“Uncontrollably Fond” ep 19 ~ Joon Young:”Let’s die together!”

The media found out about Joon Young’s terminal disease and everyone is supporting him. Eul called Joon Young to meet, but when Joon Young arrived his disease kicked in again. He is having delusional memories and he is confusing the present with the past.Joon Young took Eul to the house he build for the two of them. They enjoyed some time together there until Choi Hyun Joon called Joon Young to meet. Joon Young forgot that he was with Eul and went to meet his father. But Joon Young’s memory was playing games again and he was once again confusing the past with the present. Later when he remembered that Eul staid back, Joon Young went after her and found found her sick.

Episode 19

The news that Shin Joon Young is suffering a terminal illness shocked everyone. People that hated him for illegal use of drugs are now supporting him. He is at home watching the news about him when Eul called. Joon Young went to meet Eul, but when he arrived his illness kicked in again. He started having delusional memories and was confusing the past with the present. He thought he was still a student. His mind returned to the time he was still happy, before he found out that his father covered up with Eul’s father’s killer.

Meantime Ji Tae is in the hospital. He is in critical stage, but he will survive. While he was alone with Ji Tae, Choi Hyun Joon answered Eun Soo’s phone. Choi Hyun Joon was shocked to find out that the one who had tried to kill Ji Tae was actually Ji Tae’s own mother, Lee Eun Soo.

Joon Young fell asleep on Eul’s knees just like he did when he was a student. When he woke up, Eul was going on with the play, but Joon Young’s memory had already returned. He looks at Eul and asks her to not edit anything related to Jeong Eun or himself in Shin Joon Young’s documentary.

Joon Young:”You have to build the world you believe in, Eul.”

After saying what he had to say, Joon Young is about to leave, but Eul also has something to tell him. She thought about everything that happened and she doesn’t want Joon Young to blame himself anymore. It’s not Joon Young’s fault and it’s not her fault everything that happened. They were just two people at the wrong time at the wrong moment.

Eul went home and in front of her house a man was waiting. He is someone that Jeong Eun’s father sent for Eul. He called Eul over to threaten her. But when Eul was about to get in the car, Choi Hyun Joon arrived and stopped her. Choi Hyun Joon took Eul to his office. There Eul handed the video she plans to air to Choi Hyun Joon. She told him that it’s the only copy so Choi Hyun Joon has to return it to her after watching the video.

Ji Tae woke up and his mother is there by his side. But Ji Tae completely ignores his mother and asks his secretary about Joon Young.

At his office Choi Hyun Joon watches the video Eul gave him. It’s the video Eul filmed the night she found out that Jeong Eun killed her father. Choi Hyun Joon watches Joon Young talking about his dream of becoming a prosecutor like his father. Suddenly Young Ok called Choi Hyun Joon and they’ve met. Young Ok begs Choi Hyun Joon to use his connections to find a doctor that can cure Joon Young.

When Joon Young came home, he found Eul inside. She had come with her luggage to stay for a while now that all those important people look for her. But Joon Young doesn’t want to stay inside. They go on a trip! Joon Young took Eul to the house he had build for the two on them.

Eul and Joon Young went to the fish market. They have fun walking around and buying fish. Then, on their way to the house, Eul stopped to talk to some old women that were fighting and made them fight more. Joon Young was waiting for her when his phone ringed. It was Choi Hyun Joon who wanted to meet Joon Young.

Joon Young and Choi Hyun Joon met at Choi Hyun Joon’s office. But Joon Young is once again delusional. Seeing Joon Young like that made Choi Hyun Joon cry.  Forgetting that he left Eul at the house he built for them, Joon Young went home to celebrate Jeong Sik’s birthday with the entire family.

Jik came by to talk to Joon Young. After they’ve talked, Jik asked about Eul. At that moment Joon Young remembered that he left while Eul remained at the new house.

Jik:”If you want to become my hero again, don’t die and find a way to live.”

Desperate Joon Young went to find Eul. She didn’t answer her phone or answer when Joon Young was calling her. When Joon Young found her, Eul was burning with fever. He wanted to take her to the hospital, but Eul didn’t want to go. She wanted to die and be together with Joon Young.

Joon Young:”Let’s die together!”

Meantime Choi Hyun Joon was remorseful for what he had done to put his hands on the power he has at the moment.

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