song that old people listen to and run while pulling after them a wheel.

When the boys got tired, they kept protesting. The one that was protesting the most was Yi Lei. But Ah Fei used Xiao Mi to make him continue his training. Yi Lei continues his training and as team captain, Yi Lei makes the other boys keep up to.

Fiona is at Ah Fei’s house for dinner. But she fainted…in Ah Fei’s arms ( what a coincidence that Ah Fei, whom she likes, was there to catch her and she didn’t faint in Ah Luo’s arms…). Ah Fei takes Fiona to a room and returns to talk to Ah Luo. Fiona comes down and hears Ah Fei and Ah Luo talking. Ah Fei was saying that he never gave Fiona a chance to think that it could be any relationship between the two of them. Since the moment they’ve met, Ah Fei only saw Fiona as a friend, not as a potential life partner.

Ah Fei:”I always treated her as a friend, a partner I work with.”

The next morning Fiona met Ke Le and Yu Die. In order to try and make Yu Die realize that she actually likes Ke Le, Fiona offered to introduce some of her friends from overseas to Ke Le. But Yu Die didn’t agree since Ke Le’s English is bad. Of course no one believed that Ke Le’s English is the actual reason Yu Die opposed. Later while Shan Shan was telling Xiao Mi and the swimming team about Yu Die’s reaction when Fiona offered to introduce her friends to Ke Le, Ah Fei heard them.

Since Ah Fei isn’t pleased with what he heard, he called Yu Die to explain. But Ah Fei was surprised to discover that the person who wanted to introduce some girls to Ke Le was Fiona.

Er Tai sees Ke Qi at a photo shot for a magazine. Because Ke Qi’s partner can’t come, Er Tai was asked to shot with Ke Qi. At first he was nervous, but he calmed down and the photo shot turned out great. Er Tai and Ke Qi seemed to be really compatible. The photo shot ended really late so Er Tai followed Ke Qi home. On the way Er Tai saw that Ke Qi isn’t superficial like he thought she was. Ke Qi stops to scold mothers that looks only at their phones and don’t take care of their children. Also Ke Qi makes sure to force her friends wear helmets while riding their bikes. While Er Tai was following Ke Qi, Yi Lei showed up. Embarrassed Er Tai left with Yi Lei.

Fiona invited Ke Le and Yu Die to dinner, but Ah Fei convinced Yu Die to let Ke Le and Fiona enjoy their dinner. In Yu Die’s mind it has appeared the idea that Fiona likes Ke Le so she should let them enjoy themselves. At diner Fiona and Ke Le enjoy themselves and have fun. Meantime Ah Fei and Yu Die went at the same restaurant to follow Ke Le and Fiona, but they were hiding to not be seen.

Leaving the restaurant Ah Fei and Yu Die keep talking about Ah Fei having a lot of girlfriends while growing up. Yu Die is jealous so Ah Fei continues to make fun of her. They are about to kiss when Yi Lei shows up.

Ah Fei:”I want you to spend next year’s Valentine’s Day with me.”

You Yu had a hole in his swimming equipment so the swimming team thought of catching lobsters and selling them to get new equipments. Because they couldn’t fish, Yi Lei asked Ah Fei to help them. Yu Die and Ah Fei went to the beach with Yi Lei. Seeing everyone there, Ah Fei got upset. The teenagers could’ve got hurt. He scolds them and sends them home.

Later Ah Fei sent Yu Die home. There coach He asked Ah Fei if he’s been teaching Yu Die to swim and if Yu Die remembered something about her mother. When Ah Fei said that Yu Die started to remember all the good and worm memories of her mother, coach He got scared. He begged Ah Fei to stop Yu Die to remember her mother because Yu Die’s mother died while trying to save Yu Die.


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